Sunday, 11 August 2013

Our Beautiful World Challenge and Scrap Therapy Project Life Weeks 15 & 16

This is a lovely photography challenge blog.
I only found it for their #6 challenge - had my photo ready to go, and went away to a place where there was no reception for my computer and couldnt upload it before the deadline... nevermind.
But the GREAT thing about this site is that it will keep  me taking photos each week - and that could be good for my subjects for  my PL weekly too!
So with that said....this challenge's subject is
On Friday just past, we had the arrival of a French Exchange Student come stay with us.
So we took her to our local Wildlife Farm, for the weekend and she met all sorts of Australian animals for the first time.  She was so amazed and became completely at home with them...
Here is a kangaroo who very gently played with her, with ulterior motive -he wanted her paper bag! 
It did have wheat in it!!!!  She couldn't believe it!

Found this wonderful photo sharing blog too.. how fabulous!
So, once the kangaroo was successful in grabbing the paper bag of wheat.. he munched away!
 Tuesday Muse
Another fabby photo blog.....
A little kangaroo with her joey peeking out of her pouch...

Some of my Project Life Weeklys and Travel Album are going to overcross a little bit as the weekly instalments will have some of the travel pics in them.... but 'oh well' lol!
Project Life
Week 15
I just love the orange in this and it suited all the pics

( I love having many different page inserts to choose from!!)
And by picking out the 'orange-y' cards from
and setting them out on top of the page insert to see how they would look, and to see which ones I'd use for  the titles etc...  yep some I used sideways :)
I think what I try to do, is find a solution to keep unity, colour or balance somehow... not on purpose, it just kinda happens.....

And because of this... when placing the photos they somehow seem to fit 

When looking at the balance of the cards- changed the dotty card with the 'details' card and it worked well.
The  bigger black title is Tim Holtz Word Play die
and the smaller one is Tim Holtz Alphabetical die

Teresa Collins World Traveller Stamps
Week 16
This week SO much happened... We had flown to London, and the many, many things we did - I needed A LOT of photo spaces!
THIS Page Insert was PERFECT!
And because there were SO many pics to fit in here
(just imagine.... arriving, Hogwarts, Downton Abbey tour, going up the east coast to Meaghan's house... way too that week....
and thinking all the photos/journaling/patterns/titles would get lost and overwhelmed...
 decided to go with one colour in cardstock as the background and let the photos and titles do the main work....


So now.. not so overcrowded (weeeeell, maybe a little bit)
The sewing 'look' is just by black pen around the outside of each card and also the top and bottom line of each title. 
Echo Park Photo Freedom Alphabet
Teresa Collins Far&Away Diecut Accessory (Black Plane)
Simple Stories 100 Days of Summer Stickers (Red Alpha)
I think when I do my next page(the reverse to this page)when I turn it over,  that I'll stick to plain cardstock again
(big smile)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving that kangaroo shot!!! And loving your PL pages!! Awesome photos and loving the colors!!

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Hi Mandy! So good to see you joining us! Absolutely LOVE your photo with the kangaroo wondering what's in that bag for him :)
Love your project life pages as well, it's so on my wishlist to... And orange is a great colour, it's our national colour of the royal family, so I totally agree :)
Thanks for sharing your photo with us at OBW, and happy to meet you. Hugs, Wendy

libbyquilter said...

i'm over from Our Beautiful World and it's my first week to participate but it looks like fun.

i LOVE your beautiful header photo~!!~

kangaroos are something i've only seen in a zoo and they are so curious looking. i think i'd be a bit like your french student and quite fascinated with them.
i wonder if they are always friendly or if they can be a bit on the honory/mean side sometimes? they're big enough that if they didn't feel like being friendly it would be quite a problem.

happy to have discovered your creative blog.


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I am so happy that you join us this week Mandy, how fun is that picture with the french student and the kangaroo, it is such a candid shot!
Love your project life too, I enjoy seeing all the traveling photos!
Thanks for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

Shahrul Niza said...

Hello, Mandy dearest!!. So glad you joined us this week & shared a cute story about the kangaroo ... now I now how to attract one :). Your PL Week 16 is Wonderful, love the stitching edges. I so want to go on these themed tours, must be fun. This afternoon, I went out to have a coffee at Starbucks and I told the barista my name was HERMOINE :). I thought it's fun to be goofy a bit since it is my birthday today. Thanks for sharing with us these lovely photos at OBW! :). Hugs.

Lizzy Hill said...

Weird as it may seem, I just discovered that BL blog too...had a photo to go up for 'August'....but i didn't realise it was a weekly, so missed out....followed it thru from Jo's blog....& Lisa W is over there too...anyways, enuff said...PL...perfection, especially the Orange Page....I'm a real 'color' fan, so it floated my boat. Crowded? NEver!!!!!!!!!! LOL:):):)

Milagros C. Rivera said...

Fantastic shot of the kangaroo, I would love to be in her shoes!!! and great jorunal travels on your PL!!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo with us at OBW!

dawn said...

Hello there, I'm coming by from OBW and wanted to share something that might interest you.
First, I love the picture you got, I've never been that close to a kangaroo before and would be a little bit scared. How cute this one is though.
Second, I LOVE LOVE PROJECT LIFE and your pages are amazing.
Third I love tea too and have just joined this sweet little T for Tuesday blog hop, it's all about Tea/Coffee or any beverage and sharing something about your day. I thought you might be interested since you love tea and your pretty picture in the heading. Come by my blog to read about it and get the link to the lady who hosts this. I just linked up for my second time, but everyone is soooo warm and friendly just like here. If it's not something you can do that's ok too, just wanted to let you know about it. Sorry for the long comment. Happy to find your pretty little blog and your WONDERful picture for the week.

Linda R said...

I am loving the photo with the Kangaroo. And your LO look amazing..


sandi said...

Wonderful PL pages! They look great!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I think I would be amazed to see a live kangaroo as well. But, I don't think i would let it get quite so friendly!

Jay said...

I, too am new to this site...and am going to love it!!! Great pics of the kangaroos!!!

Ros Crawford said...

This is a fabulous shot ... I've never met a kangaroo either so it's lovely to see this ... Great work on your project life too ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World ... please keep them coming so I can see more of your world ...

Kathy McB said...

Truly a "Waltzing Matilda" :). I never realized Kangaroos were so BIG!!!

Nancy said...

I have to admit I'd be a bit timid around the 'roos. Great shots and I'm so glad you shared your fun captures at TM! xo

S said...

Great snaps and great PL pages, I really like the way you crop so many of your photos, even the 3 x 4's. I'll keep that in mind when I finally get back to my own PL.

Barbara said...

A kangaroo would have produced just about as much wonder for me, that's for sure! Cute photos - and wonderful scrapbook projects!