Sunday, 2 June 2013

Vatican City

Last leg of our trip before flying home....
Did we enjoy it.......weeeeell yes, but we really love Florence better!
Here we are arriving at our apartment
It was gated which was private and safe

and we were within walking distance to everything

We took the afternoon to find food and settle in and in the morning... we got up early and set out to see the Vatican
Oh my!  The crowds!!
Three hour line up to get in.... no way - we don't have that sort of time and then be wandering Vatican City for hours as well!
So we booked a ridiculously expensive guided tour for the five of us, and jumped the lines and got far more than taking ourselves around. 
 Swiss Guards

Top right two windows - are the Pope's private office and His bedroom.


 St Peter's Basilica, Paige rubbing St Peter's foot -  you can see where its been rubbed away smooth.


The Pope's Balcony

What an amazing place!
It took many hours to go right through and we still didn't see it all!
More for another time.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! I bet that would be amazing to visit!! Gorgeous pics!!

Phillipa, said...

Awesome pics Mandy...looks like you had a wonderful time. Am a little jealous.

Dolly B said...

Rome is a amazing, Just sooooooo much to see. Enjoying seeing all your pics

Lizzy Hill said...

I'm with you, give me Firenze ANY time...but we waited 41/2 hours in line & only JUST made the 'cut off' point, where we wouldn't even get in. We picked a religious holiday weekend PLUS their one free entry weekend they have a month. Bad, bad...BUT I LOVED looking around - that place has such antiquities & the paintings & frescoes - BELLISIMO!!!! Funny mix, I reckon, Rome is....St Peter's is just incredible. I'm glad we waited all that time in line..but I reckon you were wise not to:):):)!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE that pic of the girls with the little Swiss Guard in the middle & LONG LIVE the new pope...seems a good guy:)!!!!!

S said...

Looks amazing.

Julene Matthews said...

very nostalgic for me since we did this 4 years ago now.Loved Rome & looking at all the sights.
We were disgusted by the wealth stored in all the treasures in the Vatican.They could sell some & feed the poor. Your pictures are fabulous.