Friday, 10 May 2013

South of France Photos

After Paris, we set off to South of France by very fast train to stay with Alma's family.
Alma stayed with us last year as a French Exchange Student, so it was lovely to meet her family.

We finally arrive and it was fabulous
(look at that beautiful hanging Wisteria)

Alma and little sister Cleo and brother Simon receive little plush toy koalas and a kangaroo from Paige

Alma's mum spot the TimTams and aussie chocolates on the table!

Alma's dad drove us up the local mountains for some sightseeing,
oh my gosh the roads were skinny, and the drops on one side very scary!

Out with the cameras...and we were all a little cold!

The stag jump lol

So happy for the besties to be together again!

Off for a walk around Alma's village

The ancient drinking fountain

Simon drinks the fresh water, weird how he had to stand on two thin iron supports to reach...(puzzled)

Simon and Cleo walk in front of us

We also drove into Marseille to go on a was a bitter cold day with constant drizzle which was a stark contrast to the wonderful weather we have had everywhere else.

But before the cruise... Paige spots a crepe off they went to pick their favourite crepes to eat

Crossing back across the road was an interesting sight!
It a massive mirror roof  (much like a huge carport)
and when you look up... you see yourself!

Here we are ... I've got the camera with that paper in my hand (actually its my crepe on paper!)

Off we went on this little ferry

Meaghan out the front of the boat.. it was calm in the wharf area, but out on the sea it was so rough (and freezing) that I ended up going inside the cabin.  Everyone else got soaked by waves coming over the front of the boat... brrrrr!
Lunch at our destination

After we returned, we were all freezing, here Paige and Alma were trying to warm hands!

So cold, they went galloping off down a street in Marseille!

Then the time came to say goodbye

It was sad for Paige and Alma to part again but Paige is going back in September, so it kept somewhat of a smile on their faces.

We hired a car... a VW, and off we set to drive through Tuscany Italy...
It was Meaghan's 30th birthday and she wanted to spend it in a winery!
Driving on the otherside of the road was very 'interesting' for dh with many backseat drivers!
I think I had the record for the most amount of panic attacks LOL!
In the end it was just better to shut my eyes and pray for the best!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos!! Can't wait to seeing all the jumping ones end up on lo's!

Lizzy Hill said...

What a shame the weather wasn't so good for you down south - it's such a LOVELY area...nice to catch up, tho...& YAY to the jumping Lass!!!! Sigh....NOW you've done my head France, but ADORE Italy...hope the weather picks up & the wine is drinkable.. Bonne journee....or is it buono vacazione!!!! SOmething like that....

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Lovely photos! TFS! :D

Julene Matthews said...

Mandy you certainly having a wow of a time.The mirrored roof was interesting.
Good to know that you're off to Tuscany...Florence is amaaaazing.Enjoy.

JansArtyJunk said...

WOW...what an amazing trip you have been on Mandy!! loved seeing your pics from your worldly travels!..plenty to scrap about!...should keep you busy for a while!! :) Jan x

Julie said...

just gorgeous photos missy

Jenneke said...

So sorry to see the weather was that bad in Italy....
And I can imagine your panic attacks, Mandy!! I think I would feel the same way driving on the other (left) side of the road ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Europe!