Monday, 20 May 2013

Pisa - Italy

Here's our first view of the 'Leaning Tower of Pisa'
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, you can imagine what the girls said...
'Its soooo small!, I thought it was bigger than that!!!'
And its not very big at all, one wonders if it were any taller, it would have well and truly fallen over by now!
Hannah, me, and dh - along the right side is littered with souvenir stalls.
I took this photo below in the photo above (hee hee, does that make sense?)
LOL, I should have edited this... we have the leaning tower leaning back the other way!!!

Of course the 'stag jump' hee hee!
We are all 'squinty' - it was one of those not bright days...but really 'glare-y' days

Horse and carriage ride anyone?   Wish we could have, our time was so limited here. 
Oh and the ice-cream...delicious!  I had to hold mine out too  -MANGO!

 Anyway... what we learned about the Leaning Tower is quite interesting:
Engineering failure: Constructed in 1173 and no-one really knows who actually masterminded it and  took centuries to complete!
Epic Fail - problems began to appear when the 3rd floor was being added in 1178 - the original foundations were only 3 metres deep (10 ft) in weak unstable soil and the building began to 'lean' to one side!
Can you imagine the Italians deliberating over its problems!!!
Construction was immediately halted for fear it might fall.
In the next century, Italy had wars and difficulties so the Tower was ignored. It gave the soil time to settle and in 1272 a new engineer built new floors making the side with the lean towards the ground taller and the opposite side shorter... and you can see from my photo with Meaghan in it - where I didn't edit.... there is actually a 'curve' in the tower.  This was the intention!
The construction was halted again in 1284, and almost another century after (1372) the bell tower was added.  By 1655 the last of seven bells were hung, one for each musical note.
Today:  the 'tilt' is 5.5degrees (or 14 feet from its centre).  Its anchored by steel cables and lead weights.  It does lean a tiny bit more each year... however... estimations have been put forward that it will fall in 175yrs time.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooo fun!! And there's our jump photo! LOVING it!!!

sandi said...

More great pics! Yes, I thought the tower was taller as well. Your pics put it in perspective with the surroundings.

Peg Hewitt said...

Great pics, it is rather short isn't it!
Loving your jumping stags too lol

Jasmine S said...

Fabulous pics. So so clear. I am relieved that I should be able to see it in my lifetime before it falls
Loved reading about it as I didn't know anything about it really. Just that it looks amazing.

Julene Matthews said...

You must be doing the same trip we did.Even our photos are the same.It is an amazing building.
We rode in the horse and cart and had the gelato too!