Monday, 6 May 2013


More trip photos!
What a wonderful time we had in Paris!!

First we had to find an eatery... they were everywhere!

LOL.. Hannah always closes her eyes!   But nevertheless, the three waiting for their meal.
We had a sing songy very theatrical French man waiting on us... quite funny!

Eiffel Tower
 Paige stag-jumped her way though Europe!

We decided to take the stairs as the lifts packed like sardines in soaring heat just didn't appeal!
Talking Hannah into it was the next challenge!
We only waited 10 mins to start climbing... so not the wait we'd been told.

Looking up was pretty daunting!
Okay... so Hannah got to the first flight of stairs and her feet glued to the spot and there was no way we could convince her keep going. She was so disappointed in herself, and thought she'd let us down (which is silly as we know how courageous she can be) and Meaghan took her back down...
Here's a bit of a 'Where's Wally', but we looked down from a few flights up and could see them, they are right in the middle - Meaghan has a white top on and Hannah with a backpack standing together.
So Paige, dh and I advance to the 2nd storey and a bit of a look around

What a surprise we got when we arrived back down to the first floor to see Meaghan and Hannah standing there.  Meaghan managed to coerce her up, so another triumph for Hannah! She was so proud of herself, and Meaghan said it wasn't easy - but so worth it!  She wouldn't go any further up  though..


Down we went... Hannah being flanked by her sisters.

And out at the bottom!

Back on our 'hop on hop off' bus... an open-top double decker!
Best way to get around!
Our map... for the bus
The Paris Opera
Isn't it grand!

Decades ago, I had a picture taken here in the same arabesque... this is spooky!


The Louvre
The older part...

The newer part...

From the inside

Looking up...


And of course...
Mona Lisa

Notre Dame

Bridge of Locks.... where people buy locks and clip them onto the bridge...some are engraved, friend, lovers etc....  It must weigh a ton!

Seine River Evening Cruise, it was so relaxing... and picturesque

Our time in Paris finished with a Carousel Ride along with a lot of eaten crepes!


Dolly B said...

Ah Paris

Lizzy Hill said...

This brings back such WONDERFUL memories .... LOVING the jumpy photos......keep 'em coming & that arabesque is pretty'll have to scrap you 2 side by side:):):) Glad you liked Paris!!! Pour moi, c'est citie de numbre une dans le monde.....I thinnk that's it????!!!!!

Julene Matthews said...

Mandy your photos bring back so many happy memories.So glad your daughter overcame her fears.DD and I are both scared of heights but kept telling ourselves we will only be here DO IT! And we did.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Amazing photos!!!!

sandi said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such amazing pics!

Adriana B said...

wow, you're all having a time of your life, thanks for taking us through your journey to Paris, I hoping to go next year if everything goes to plan. Cheers :)

Jenneke said...

Wow, so good to see your happy pictures!!! And Hannah is such a brave young woman, I never never would dare to do what she did! Applause!!!!
My favorite picture is the one of Paige standing on the stairs of the Louvre. So much action in it!
Enjoy the rest of your trip, Mandy!!