Friday, 26 April 2013


Off the family set to check out Harry Potter sets and by all means the general consensus is WOW!
They were sorted into 'Slytherin'!
Paige doing a 'stag jump' at Kings Cross... Platform 9 3/4

Paige and her photo from Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station (in the background) 


Front of the Warner Bros. Studios in Watford, England

Hannah, dh and Paige at the Gate to Hogwarts Set


Leaky Cauldron (that's in London) Meaghan and Hannah.

 Rule Plaques set by Dolores Umbridge

Great Hall Staff table with Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, oh and Hannah and Paige
Paige in the Mirror of Erised

Meaghan at the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets
The Knight Bus sign
Meaghan, Hannah and Paige on the Knight Bus 

 The inside of the Knight Bus

 Meaghan and Hannah on Hagrid's Motorbike
Meaghan, Hannah and Paige in the Weasley's Flying Car

Meaghan, Paige and Hannah at no. 4 Privet Drive
Knock and Run at number 4!! :P
 Meaghan on the bridge at Hogwarts
 Hannah and DH at the Potter's House in Godricks Hollows
Meaghan and the King from Wizards Chess
Paige and her favourite character Dobby the House Elf
Meaghan outside Olivanders Wand Shop
Paige and a painting of Dobby (and the head of a Death Eater to the right)
Hannah and Meaghan with Hogwarts Castle model
 Paige and the Hogwarts Castle model
 Hannah, Paige and just a small fraction of the wands from Olivanders
Paige and the Sorting Hat
 Hannah and the Triwizard Cup
The four cats used as Crookshanks (Hermione's cat) throughout the 8 movies
 All the owls used as Harry's owl Hedwig
The dogs used as Fang (Hagrid's sook of a dog)
 Paige on the way to the Ministry of Magic
 Hannah outside Olivanders Wand Shop
Hannah outside Flourish and Blotts,  the wizard book shop (for school supplies)
Quite a trip~!~


amanda73 said...

omg mandy....looks like you had the time of your lives.....and awesome photos......

Lizzy Hill said...

Soooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasmine S said...

Well I have two of my kids here and they loved looking through the photos and knew every detail. One of them wanted to play with the castle model.
Great pics.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww! That is awesome!!! LOVING all the pics!!!

Julene Matthews said...

Wow Mandy! There certainly are some great photos there.It looks like the girls loved every minute of it.

Lizzyc said...