Tuesday, 30 April 2013

England Part Two

While Paige and I was on our "Downton Abbey' Tour,  Dh, Meaghan and Hannah had some adventures of their own...
First stop......

Julia Roberts

Emma Watson

Nicole Kidman

And because Paige wasn't with them....
They had to promise to take a photo One Direction for her!!!
Apparently there was a long line of teens waiting to see!

Even Shrek made the waxworks!


Robin Williams!


Princess Diana

The Beetles


Christina Aguilera

Then off to the
M&M Store
which was 4 storeys of M&M products.
The three were overwhelmed the moment they stepped in the door!
It was a mega-hit of in-coming stimulus!

Touring off some more...
to the
Tower Bridge
With another day gone, we then set off to where Meaghan lives near the middle of England...
 but to the east.  Its two streets over from the sea.
Outside her home... its three storeys high... she's just locking up...

On the double decker bus... up top

Arriving at the over-night ferry that the five of us travelled on to Brugge in Belgium on our way to Paris.
I worked so hard to find a solution to meet up with Jenneke in the Netherlands, but it just didn't work out -it was so disappointing to us both..... but we will make sure on our next trip!

In our cabin for five!

Dinner and Breakfast was all we could eat!  It was delicious and they looked after Hannah's gluten/dairy free diet very well too.

Finally we arrived at Brugge, Belgium

And our next part of the journey begins...
Will update about that soon!


jacque4u2c said...

Looks like you all are having a blast!

Lizzy Hill said...

MY! The time is going sooo quick...so g'bye England...can't wait to hear your COntinental adventures:):)!!!!!!!

sandi said...

Wow! What fabulous fun pics!!!!! Love these!

Jenneke said...

Oh yes Mandy, we were soooooo close... I guess that's what made us feel extra sad.. But we'll get another chance, I'm sure of that!!

LOVE to see your pictures! So many familiar places, but I never heard of that M&M store. Just Amazing!!

(Btw, are you sure that's Paris Hilton and not Christina Aguilera???)