Thursday, 18 April 2013


We're on our trip!
Couldnt get into my blog or for Paige - no facebook in China!
So had to wait until we got to London!

What a time we have had...
NO scrapping here - all trip photos...
Photo heavy!

So off here we start...
Had to leave home just after 3am for drive to airport and depart at 6am to Melbourne..
Hannah and Paige heading into International Airport, Melbourne...for our flight to Shanghai

Changed planes to Beijing...
and with only 2 hours time difference to Australia...

 Our room, the bed was very large and comfortable... lovely mattress and pillows!
We are told this is very lucky to get!
It's only a 6 roomed hotel enclosed in a courtyard - typical of hotels in the hutongs.

we set off sight seeing...
Temples, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Titanam Square

Chairman Mao

Being Spring...the cherry blossoms were out and everywhere

Paige jumping for joy! Just managed to grap this!

 Guilded Gold

Conquering the  Great Wall, the sections we walked and climbed is well away from tourist-y part. In Australia the public would never be allowed to even attempt what we climbed- it would be so liable! (But we are so glad we did) it was very hazardous, sometimes there were no 'walls' left - only elevated paths (as you can see below).. and the steps which are very steep, sometimes almost vertical  - some are just rubble..
we loved it!  
Though Hannah struggles with debilitating fear of heights,  and was determined to get through it.  She is so courageous and was so proud of herself by the end.

Any part of this can fall at any time... or a brick drop on someone.

Hannah being encouraged

Silent tears and shaking resides as Hannah rests after conquering one big section , she was so determined .

Being brave

Got there- oh the smiles!!!!!

Our comic part.... Hannah's 'Bunny'...
Had to do it....  take a pic of 'keeping the rabbits out'!


That's now marked off our bucket list!
 It was positively gruelling...even our Chinese guide (who did not come with us, thought we were mad!  There were times (especially one set of vertical steep steps to the flower tower) I wondered why we even considered doing it.  It was like 'what was I thinking'!!!
It is going to be  one of the most remarkable things our family have ever done together.

Back to Beijing....
This was fun!  You can see our guide.  She was fabulous!

The rickshaw drivers are strong and fit, they work hard and we tipped him generously...he was smiling when we finished!

The drum tower!  This was amazing.. it was loud and the vibration incredible.  Very long steep steps to get to the top of the tower!  (ugh, like we needed more after yesterday!!!!)

So many people asked to have their photos taken with the girls... particually Paige because of her fair skin and blonde hair.   They didnt mind this and was innocent enough.  What Paige did mind and creeped her out was the people sneaking up and taking photos of her...  Particularly older men so the hair ended up in a bun on top of her head and she held onto her father!  It was just unfathomable what they did, they even walked in front of us (women included),  with their backs to us, held their phones up over their heads as if they were taking a selfie, and included Paige in the photo.  The constant staring got to her father.

Cruising on the lake of the Summer Palace.

Beijing Zoo!
Way cute!

Playing with his ball

Had to have Peking Duck! 
The Chef came and  carved it at our table

and lastly... and acrobat show..


At home, our family looking after our house says that they have bonded well with our cat 'Blackie' easy feat... he's a scaredy cat and all's okay..
They are such good words to hear when being far away.


Lizzy Hill said...

Fantastic photos...I've never wanted or been much interested in China...& now I want to go!!! Weird with the blonde thing. I've had that here in Sydney with my 2 boys - blonde & red of those things. BIG congrats on conquering the Wall...& the photo I love best is the leap in the air one of Paige, I think??? Keep having a fantastic time...& keep the photos coming!! LOVE them!!!

Jasmine S said...

Oh how sensational. Fabulous photos and just love the Wall pics. I cannot believe how high it is so I can fully understand DDs fear. I would be too.
Looks like a wonderful trip :)

Deb said...

OOoooo! Mandy, what fabulous pics. tfs. Much fun for you all.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeee the pics!! And I would have been afraid of the Great Wall too .. I am afraid of heights also!! I can totally relate!! And that's kinda scary/sad about taking photos of her ...

Lizzyc said...

Oh these photos are wonderful.. I hope your trip continues to be a marvellous time for you all!

yyam said...

Looks like an eye-opening experience in China. I finally got to see pics of your hasn't been on the blog, has he?

It must be a rude culture shock to have people take photos of you without asking...well I'm sure we've all been caught in the background of someone's photo.

Enjoy your vacation. Looking forward to seeing your layouts for the trip!

sandi said...

Wow! These pics look fabulous!!!!!!! Looks like you're having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

what gorgeous photos missy.

S said...

Oh wow. I hadn't been by your blog in a while and I picked the perfect day to stop over. Those photos are simply fabulous. What an amazing adventure.