Saturday, 9 February 2013

Scrap Therapy - Wine Glasses for Valentine's...

Is anyone setting a special table for a dinner for two on the 14th February?
'Rumour has it' (would make a good movie eh?) that there are many Anniversaries celebrated on this day....

So with that said, for my dt example at SCRAP THERAPY
I started off with these:

and finished up with these:

Yes, yes....I can hear you...' but how do we wash them'?.... weeeeell, they arent my good wine glasses and I actually picked them up for 50c each today! So go to your $2 store etc! These are for fun - to help decorate your table if its worth something special to you. (They might endure one or two rinse-outs if lucky
One could be filled with chocolates to give as a gift for anything from a gift to a girlfriend to an 18th?
Oooooor 'could' actually use this idea to dress up a bride and grooms glass for the wedding table.

Here are the MME Lost & Found 3 'Ruby' products I used (the pinks and greys are perfect)
Ruby Floral Paper (used both sides)
Ruby Sticker Accessory Sheet
Ruby 12x12 Chipboard Stickers
Ruby Enamel Dots

Step 1
We are going to use the pink side of the paper and the pink doily from the sticker sheet. I see this glass as the 'girl' glass

So turn over your pink paper to the patterned side and draw a line around the base of your glass and cut it out

Step 2
Stick the doily to the pink paper

Step 3
Glue around the edge of the base of the glass....

Step 4
Adhere the pink paper and sticker to the base of the glass with the sticker facing up

*****edited in after this whole project has been created, photographed and uploaded:
Paige took one look regarding the photo above and said -
'You could put little diamontes in there to rattle around and those little hangy things off the stem'...
Weeeeeeell why didnt I think of that -so there's more ideas*******

Step 5
Pick out a little sticker (liked the red type to go with the pink) and back it on the pink paper - snip it into a banner-like shape

Step 6
Next we are going to use this sticker:

so.... measure the top of your glass:

as we need a length of pink paper to back the sticker and string up the little tag as well

to stick to the top of the glass (use a peg to hold it in place)

Step 7
Using little enamel dots... decorate the top of the base of the glass:

Thats the end of decorating the 'pink' glass

Now lets do it all again - but a little differently with the 'grey' (boy) glass!

Step 8
Repeat the same process as you did with the pink doily, but instead use the little grey one...

Step 9
This time instead of using stickers and the paper - we are going to use a chipboard sticker strip from Ruby 12x12 chipboard stickers. Oooh this is must easier!!! I wasnt sure if the thick cardboard would wind round the glass okay without tearing or cracking - but it worked a treat! Need to snip a bit of the end off to fit properly around.

Step 10
This time I used the patterned side of the paper to get a grey backing for the little tag - and used one of the sentiments with grey type

Step 11
Its time to adhere the little tag on with string and put a sticker over the top as well to dress it up.

Step 12
Add the enamel dots to the base, and even up near the top of the glass!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwww!! these are gorgeous Mandy!! Just WOW!!!

Lizzy Hill said...

Soooo cute - I'm not a valentine's person...but I do reckon these would look lovely on a wedding table:):):) Very innovative & I like the dangly thingies!!!!!!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

ooo they would be lovely on the table filled with choccies!!

Lisa said...

wow, these are amazing! aren't you so clever! love this idea