Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bush Fires and Earthquake

This morning with coffee in hand, looking at my computer,  I was jolted to my feet by an earthquake probably more the noise that was the shock.. It sounded like a clap of thunder and a train at my feet at the same time - it was loud!  We've had tremors before - but never the sound.
Quite a shock claiming the quiet and calmness of an early Sunday household when all family members were still fast asleep (except me)
Then suddenly, doors opened and bleary-eyed teenagers wandered out  mumbling  'What was that'?

Soon the phone rang from the other end of the state with my Mum asking if we were okay - saw it on the morning show news....
This is the printout... its a bit interesting Even a bit scrappable in a background kind of way!
We've had some aftershocks since but it all seems to have settled down

 Tasmania has had its fair share of destruction in the past week and a half with the dreadful bushfires..
Down south where my parents and extended family live have been the worst hit with over 170 properties lost, but luckily no loss of life.  The one good thing is the the sea, people could either get into boats or jump into the water.  It saved many lives.

We do have one large fire closeby (but no threat) to us, and is now downgraded to 'Watch and Act'.  It was uncontained for the best part of a week.

There are still fires burning in Tasmania and on mainland Australia.
This is a big contrast to the floods two years ago.

We cant help but feel for the wildlife with their helpers/carers and livestock with farmers and veterinarians.

I've just listened to the news on the tv and of this minute there are 9 fires still burning here in little Tasmania, 8 in Victoria and  134 fires in New South Wales.
I cant remember what it said for Queensland (was significant) or for South Australia,

On a lighter note....
Here's something at just makes me smile
These pictures where sent to me, so thought I'd share...
A little hot koala with its face in a water sprinkler!

Sigh, I hope things get better soon

*edited 14th Jan*
171 fires now burning in NSW, 50 uncontrolled.
And one loss of life of a Victorian fireman helping out in Tasmania
 Very sad


glorygirl said...

Praying for you, your family and your country! Sounds kind of scary!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhh I am glad you are all ok! I have been praying for those affected by the fires... so sad....

Lizzy Hill said...

Sheesh!!! You've had a time & half down there...I hope your weather has calmed down so they can get those fires controlled...& you're right, thank God there was no life lost....poor animals, & all those sheep in NSW, too - it's raining here. After 40 yesterday. Crazy country...but we love it, eh???!!!!!!!

Zanka said...

Such a relief that you are safe...we're praying for the brave people who are fighgting the fires.

Jenneke said...

Thanks for the update, Mandy!! Thinking about you and your family a lot these days! Bush fires ànd's scary!

LOVE the photos of the drinking koala!

Take care!

Hugs, Jenneke

Julene Matthews said...

Mandy I thought of you and other TAssie scrappers I know this morning.
Let us hope that is the end of it eh? Take care.Love the koala pics.

Lizzyc said...

Oh yes I am so sad to hear about the fires.. it must have been horrific for the people it has affected.. being in the country myself I too always fear when I smell smoke in the air.. and then an earthquake.. I hope things settle down for you soon.. and I hope that fire stays away from you and some rains come and puts it out.. God Bless all the fire fighters.. they are true heroes..

Jeanet said...

That's so scary Mandy! I'm glad you are OK!
I hope it will all end soon! Those poor animals! Glad that the people are ok and thank God for the sea!!!
Thinking about you and your family!
Hang in there Mandy!

Jasmine S said...

Hope you and the family stay safe. It really has been a terrible bush fire season for Australia and there is still more to come by the look of in Vic there were a number of deliberately lit fires, that's what makes me the angriest.