Saturday, 15 September 2012

Prima Plaques....

Look at these little Prima Plaques to welcome two special little girls into the world :P
Isnt this fabulous.... Prima Songbird 'Collage' Paper
From this its easy to cut plaque shapes and each one shabbychic like :wink: you can take your pick of pieces for the back ground of the plaques :P

When Lee-Anne sent me the Prima Resin Fairies and Resin Architecture brackets they were backed by picture framing mounts.... you know like that foamy - white board-like stuff (so the packets didnt bend or break the product in transit) Weeeell this is PERFECT for the backing of the little plaques... So I cut them to the size of my paper cut-outs, stuck them on and sanded the edges
Then I used two different Tattered Angels products... First painted some golden 'Glitter Glam' on both plaques in a rectangle shape (Glam is like a very watery paint with lots of glitter sparkle in it - cant see it too well in my photos.. but it sure does sparkle in real life :wink: ) It's painted on and give a lovely golden hue to the background. Then I used two 'Glimmermist Chalkboard' sprays one on each giving a 'drippy affect. Chalkboard is a more richer opaque paint which is in a spray bottle. The colours I've used are not in stock... but there are others... check them out HERE :P
Added the Prima Zephyr Clocks, Prima Aire Flowers, Prima Green Trim, Prima Black Trim and Pink Measuring Tape
And love love love lilybeedesign alpha as they are just the perfect size!!


Thinking about it.... these could even be used as covers for a little mini-album... maybe one made with envelopes for pages inside... hmmmn... could happen yet :wink: :P

It was totally fabulous to get a special mention for both my card and my LO at Get Creative...
so cool!!


And I won a prize at Artastic too for this LO!

And in other news... we moved the last of our funiture from our old house today and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned... all plonked into the new house and I have no idea where to begin!  The complicated part is that we cant find a place for the furniture because the new carpet wont be laid until Thursday - and our new bed doesnt arrive until Friday... sigh...
We are living at our farm at the moment until that part gets sorted except for dh who is sleeping at the new house - to try keep our poor upset confused and nervous cat some familiarity, and Maggie our cockatiel who is feeling just as unhappy as the cat!
As for tomorrow morning (sunday) - I'm sleeping in!



Lizzy Hill said...

Busy, busy, busy! I'm sure after a couple of months the 'hassle' part of shifting will fade into the background! Saw your acclamations over at Get Creative...well done you:):) These are GORGEOUS....yep, mini sounds a great idea! Instead of sleeping in....JOKING!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are AMAZING Mandy!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee those fairies!!! And hope all the house stuff gets sorted soon!!!!

phillipa said...

Loooove the idea you have come up with for the backings...fab idea!! I was wondering what I could use it for! I haven't had a chance to play with any of my new Prima stuff yet:(
Congrats on the features as well.

Julie said...

These look great Mandy. Congrats on the features too.

sandi said...

Beautiful! Love both of these!

glorygirl said...

These are so soft and magical! Looooove what you've cerated here!

glorygirl said...

Truly hope the chaos settles down and you get to relax into comfort very soon!!!

Irini said...

wow those plaques are amazing!!
Good luck with the house all sounds very complicated and time consuming LOL LOL
I am i am off to see what Let's get Shabby is challenging us to do!