Monday, 11 June 2012

Skissedilla #166

Skissedilla's Sketch caught my eye tonight enough to actually set about creating with it.
I truly didnt think I'd be doing any scrapping other then committments with being so busy, but this called for 'time-out'. 
Its the first time I've played along, and because Lou is the guest designer - even more appropriate!
Here's the sketch
Reading the rules, we can use the sketch quite freely...
Isnt it gorgeous!

(Here's the replacement photo/s from the one I had taken after midnight last night though I'll leave in (below) the other pic just in case it mucks up Mr Linky??)

I loved the grunge and the circles in the sketch.. even the horse figure is circular to me and it looked like it was emerging from the grunge.
There's heaps of layers.... a diecut 12x12 which was cricut cut, as with the white lacey diecut glued on top.... texture paste, fibre, loads of paint for colour, and Hannah emerging from a tunnel-like shape.
Finished with a feminine bow. This was fun (big smile)

(before deadline photo- what a difference daylight makes!)
Please excuse the terrible photo, but with it being after midnight here with only a couple of hours to the deadline, I think I'll replace the photo tomorrow morning once in daylight!



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwww!! I loveeeeeeeee this!! AMAZING background and loving the colors!!!

LindaBrun said...

So happy you played with the sketch.
Great layout. Really cool design and love Hannah's hands holding on to the fibre.

Lizzy Hill said...

How do you do it, Miss Mandy..always so original, always with such MEANING in your work & that's such a fab photo for the's awesome & I'm glad you took time out for YOU to scrap for fun.An skisskedella [or however you spell it] is a great site:):):):)

Lizzyc said...

That is wonderfully creative!!

Jasmine S said...

Oh WOW. This is just fabulous. So dramatic and the photo coming out of the circle looks awesome.

sandi said...

This is fabulous! Love the texture and look of this! Wonderful mix.

Louise said...


:) xx