Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pan Pastels for Scrap Therapy.....

I've done a heap of research online especially the PanPastel site and just by help understand more about this fabulous medium!
I love playing with them and have had a fabulous time putting this together from what I've learned.....
About PanPastels!
PanPastels are made up of pigment…. the same kind of pigment used to make paint. What sticks pastels together is gum, though with the PanPastels… the gum has been reduced to such a small amount that it becomes like a pressed pigment powder and in turn provides vibrant colour.

The big plus side:
There is very little dust.
The pressed pan format helps mix colours more easily and you can mix right in the pans, then wipe off.
The pans are stackable – screw into each other to stack.
You can block in large amounts of colour quite quickly
Wipe off colour on paper towel..
Little contamination when mixing colours.
Fully erasable.
Low dust enhances greater adhesion to the paper.

There are 80 colours.
This might help you understand them a little better too
20 Mass tone colours with pure pigment. ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.5’
20 tints colours (they are made by adding white to the mass tones) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.8’
20 shades colours(made by adding black to the mass tones) ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.3’
20 dark colours (made be adding additional black to the mass tones) ) Identified by the last digit underneath the pan ending in ‘.1’

Left in the shop at SCRAP Therapy are four different sets – all with tools so you can begin straight away.
Click HERE

HERE'S A LO created with using PanPastel and a stencil
Scrap Therapy have quite a big range in stencils…. just type the word ‘STENCIL’ in the ‘SEARCH BOX’ on your upper right hand side when you visit and all kinds of stencils will list for you. The Prima one I’ve used is now out of stock.

HERE'S how its been created...
Place your chosen stencil on your paper: I've used WRMK's Anthology Phraseology paper

I've used texture paste here to wipe over with my spatula. I didnt take the paste right to the edges of the stencil as I didnt want it to look 'blocky' iykwim :P You could use gesso but it wont quite be as thick - but would be still okay :wink:

Lifting off the stencil - it leaves a great 3-d effect :wink:

After drying - use one of the little tools in the PanPastel Set - its like a little eye-shadow apply-er (dont know why I didnt photograph it as I was doing it!!! :roll: ) smudge 'Raw Umber' pastel colour (dark brown) in the cracks of the bricks

Now to add a little more bright colour - 'Permanent Red' and 'Red Iron Oxide'- smudge a little on each of the 'bricks'

Place the stencil on the page again, and this time just use your finger to fill in some of the stencil....its just gives a lingering effect taking the image of the stencil out further then the original texture paste... kinda shadowing with the 'Raw Umber' again



Other products used:
Prima Millicent Vine En Francais
Prima Green Trim
Prima resin butterfly heart




Natalie Hall said...

This is wonderful! I've used Pan Pastels on canvas and glossy papers. Blending different colours creates a neat look, but I was wondering how to use them on a layout. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How amazing is that?!?!?!??!!? They sound amazing and I absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee what you created with them!! LOVING that photo and the flowers too!! GORGEOUS!!!

Lorena said...

I linked here from Natalie's blog. You did an amazing job on this project. I love everything about it!The simplicity, the texture, the realistic colours, the photo is darling, and love the title; see I did say everything right? LOL

keep doing what you do, I'll be back.


Martine said...

beautiful!! love what you did with the stencil! I bought some Pan Pastels, but I haven't tried them yet... I should get them out!

sue said...

Great tutorial, thanks!! I just love your very cool layout!! :)

joyce said...

Lovely work Mandy. I love those pan pastels, I have a few myself and am waiting for my mojo to perk up to put them on paper instead of sitting on my desk. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lizzy Hill said...

This is great...makes more sense of how you used them in your past blog...once they're on. Look great with the stencil:):):) Hope everything's going OK down there in your neck of the woods house, work etc. Thinking of you:):):)

Dora said...

This is stunning, wonderful work!

Lizzyc said...

Thank you for sharing all this info on these pastels, I have never used them before, so all the info was helpful.. your layout looks fabulous too.. the bricks look amazing!! thanks again!

phillipa said...

Have been away for a couple of weeks and just catching up on your posts. Fantastic layouts...all of them!! Gosh, you certainly have got the Pan Pastel bug! I have been looking at them for ages and might just have to have a splurge now and buy some!!

glorygirl said...

Amazing!!! Definitely need to get some texture paste to use with my brick wall stencil. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing more about Pan Pastels. I have been very curious!!!