Saturday, 7 April 2012

Planning My Breakfast Easter Table....

I've semi- sorted my Easter table for our usual breakfast surprise
This year it will be a white tablecloth with pale green gingham centre cloth I think.... I'm about to hop off here (pardon the pun!) and get started!

Here's last years, it was mauve and white.  The day before I got my flowers from the local florist... and they were just beautiful.  Bought my two little bunnies on ebay... I was sooo pleased with the way they turned out.   Easter breakfast is a big deal in our house.  Its where my family find their eggs and any treats and to find out what the table will look like (wink)

The surprise!  Hannah usually gets a book cos she's gluten and dairy free so
can be a little limited in what chocolate she can have.

my three girls checking out who got what!

and I always make them wear ears... they humour me LOL while I cook them a hot breakfast!

  I'm no where as organised as I usually am. sigh, way much going on here.  And I have to go to Sydney for a couple of weeks for work on Monday (plus eldest dd pictured on left in photo lives in London and she will be in Sydney at the same time... so lucky!  I've extended my trip for three extra nights so we can have some mum/daughter time!
ANYway, they love their breakfast morning surprises!

Lets see what memories we can make tomorrow! 

Very big smile!

Happy Easter!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Such fun photos!! I loveeeeeeeee your table setting! Happy Easter!

sandi said...

Awesome pics! Love the center piece and the girls with the bunny ears...well, just too cute!

joyce said...

So pretty, set a place setting for me!

Janice said...

Sweet photos.

ann said...

Happy Easter and your table for last years was beautiful, the two bunnies what a lovely find xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Happy, Happy Easter:):) I sooo hope we can catch up....I've got jury duty on Monday 16th....can you believe that? But hopefully they'll tell me to go home!!!!!LOVE the photo of your 3 girls together...& LOVE the idea of an Easter's so sweet:):):)

Lea said...

Last years Easter table was beautiful! Love those bunnies! Hope you have a great time with your eldest DD!!!

Gayle Price said...

What a beautiful Easter morning with your girls, such a lovely time to share. I'm a little jealous, I got to have lunch with my eldest on Friday, but my baby in Melb. I wont get to see until mid May. Enjoy your time in Sydney with your "London girl" and happy Easter Mandy. xx

Dolly B said...

What a lovely tradition and gorgeous photo's. Love the bunnies you got on ebay and can't wait to see a pic of your table setting this year. Oh and love the ears :)
Happy Easter

Leeann Pearce said...

love it...happy Easter Mandy and thanks for popping by... so love your Easter tables...such a great idea!