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Hannah's German Vintage Altered Quote Book

25th February 2012
I was very blessed to be given this gorgeous vintage German book by
the lovely Gladie (Norway) a for Christmas in 2010.
It was published in 1911 and is about drama scene in Europe
Isn't it a treasure!  I've decided to leave the cover just as it is - in its own perfection.

*edited in*
I love  getting comments about the curiosity of using older books and here are my thoughts....
The one thing I did have to get past when working in a vintage - or even antique book is the thought of altering it from its original state. 
It was very hard at first because it seems to form a piece of 'history' - this is true.    There are some who might think it may be destroying a book, but that's very different to what I feel and not sure I'd use that word.  My definition of that would be tearing it's pages out, or pulling its cover off to use elsewhere or use the pages for different projects and/or what's not needed - very very unfortunately thrown away. Wouldn't it be better though if an old unwanted book does get used in some way?  It also has to do with being emotionally attached to a book too.  There is no way I would alter a book in my own collection with generational or sentimental reasoning. 
 The books I alter, I buy specifically with a purpose in mind.  They are kept in its whole form,(I'm unable at this time to tear out pages)  and lovingly given new purpose other than sitting in a forgotten dusty box or shelf somewhere waiting till its time to come to be thrown away as 'old and dusty, smelly and unwanted.  It's new form is loved, often remembered, given pride of place and the owner gets to feel the old beautiful book in their own hands. A new appreciation has begun even for a new generation in this very throw-away  and digital world.  Maybe its time for a rethink.

The way it is set out with the beautiful fonts used in the book - ah.. its just special!
It will be a quote book for Hannah for when she is away from home to give
herself a little boast just when she needs it.

The first page:
Used for Let's Get Shabby Challenge #32 HERE
Painted with gesso, though, keeping a lot of the gorgeous font visable, and added little strawberries and hearts.   I just love the quote - perfect for this little book!

I'm really looking foward to filling this little book up!


25th March 2012
Using Pan Pastels

Using a large sponge, lightly spread 'Turquoise' over the page

adding 'Bright Yellow Green' in patches

Then a light rub of white to tone it down and blend together a bit more

I have the large one too and LOVE the font!

Made a mistake!!  In my haste, when I did the butterfly page, I forgot to spray the fixative over the pastel before stamping!!!!  So the stamp image (stazon ink) bled a little - rest assured it didnt happen when I did my alpha page... did the fixative first - then stamped!  (rolling eyes - cant believe I did that!)


14th January 2014
Hannah is  is off to study away next week - so excited for her, all she has ever wanted to be is a Librarian and she has a place! So now we are getting ready for her to move.  I know there will be times when she will be homesick or that the amount of work will be overwhelming, so I've worked on this little German vintage book and put in quotes that will help her take a breath....
Just need a mask, spatulas and texture paste....

PanPastel Colours:
Red Iron Oxide, Permanent Green, Raw Umber
The pigment grabs onto the texture paint fabulously...
(Do need to spray a fixative over the pages)
Add a little washi tape and leaves
And alpha for the quote...
17th May 2014
Hannah is away studying Library Services...
so thought to put a page together relative to that.

Sketched a makeshift template of a girl onto a piece of paper and cut it out,...put it on the page (same for the alpha) and painted blue over it..... pulled off the template and some of the alpha (plus wiped lightly over the remaining alpha to bring back the colour) to reveal the book print underneath....

Outlined in pen and used colourful washi tape as collars, belt, shoes and hair.
Love this colour combo, and thought while I was at it, to do another page in Hannah's book..
 This time, I thought I'd go for a 'family' quote and this gorgeous quote by the children's movie
 'Lilo and Stitch'  was a great fit ....
 What appeals is the word 'Ohana' - it does sound a bit like 'Oh Hannah' - how cute!  
 Plus it means 'family'.  
9th June
For Hannah setting out on her new life, these are positive reinforcements.....
There's a pocket card for the background with a touch of white paint around the edges, covered by one of Heidi Swapp's frames - it really was a great idea and quick easy way to get another page done for this book!

Definitely the opposite page needed some attention.
 I had some of those huge diecut  '&'s which never knew what to do with - so worked out all round to give them a home shadowing each other.  Managed to paint the background to match the background of the pocket card on the other side. YAY!  It all came together - and it was relatively easy!
12th June 2014
Loved the idea of creating some sort of sea theme... with drippy mixed media
I've kind of kept it monotone with blue/greens./turquoise and its hard to stitch a little book with frail pages, so stamping wavy stitch lines works for me!

I'm really hoping this quote will resonate with Hannah that when things get tough, its about how we learn the skills and strength to handle difficult situations no matter what they are that matter

Love these products... Izink...I think I have just about every colour! 
the embossed heavy vellum was K&Co  (remember them?)
It was the first sort of 'real' embossed vellum out in the 'old days'... I'm sure I've had this longer than a decade!!!!    Diving into the ole scrap box towards the bottom...there it was!  AND I LOVE it!
Sometimes I'm REALLY glad I'm not a 'purger'!!  (weeeell, one of the rare times! LOL)

 24th July 2014
I've picked this wonderful story of 'The Velveteen Rabbit', 
 a stuffed rabbit and his quest to become real through the love of his owner.
(the reason why is at the end of this post :)
Soooooo. with this  in mind, added this wise little quote from 'The Velveteen Rabbit' story.
I hope this page will also be a little 'pick-me-up' when Hannah is missing home.... when study gets intense and things get overwhelming....and she questions if she can make it to her goals that she's been aiming for...

Hannah was given 'The Velveteen Rabbit' book by her Aunt who had it 'personalised'  by having her name (and her sisters along with our address) included in the book...
She had a stuffed rabbit from birth and it has lived quite a life with her. Many times that rabbit (called 'Bun') had its body, legs, arms, eyes, ears, bit by bit replaced by Grandma as it wore away from so much love and in Hannah's eye's, as a little girl...'Bun' was real, no matter how tattered it got.....
This is a LO I did many many years ago.....
That bunny is still with her at 19yrs.... and while she's away studying,
'Bun' went with her - a reminder of home.
20th August 2014
Nothing fussy, just plain and simple....and fits a treat!
And because I loved using the blue tissue so much before, I saw the orange and went with that too!
So, with some gesso, orange tissue paper, a couple of square brads, green washi and a mix of alpa's... this happened....
12th September
and got another page done for Hannah's little quote book...
26th September  2014
This time I sketched a little shelf nook ....
It was great there was a space between paragraphs already there,
that became my space for a shelf..., so the sketching begins....

and it begins to grow, who knows where it will end???

Got rid of the pencil and grabbed a brown fine-liner

and add in a few embellishments and lettering...

1st March 2015
Perfect quote!
2nd May 2015
The image and white on black print has been printed out on a gessoed 'dryer sheet'
22nd May 2015
I printed the little owl out on vellum and found an owl appropriate quote for
my little night owl- Hannah.  It was always hard to get her to sleep, even as a small child.
Daylight saving was the bane of our lives!
There were never any tv's/computers etc in my childrens rooms.... only books... 
and my little night owl hasnt changed .... now 20 - she still reads well into the night.
7th June 2015
I decided to go with a pine tree- doubled with black cardstock on top and stripes underneath
I tried to put the stripes by themselves (trying to be bold and brave), but it got the better of me - too much!!! too much!!
So an extra black cardstock tree laid over the top only to reveal a little of the stripe underneath worked much better and I'm really happy with the result!
Then the little birds.... 'this I can do!!'  Pattern paper worked well!
All with a little stitching...
(have to apologise for the darkness of photos - ugly winter weather here!)
Hannah's book...
The quote was printed out from my computer using ACME Label Maker which we used in our previous month's challenge at 'Let's Get Arty'  (you can find the instructions there)
Over the grey tinted gesso, I've outlined with mustard and black watercolour pencil

and some green watercolour to add shadowing to the diecuts


14th June 2015



24th June 16


28th June

I remember taking both the girls on a plane trip to see 'Wicked' quite a few years ago now and watched them sit through the musical with wide eyes, dropped jaws and wonderment...
Love my watercolour pencils and aquabrush


3rd July 2015

Another little quote and sketch for Hannah....

Out with the twinkling H2O's (so in love with these!!!)
Feeling the same about my aquabrush too!
I really wanted to try capture the 'shimmer' of the Twinks... and here it is in green,
It's hard to photograph it and show its true value - watercolour with shimmer!


5th July 2015

 A fun little tortoise :)



7th July 2015

Hannah played piano for eight years and she absolutely loved her teacher who very sadly passed away last week. So a page is very fitting for Hannah's little book to commemorate her precious memories of piano lessons with a grand lady who loved Hannah just as much.
Watercolour pencils, waterbrush, black outliner pen


8th July 2015

There is nothing like a great cup of chamomile!
Hannah's favourite tea

Love my Twinks!
Spanish Moss, Kiwi, Apple Blossom



10th July


Ken Oliver's Color Burst is an amazing product to play with!
It 'puffs' powder over the page and then spritz water!  

Now to add some shimmer and deeper colour
Twinkling h20's - needed to mix the pair to get just the right colour
18th July 2015
When given the orange + orange + blue, immediately a little blue bird came to mind.  LOL and got to say, it started out a disaster!!  If I could have torn this page out - I would have! However, I've persevered and got it to a reasonable state.  Its not perfect, but that's okay, I'll get better with more practice.

Twinkling H20's


19th July

Sometimes, I have left over paint on my waterbrushes and will slosh them over a spare page in the quote book...... so this is how this page grew...
Pretty much both pages looked like the one on the right. Simple almost childish right? How come flowers?  Well,  were two yellow splotches right in the middle of the page soaked through by a previous page's process, and its just what come to mind at the time and consequently forgotten about.   Last night, finally arriving at this page, thought it needed dressing up and started to tear bits of scrap paper and added petals...

Watercolour pencils with waterbrush

 and outliner....


Tried to keep the glue on the actual star part of the stamp, but there was some overspill... but that's okay... its suits the loose style of the work.  I cant even tell you how long I've had that embossing power - years!  Never opened till now! 

Should really do a lot was fun!!
used up some alphas that were sparse on its page, the 'r' in 'stars' actually is an upside down 'j'!


20th July 2015

Sometimes I wonder if its best left without colour?
(now who's second guessing!!!)
Watercolour pencils and waterwell brush

24th July 2015
a little bookmark

(Hannah's favourite colour is blue)

I found this quote... and thought - YES, its perfect!  Do you feel you can see in your minds eye what kind of visual would fit when in this kind of process?  I do..... I think in pictures... and all I could see is a spiders web being beautifully and dutifully woven - every little strand into something of strength and endurance (and to our younger generations if may have a more contemporary meaning) .....
 so here it is.....
Starting out with someTwinkling H20's
Spanish Moss
Olive Vine
Hunter Grey
waterwell brush
black outliners

27th July 2015

These little pages works in layers and so enjoyable to do...

           Sketch the tree trunks in pencil         Black outliner, and chestnut Twink H20

           Painted with water well brush                    The negative space cut out

                  The behind page painted
          Hunters Grey, Chestnut, Kiwi, Olive Vine        Then the shadows of trunks added

Framing, and tree trunks sparingly glued down to background page
Definitely would love to do some more of this type of thing.... even cut through a third page and so on to add more definition....  a challenge in the best possible way. 
And it also adds hopefully another facet of interest to this little book


31 July 2015


Twinkling H20's
Heavenly, Pewter, Desert Clay, Poppy, Deep Coral, Olive Vine and Spanish Moss




3rd August 2015

This freezing Monday morning our state woke to a Winter Wonderland with many schools and highways closed, and as I sat down at my computer and looked out the window -
softly, snowflakes drifted past. 
I'm not sure that its the best snowflake drawing ever, never drawn one before - and I might keep practicing.  BUT, that silly white Derwent Graphik line painter kept leaking over the page - yes you can see the splotches... it says to depress the ball a couple of times to keep the paint flowing and no matter how lightly pressed to keep the thing sketching - OUT it pours in big blobs about 1cm round !!!  Anyway, I could put it down to looking 'frosty' with a squint!  Nevermind...... 
All in all, its still gives it's message on this very freezing day, 
 oooh and the sun has just come out!


7th August 2015

It was as if Hannah had gotten up and left the room for a moment......

Twinkling H20's - Lemondrop, Wild Blueberry, Scarab Beetle & Stargazer



9th August 2015

Finding joy in small things...
Twinkling H20 Chestnut    - the beginning
China Black, Apple Blossom, Pewter, Olive Vine
Bronze, Spanish Moss, Harvest Sol, Chestnut


14th August 2015

Yesterday, Hannah started her job placement, and while she felt she has SO much to learn,
she had an amazing day and loved every minute of it.
There were at times a lot of information to absorb, with feelings of being overwhelmed, but she kept herself steady and waded through it.
Hopefully this will resonate with her...
Twinkling H20's - Hot Cinnamon, Black China, Pewter
Black brush pen, black Pitt medium outliner, and white Jelly Roll pen.


17th August 2015


 Twinkling H20's  Guatemalan Green, Pewter, Desert Clay, Solar Gold


21st August 2015

Twinkling H20's  - Spanish Moss, Autumn Butterfly, Nutmeg, Rainforest


23rd August 2015

The Winter sun is shining,  the pre-spring blooms are putting on a show,
along with the weeds.... weeds?  Do you ever wonder who deemed some plants
the unwanted weeds, while the other plants are welcome in our gardens?
Watercolour pencils, black outliner and white gelly roll pen.


28th August 2015

This week I thought I'd have another go at doing a three page layered drawing.
So here the first page is the window frame, the second is the pot plant sitting at the window and the third is the background page of the door and bookcase.
Hard to tell the layers from this photo though...
Started with a sketch of a window....
And then cut out the 'panes'

The 2nd page... cut out the negative space leaving the pot plant 
Now with the window pane overlay

With the 3rd page is in background now yet to be sketched and painted

The start of the sketch.  I actually had drawn the door knob down lower (as you can see) only to end up being covered by the window framing, so had to draw it higher

Watercolour pencils and a water-well brush


30th August 2015

Sometimes,  I really like the black pen and no colour, then it gets the better of me and 'need'' to apply some colour.......  why it's always feeling like its 'unfinished' like this below...
I just don't know.

Twinkling H20's - China Black, Pewter, Tahitian and Indian Copper....

(watch this space!)


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sandi said...

Fabulous creations! That book looks awesome! Love what you did with the flowers.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awesome projects Mandy!! I loveeeee how you did the flowers on the second one!! And great vacay pics!

ann said...

Wonderful creations and I love the book you are altering and yes I love that quote so true xx

Lizzy Hill said...

The best breaks are snap ones, I reckon...least Tassy's small enough to go somewhere that's not too distant, too...LOVE the flower power LO...& how you're using gesso ATM... great photo of the girls from behind. Make a good page:):):) Hope next week is not so busy for you:):)
...looking forward to more 'drama' book pages, too..must say, strawberries seem hard for me. Must put on the thinking cap!!

Jenny said...

Lurve the beach pics Mandy... Stanley looks so gorgeous... I might have to add visiting there to my wish list:))
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Happy Sunday...
Jenny x

Jasmine S said...

Ohh that book is just stunning and you have used it perfectly, not covering too much of it.
And love the tutorial for the flowers. I have some flowers that are unusual colors and this idea would be perfect to finally use them up.
You are always full of fabulous ideas.

Adriana B said...

wow awesome projects, you have been very very busy...
love the book journal,,,,fantastic
love the layouts with the flowers, great design...super them all :)

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Love your projects Mandy!
So inspiring...

Thank You!!

Lizzy Hill said...

...& I had on pink PJ's which probably were giving the sky its pink hue, come to think of it:):)heeheehee...yeah, I was pretty impressed. Worth getting out of bed for:)

Gladie said...

Wow, your work is stunning as always! Love, love, love what you've done with the book - you make it shine! :))) I'm busy with schoolwork this year, haven't been scrapping for ages. Spring is on it's way here in Norway, still some snow and more to come, but it's getting lighter every day. :) Love your wonderful photos. :))) Hugs, Irene

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Loooooooove the altered book. Beautiful!

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Eu adorei as páginas e os tutoriais
obrigada por compartilhar.
Muito lindo sempre.:)

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home & hobbies said...

I love the 'woods' layout and that you have pics of how you did it, awesome. And I may have a go at the hearts & strawberies challenge. That vintage book is so lovely too.,

коротич дарья said...

i love In the woods and the book-surprise, actually when I've seen the book I've had a kind of little girl filling, I dont know how to describe it but its cool)))

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What can I say I love your layouts and techniques I have been wanting to do the same thing with the same stash of flowers I have hidden away somewhere!!...thanks you again for such gorgeous inspiration!...

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Ariadne said...

What an amazing book! So much talent and craftmanship in it!And a labour of love!AriadnefromGreece!