Friday, 10 February 2012

Creating Between Chores..

It most definitely has been 'do a bit here' and and  'do a bit there'  in between answering phones, washing, bookwork (for work) and the kid's 'stuff'.

Kind of in a way its a good thing because each time I return to my scrapping desk I see what's in front of me with 'fresh eyes'.    The bad thing is the constant interuption of creative thought - and the 'fresh eyes' seem to be getting so fresh that I rearrange more! 
Even so, I finally got to the end result (rolling eyes) - just felt like ages!

Two more projects for Art Piasknownica (Polish)
Paige riding in the breeze

The second one is a 12month long challenge.
Here's my first page - a small mini-album. 
Hannah had been performing in a musical with rehearsal taking many many months that Paige really felt her absence.  This was the very first weekend they spent together after the season had finished.  We are very lucky that they are so close. 

It was a joy to scrap this little page.
I used watercolour paints and stamping behind the photo.  And some punched out hearts with a little Prima mushroom.



Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That is one fabulous page Mandy, I love the white space and all the mixed media you put in there!!!!
And I love your 12/12 project too!!!

Cuchy said...

I agree. And I absolutely love the layout of the page. Beautiful
And the mini album is so cute. Great pic!

Sue Althouse said...

Gorgeous work! That's how I have to look at interruptions, too - as a chance to look at my works in progress with fresh eyes. Sometimes I really need the break.

Sandra said...

I love both of these Mandy! And I think your new blog-look is nice too :) esp the teacups!

Gayle said...

Gorgeous Mandy ! So love the "light and breezy" feel of these pages. xx

Lizzy Hill said...

Love the colours with your 'breezes' - this is sooo whimsical... yes, the Liebster is a neat idea, isn't it? Least you've got INTO your scrap space... I'm still catching up before I can get out there & am getting frustrated:):)

Jasmine S said...

Just gorgeous. I love the title falling down the page and you always have such beautiful texture and mix of embellishments and colors. Delish.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love both of these Mandy!!! I loveeeeeeeee how you did the title on the first one! Very cool!! And sorry... I can only give a little hint...I am applying for something big tomorrow! hehehehe

joyce said...

Oh so fresh with lovely bits of color and texture!Quite lovely, I like it.

Dora said...

This is touching, love the empty spaces!
And that is a beautiful picture!

Julie said...

wow mandy love all these.

yyam said...

Lovelovelove your "fresh" eyes! These are so artsy and creative! :)

Brises said...

Wonderful page!