Sunday, 26 June 2011


'Let's Get Shabby's' next challenge is up
You can find it
Its about the number '2' since its our birthday month!!
And there's an inspiration pic along with some criteria..
Be sure to check it out!
Here's my DT sample

Hope you play along!!

I've made some envelopes and card out of Echo Park Solid Colour Paper.  The cool thing about this paper is that its thick, double-sided, inexpensive and has fabulous contrasting colour on each side!

Also made this 'For the Record' little booklet with a tutorial including an easy stitch spine HERE
In this little booklet is some of the fabulous double-sided Echo Park Distressed Solid Paper. Its very thick quality card almost with a distressed/mottley look around the edges. I like this better than cardstock. Each side has a contrasting colour.

Here's how this little booklet is put together..

Cut out five pieces at 6inch x 7 3/4inches

fold in half… trim off the excess that happens when its folded

Mark three points on the fold about about an inch or so from either ends and one in the middle and pierce them

STEP FOUR (Binding)
Thread some string or twine in a needle then from the side of the cover – put the needle into the middle hole leaving some of the thread (about 1 1/2ins) hanging out

From the inside of the book, push the needle through one of the holes near the edge

Then on the cover side – insert the needle into the hole at the other end, finishing with it being threaded through (from the inside to outside) the middle hole again. Image

Its good if you can keep the needle on the opposite side of the binding to the first bit of thread left hanging, then you can tie it off in a knot.

Thread three little buttons together

Tie to the ends of the string to dangle from the booklet

Then dress up. Here I've used 'For the Record' Element Stickers and the black 'measuring tape' is from the paper Borders

Distressed Solid Paper
For the Record

Little Girl

Lemonade/Robins Egg



So after we got home from our holiday...
It was straight into rehearsal here for our ballet comps...
here are some of the photos from our group which got the highest score!
These are just quick grab shots in rehearsal, so not really in focus at all. Paige is in this too.
 There were many solos and duos as well - it was a busy time.

And to top of this weekend was Hannah's Yr 11 Ball
Its not as formal as the Yr 12 one
Here is Hannah with friends Garian and Emma,
and heres a close-up of Hannah's hair....
there's nothing like a couple of Prima flowers to pretty things up!
The hairdresser thought they were lovely!
I'm looking forward to getting the professional pics taken at the ball!

So I'm off to tidy the house and look at some scrapping!!
Its a slow sort of Sunday here today!


Sunday, 19 June 2011

BACK HOME, Cant believe our holiday is over....

It absolutely took no time at all to feel like we were back in reality at home and into committments that were waiting for us almost as soon as we returned.  I was wishing the Volcanic Ash would stop us from coming home - I'd gladly have stayed longer!!

Nevertheless - there's a gazillion photos to scrap but yet a gazillion things to do otherwise to stop getting into scrapping those said photos!!

Wish life was easier!

Meaghan phoned from England... she'd been to the 'Ascot Races' yesterday and saw the Queen!
'Where's my photos?'  Ugh... you'd think a daughter of an obsessed scrapper would think about it!
Not photos of the Queen - I wanted photos of Meaghan at Ascot!
 I have these wonderful visuals of  'My Fair Lady' in the scene of  those beautiful black and white dresses and wonderful hats! 

Onwards and Upwards....

Time for a little Echo Park 'For the Record' LO that I've created for Scrap Therapy
This is a pic of Paige at 'Sunset Drinks' on Green Island

And last month Julie ran a Blind Scrap at Scrap Therapy too, and I've finally got it finished!
Paige getting fitted for her first pointe shoes, she considered friday 13th a lucky day!

And finally, an October Afternoon LO challenged by Bec

Oh and just one more day for  'Lets Get Shabby'!
Get those last submissions in!!!

This is what I  bought  from
'Little Bits Of Pretty'
(also the sponsor for 'Lets Get Shabby' at the moment!!)
it was there waiting for me when we came home from holidays..

What a surprise!!!!

Looks tiny doesnt it???
(Dont be tricked by the delightful little packets!)

Weeeeeeeeell, just look what was concealed in those little pretty packets!!!
How wonderful!!!

Thanks heaps Lea.... gorgeous!!!
Dont forget that 100% of the sales goes to the Childrens Hospital at Westmead!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

We've done Babinda, Green Island and now The Lakes Resort in Cairns!

What a magic time we've had, and its almost come to an end
This is soooo sad!

The weather has been on average 27C everyday, a definite far cry from the freezing temperatures from Tasmania.

Here are some pics:

in the 'Crop Room' at Babinda  Scrap Therapy with (from Left)
Heather, Janelle, Me, Mel, Leanne, Vicki and Trisha
a fun day of scrapping and chatting!!

Paige working behind the counter!

 Where we stayed next door at the lovely old pub!
Upstairs on the veranda just outside our room

On Green Island

Paige the Kayak-er

Then the snorkeller

Hannah the beach Dweller

And the swimmer

Paige the baby croc handler!
(it did have some sticky tape around its snout!)

A lovely photo of Hannah- this was on our walk around the island.


And now to some scrapping!!!

Scrap Therapy has its Room Inspiration Challenges
you can find it
There's three to choose from!
And its all about 'garden rooms' this time!

Here's my DT samples:



Scrap Jacked has some fab LO's to Jack!!
Check them out here

Here's my DT sample
and I've used the remainder of the lovely kit that Lea sent me!!
Lea is sponsoring 'Let's Get Shabby' at the moment too!

This is me standing in front of my dad with my mum and sisters to the left

and lastly but not least...
I've altered a cover of an old Piano book:

Have a great day!!!

it's our last one here

Thursday, 2 June 2011

We're in Cairns!!! (and 123 Challenge is up!)

Getting away on holiday was pretty much a marathon with tidying up loose ends at home and work before we could get ourselves on that plane.  Nevertheless taking that step off the plane into warm weather is just the most fabulous feeling after leaving in the dead of a cold night in Tassie!
Hannah and Paige could not wait to get to the lagoon on the waterfront in Cairns...a most favourite place of theirs!   We just love this place!

While being away 123 Challenge has the new criteria up...
Decorative/Masking Tape
the word= 'Create'
Here's my dt sample:
At Cradle Mountain - Paige taking photos of Hannah taken photos - and I took photos of them!!
We must have looked a sight!


Tomorrow Lee-Anne and Danny from Scrap Therapy are picking the girls and I up and taking us down to Babinda to their bricks and mortor store where I'll be also catching up with the local girls and staying the weekend!   They have such a wonderful set up there including a fabulous crop room !!
I cant wait to get amongst it!!  It will be quite different to buying from Scrap Therapy online!!!
 I'll be back with news from Babinda!!


PS:  Blogger still wont let me comment!  I've checked with them and some people are affected and the issue is still 'outstanding' they say!

Lets hope it wont be much longer.. its frustrating!