Monday, 30 May 2011

Problems with Blog Comments

I found this,

I know a lot of people are having problems leaving comments on blogs...

Its been about 5 days now... so I hope blogger fixes it soon!

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Weekend at Scrap Therapy...

If you'd like to do some weekend challenges...
go check it out HERE

Here's a fun challenge to use some old stash...
 So head on over to see what the rest of the DT have created in there challenges too!

Other than that Scrap Therapy is focusing on MME this month so I've made some little tags from Stella and Rose

Hope to see you there!!!


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

LET'S GET SHABBY Challenge#24 and more!

'Lets Get Shabby's' next Challenge is up! 
This time its scrapping about YOUR childhood!

Our Sponsor LEA has a wonderful  little Shop called
'Little Bits of Pretty'  and 100% of the sales are donated to 'Westmead's Childrens Hospital'

Lea sent me a wonderful little parcel from her shop (and I've ordered more!!!)
for my DT sample for 'Let's Get Shabby'

Here's what I created...
My sister (left) and me (right_)
on a typical Sunday afternoon walk.

Check out the icecream on her chin! I had the hanky in my hand!
My icecream had already disappeared!
(we are talking the 1960's here!)

Here's another LO I did from Lea's kit,

My mum always made our dresses and we all looked the same.
My two sisters and I in blue, and friends, all sisters too - in pink
I'm far left

I do have a third one too which I have managed to quite finish yet so will show that soon!

Make sure you go check out the challenge here


Has some wonderful challenges on at the moment...


Thats' me on the right, best friend in the middle, and my sister on the left.

We've been showcasing My Mind's Eye products!
Here's a LO I did with MME Stella and Rose
A littler Hannah and Paige!

There's also a wonderful MACRO-PHOTO challenge going on too...
this was mine.... see its tongue sticking out!

Hope to see you over there!

Monday, 16 May 2011


I cant believe how fast this month is going!!  Five minutes ago it was Easter and last week felt like Christmas!    How on earth did May happen so quick?? 
I'm itching for the end of the month (maybe thats why its flying past) Cos the girls and I are off to WARM Cairns for some rest and relaxation!!  I've booked into an apartment (where we usually stay) in the middle of Cairns for shopping and lagoon swimming - then we are off to SCRAP THERAPY at Babinda for a couple of nights with Lee-Anne and Danny, and a wonderful get-together with the local girls!  CANT wait!!!  AND then Paige, Hannah and I are boating it over to Green Island for a few days (very big grin)  To finish our holiday off - the last few nights stay at our fav place which hosts four pools Paige and Hannah just adore this place!  And in the meantime, I'm hanging on by a thread to get there.... its sooooooo cold here and work is sooo busy. 


I've got a couple of little projects to show you in this post, and there's a bit of a story behind it......

You know when you might be working with a range, or colours or bits and pieces and they get lost under things, drop on the floor or completely go missing altogether because the project isnt done in one sitting.... (weeeeeeell maybe you dont....BUT I DO!) I'm hopeless for losing things on and under my desk! (even in one sitting!) So I usually grab one sheet of paper, fold it in thirds and tie a ribbon around it. It doesnt have a bottom in it to stop things falling out though you 'could' do that... but for me it has to be something simple and quick - to be practical just as a storage holder to keep things together...

Sooooooo what I originally started to do was show you how to make my little 'Fish' embellie... but I lost 'stuff'!!! :roll: :roll:

And thought.... 'GOOD GRIEF'... make a folder, gather the stuff, and then show the fish LOL!!

Here's the folder!!! (thought I'd pretty this one up for you)
This is using one piece of Stella &Rose 'Memories' Woven paper Diecut
Using some trims and buttons
Hazel 'Memories' Trim
Gertie 'Delightful Trim
Hattie 'Remember' Buttons

Once you open the folder to see the inside... this is where I store my 'bits' (its tidy right now...but wasnt!) I glued some very thin strips down the creases of the 12x12 diecut.
And as you can see - this doesnt have to be a folder... you could use it as an enclosed LO! Place pics and embellies too! There's no end to what you could use one sheet of 12x12 diecut paper for!

The little hearts.... I usually try to punch scraps into shapes and pop away for when the need my MME scraps - had the heart punch nearby so had a bit of a go with that!
And to be nice and tidy (and keep pretty for you) made up a little packet for them

AND now for the FISH!
As you can see this is bits and piece-y too!
I did have these bundled into the folder...

Anyway, lets put it together to make the end result...
Make a circle with paper...
Just punch out those strips with a waters edge punch or anything scallopy like that.... lay them out on top of your circle just to measure how many you need (as above) and ink the edges.... place the scallop side towards the fish tail and the straight side towards the fish's eye.... start at the tail and work towards the fish's eye sticking them down...only put the glue along the straight edge and very slightly turn up the scallops to give a 3d-ish effect.
Turn the circle over and trim off the excess strips along the circle shape.
Then ink two big hearts and stick one as the tail and the other one as a fin... and the tiny heart as some lips! I've used a couple of little paper circles and a brad for an eye, but you can use what you like. Dont forget to ink right around the fish to finish...
I've used a little tag to dress up the fin Stella & Rose Mabel 'Joy'Layered Stickers

Here are the Stella & Rose papers in the hearts and fish...
Hattie 'Remember' Roses
Mabel 'Joy' Crocheted
Mabel 'Little Lady' Fine Flowers
Mabel 'So Sweet' Herringbone
Gertie 'Friends Forever' Tapestry
Hattie 'Boy' Tapestry

Here's a link to a LO I made back in March with this little fish embellie in a few sizes

and here's one from last year

and one from the year before that too!! LOL

As you can see... I love these little fishes!! :wink:


These are some LO's created for Challenge Masters - a wonderful  little challenge site with many challenges offered. I find it perfect for 'chill-out' scrapping.


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Anyone would think that I save stuff up  and then unleash on this poor unsuspecting blog... but LOL, in reality, it's just a matter of finding some time to sit down and blog it properly.  And today, Mother's Day, time spent with the family is a joy.  Even the cat seemed to demand attention today.  And at the moment, he has no problem opening doors, just wish he could close them behind him!  Its very chilly by night time, and a door left open... weeeell there goes all the heat!!!

So lets get to what's happening with scrapping!

The first Friday of the month at Scrap Therapy
issues the Inspirational Rooms Challenge.
You'll have a choice of three rooms...or do one or two or all three rooms if you like
Here are my interpretation of the rooms I've chosen
You will have to go here to see what they look like (bit of a tease!!)
In all three rooms, I've used My Minds Eye Stella & Rose


Have you seen those little MME 6x4" transparencies that can be placed over photos and give a little 'frame' and fancy pattern to it??
They can be found in the My Mind's Eye section under
Abbey Rd
Breaking Free
Just Dreamy 2
Penny Lane
So Sophie
Lime Twist
Stella Rose
You may even have some amongst your stash (like I have!)

The ones I've used on my project here are no longer available.. but it doesnt matter which ones you use... its the idea of how to use them!!

With the transparencies, I've used Meadow's Lark Dawn Card Paper which I cut into little cards

You can use anything like this... or even just small photos!

Here's what I've managed to create - and it was total fun!


And before there is any throwing of hands in the air about sewing :lol: - the only sewing is the bold red back stitch to hold it together! The rest is glue! :wink:

Here's how its done:

The ingredients:
Some fabric,
However many transparencies you might like (I used five)
Your set of cards or pics
Needle and embroidery thread
Any alpha or emellies for dressing your cover

Cut a strip to fit the length of the transparency to 6cms wide
Using an iron, press over the the side edges 6mms,
then press the strip in half as in the photo

Glue down the underneath of those 6mm edges, and glue the side of the transparency to the fabric.

Glue the top edge of the fabric strip down on the facing side of the transparency, and stick your cover card or pic in the centre as well.

Now stick the next card or pic to the other side of the transparency so they two cards are centred and matched

Repeat this for all the transparencies you are using for pages. Keep using your first transparency page as a template to keep lining up those centred cards.

Place all the fabric sides together ready for stitching. Make sure your transparency edges all line up too as well as the centred pics!

Using back-stitch... sew down the centre of the fabric. I used a peg to hold the transparencies still and together in place.

It should look somewhat like this...





Also used is
Stella Rose Trinkets and Brads

I'd love to see some interpretations of this project!!!

There are some adorable transparencies in the shop just use the links in the opening paragraph of this post! :P :biggrin:


At Challenge Masters Online, I have a challenge for you..
Scrap That Tune - you can find it here

And also at ChallengeMasters Online is my Shabby Challenge
You can find this one here

Check out the projects to scraplift at
This was little Paige at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

123 Challenge is up also.... Need the word 'FUN' and some STITCHING IN YOUR TITLE and the colour FIRE ENGINE RED!   I had a little fun with this one

And lastly, I was asked to be Guest Designer at Artastic!
Here's my LO, and I hope to see yours there!!!!