Wednesday, 19 October 2011

LESSology #4 and projects on the go to show!

I'm lax to show my Lessology Project here on my blog because its a supposed to be a birthday present for Paige.... and I know she does pop in from time to time to check out my blog...

To Paige... if you are looking, I've put a pic of your surprise pressy down the bottom of this post...
now you can LEAVE and NOT peep at it so you will be surprised on your birthday....

OR you can look and SPOIL your surprise!
(rolling eyes)

So everyone... LESSology Project is down the bottom of the page! (big smile)

This month we have been working with Basic Grey

And the LO I've put it on... (along with some little sheep)
this is little Hannah and Paige


Scrap Therapy's  ABC's of everyday challenge is 'M' at the moment
So I made  mine about 'MESS'
especially on my scrap desk where poor old Cosmo used to try find a space to sit amongst.
I think he used to secretly like my mess!
You can find the challenge here

I've had a go at Scrap Therapy's Sketch too!
Blacky the worrier!(He was much younger and thinner then)

 ANd you will find  Photography Challenges  too
Here's my 'action' one!
(taken with my not so great camera)!


Did a challenge for Global Scrappers
Scrap that Tune
Little Paige and Hannah painting the fence with water!
Hannah especially used to do this for ages!


And here's a gorgeous Rak that Julie sent me!
She made this beautiful little hanging from a TullulahBelles Kit
for a recent Let's Get Shabby Challenge
and sent the pretty left overs too! 
Isnt it just stunning! Love the colour too!
Thanks Bloss!



Now to
Its all about

TradeFish Designs
 You can win a $20 gift certificate

Here's my project...
Paige has been wanting a Canvas like this to put her jewelry on for ages...
I've made many before for presents - a long time ago when she was much younger

So I've made her this to go with the colours in her bedroom
and I've not put too many earring/necklace 'hangers' on it yet...because it would be better for Paige to arrange this how she wants it - so will be including a little packet of brads and wires etc in her present as well.  She will have fun doing that!
You can find the whole tutoral

I know she will peep because she just couldnt help herself!!!

Paige you PEEPED!
(shocked face)


Lizzy Hill said...

Love the little Bo PEEP... & did Paige peep? How could she not! I would:) As for the bird bath shot ~ it's a great action shot. Love your posts, they're so full of variety:)

Lizzyc said...

oh lots to admire on this post.. i hope your dd didn't peep!! the photograph is amazing with all the drops!! well done on doing so many challenges!

Lea said...

What a great idea that canvas is! It's so useful and pretty to boot! Love it. the layouts are beautiful, I love the little Bo Peep and the Fence Painters makes me smile.

Jamilie said...

These are ALLL FABULOUS Mandy!! Love love love!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeeeeee the Bo Peep dress!! You are amazing my dearest! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke said...

Hahaha, what a funny post, Mandy!! I'm very curious to know if Paige peeped or not, lol
She will be very happy with this birthday present, I know that for sure!!
Everything you made is GORGEOUS again, Mandy! I admire your work!


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lots of lovely layouts here, and oh my, that wall art, simply gorgeous, the dangling jewel is just a pretty addition!

yyam said...

Awesome work as always Mandy! Just beautiful yummy details! Love your fabulous canvas for Paige...did she peep? lol

Angi @ CokiePop said...

Love your gorgeous canvas. It's a beautiful work of art. :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Wow, Mandy, you have so many amazing projects going today! Awesome stuff! LOVE your LESSology wall art project. How cool and practical to make a jewelry hanger for your daughter. Bet she just loves it!

Melissa said...

Hey Miss Mandy...long time no see...will pop you an email over the has been wayyyy too long. I love love love your Little Bo Peep and Fence Painters LO's whimsical!!!! I bet Paige was a very good girl, cause she wouldn't want to spoil her surprise!!! xxoo

Linda said...

Oh my this is such a cool idea. I love it!