Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Scrapped into the Night........

There's something about the silence of late night scrapping when everyone is in bed.
And scrapping away I realise I use this time for deep thought, going over the day, worry about whatever needs worrying about at the time, smiling over funny things, making plans for what needs to happen next, plan holidays, and plan things that may never happen... all the while the tv is going but whole shows can come and go and suddenly I realise that I've not listened to one word of it.
But my hands have created constantly in that time.
Last night was one of those nights, this time worrying about where Meaghan was in London, and why I couldnt get hold of her.
(It turns out she'd been sent by her work away for four days far north-east a port - so all is now well with our world)
In that meantime I managed some challenges at
 Global Scrappers

Vicki's Scrap That Tune

Julie's Card and Stamping

Bec's Manufacturer (Cosmo Cricket)

Time for bed...its well after midnight
I've done my thinking for tonight! 



Jenneke said...

Oh dear Mandy, I can imagine you're worried about Meaghan being in London now... Is she living in one of those unsave area's??
I will be thinking about you, my friend!!

Hugs, Jenneke

Lizzyc said...

hi.. yes i can relate to the night time scrapping.. time goes fast and before you know it it is midnight.. but it is relaxing and a great time out from the stress of the world.. i also have a daughter in London at the moment.. she is in Clapham which has been mentioned on the news but she assures me she is safe and not near where it is happening.. she goes to Wargrave on wednesday.. so i will breathe a bit easier when she gets there safely.. these layouts and card are beautiful.. they have a sereneness about them.. very beautiful to behold.. hope your girl stays safe too!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are GORGEOUS Mandy! I always loveeeeeeee the way you layer! :):):):):):):):):):)

Lea said...

Hi Mandy,

It's easy to potter away in your own company till all hours isn't it. I can imagine you must feel so anxious with your daughter being in London.

Now then I am off to check out lessology;)

Melissa said...

So , so glad for you that Meaghan is safe away from all that terror in London Mandy!!! I can only imagine how worried you must have been.One day we will have a late night session together...that would be the best, wayyyy into the wee hours eh!!!

Lea said...

These are awesome!!! You layer things so well and I love all the dimension!!!

yyam said...

Glad things are okay with Meaghan! :)

These are lovely as your attention to details and the fabulous textures! :)