Friday, 19 August 2011

A sad day...

Last night our Aunty Pasty passed away. She had been quite sick for a long time...
I looked through some of my scrapping to find these wonderful photos I scrapped of Mum and Aunty Patsy when they were young girls.  We've talked about these photos not long ago at Aunty Patsy's house.  The giggles between them were so funny.  Their eyes lit up recalling the 'old days'.

Mum (Left) and Aunty Patsy (right)
The dancing girls

making their own dresses for dances with satin shoes

Today the girls and I stayed home and had a day just being together.

It was overdue.


I LOVE working with Canvas and Prima does it so well!
I've got two projects to show you here.....

Wow this was really SOMETHING to work with. I've looked at them before and wondered what they were 'reeeeeeeelly' like, and so glad I took the chance finally.

What a treat this turned out to be!!!

Here's where you will find this particular one in the shop (and here are other designs too -just scroll down a bit. I'm going to get more!!)

I didnt cut out the shapes first because I wanted the different coloured mists to kinda overlap each other a bit to make them look more 'variegated' if that makes sense :wink:
(Sorry bout the pic, but its a night-time shot-it doesnt show colour properly - just wanted it dry for the next day)

(Now its morning and better colour and light!!) I've cut the flowers and leaves out and arranged them how I thought they would look :wink:

But what I thought would look cute were little crocheted 'stamens' and some wonderful kindyglitz for the edges of both the leaves and flowers!


Then I did a spray mist splotch on some Kraft and held it up so the extra mist ran down the cardstock - they made the stems for the flowers!

AND lastly - all put together and decorated
I've used Moulin Rouge Chipboard Journaling Stickers
Prima Cardstock Stickers Shabby Alpha
(Do a search in the shop on 'mists' - and it should bring all all the brands and colours of the mists available :wink: )

Is the Screen Printed Canvas - I love the colours in this...
I'm adding this paper to the mix
Annalee Collection 'Parlor'

I've cut out most of the lengths in this, inked and overlapped the pieces.

Then I've inked onto the canvas to mimic around the border of these overlapped strips so it gives a bit of shadow definition when the LO is put together. And I've placed a cut-out photo of little Hannah on the butterfly to give her 'wings'

And here it is finished!
These are the products I've used for the alphas, hearts, trim, and little butterflies
Prima Cardstock stickers Shabby
Prima Cardstock Stickers Pastiche
Prima Cardstock Stickers Water Colour


This is for
for the Scraplift Challenge-
loved the how this turned out.  It's little Hannah.




Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am so sorry for your loss Mandy.... I loveeeeeeee all your lo's ... especially the ones honoring your Aunt! {{{hugs}}}

Magda(i)Lena said...

I am so sorry for your lost...

ann said...

Sorry for your loss but the memories you have scrapped are beautiful xx

Jasmine S said...

Sorry to you and your Mum for your loss. The photos are just beautiful though and it looks like they had lots of fun.
Your pages are spectacular as always and just loving the textures.
And the heart page is just fabulous. The flowers are stunning and the photo looks great.

Melissa said...

I love that you got out some photos Mandy and remembered those moments you had a little while ago with your Aunty reminscing, because as you ahve already done, you have glued them down and prettied them up in only the way you can...hugs Honey!!!!

Lizzyc said...

oh i am sad to hear of your loss.. i hope you can remember the happy times and celebrate your aunty's life..
lovely layouts too... very pretty..

Lisette said...

Wow, the first two LO's are just gorgeous and takes LO's to a whole other level. I am not the LO kind of girl but these two inspire me.

Jenneke said...

So sorry to read about your loss, Mandy. Great pages you made with the photos of her and your mom.
I can't stop saying it: your work is absolutely stunning!!!!!
I'm your fan ;-)

Hugs, Jenneke

Jocelyn said...

I am so very sorry for your loss.....Hugs to you and your family!!!

Your creations are stunning as always...they always bring a smile to my face!!!

Love ya sweet friend

Lea said...

So sorry to hear about your Aunt. Her and your mother must have been quite the characters! Love the layouts! The fussy cutting is fabulous and such great dimension and layering in your work!

Lizzy Hill said...

So sad to hear about your Aunty - but you've got some fab memories there - they look like a couple of 'fun' girls! Really love the couture LO:)

:) Tiff said...

been thinking of you chicky dee.

take care.