Sunday, 8 May 2011


Anyone would think that I save stuff up  and then unleash on this poor unsuspecting blog... but LOL, in reality, it's just a matter of finding some time to sit down and blog it properly.  And today, Mother's Day, time spent with the family is a joy.  Even the cat seemed to demand attention today.  And at the moment, he has no problem opening doors, just wish he could close them behind him!  Its very chilly by night time, and a door left open... weeeell there goes all the heat!!!

So lets get to what's happening with scrapping!

The first Friday of the month at Scrap Therapy
issues the Inspirational Rooms Challenge.
You'll have a choice of three rooms...or do one or two or all three rooms if you like
Here are my interpretation of the rooms I've chosen
You will have to go here to see what they look like (bit of a tease!!)
In all three rooms, I've used My Minds Eye Stella & Rose


Have you seen those little MME 6x4" transparencies that can be placed over photos and give a little 'frame' and fancy pattern to it??
They can be found in the My Mind's Eye section under
Abbey Rd
Breaking Free
Just Dreamy 2
Penny Lane
So Sophie
Lime Twist
Stella Rose
You may even have some amongst your stash (like I have!)

The ones I've used on my project here are no longer available.. but it doesnt matter which ones you use... its the idea of how to use them!!

With the transparencies, I've used Meadow's Lark Dawn Card Paper which I cut into little cards

You can use anything like this... or even just small photos!

Here's what I've managed to create - and it was total fun!


And before there is any throwing of hands in the air about sewing :lol: - the only sewing is the bold red back stitch to hold it together! The rest is glue! :wink:

Here's how its done:

The ingredients:
Some fabric,
However many transparencies you might like (I used five)
Your set of cards or pics
Needle and embroidery thread
Any alpha or emellies for dressing your cover

Cut a strip to fit the length of the transparency to 6cms wide
Using an iron, press over the the side edges 6mms,
then press the strip in half as in the photo

Glue down the underneath of those 6mm edges, and glue the side of the transparency to the fabric.

Glue the top edge of the fabric strip down on the facing side of the transparency, and stick your cover card or pic in the centre as well.

Now stick the next card or pic to the other side of the transparency so they two cards are centred and matched

Repeat this for all the transparencies you are using for pages. Keep using your first transparency page as a template to keep lining up those centred cards.

Place all the fabric sides together ready for stitching. Make sure your transparency edges all line up too as well as the centred pics!

Using back-stitch... sew down the centre of the fabric. I used a peg to hold the transparencies still and together in place.

It should look somewhat like this...





Also used is
Stella Rose Trinkets and Brads

I'd love to see some interpretations of this project!!!

There are some adorable transparencies in the shop just use the links in the opening paragraph of this post! :P :biggrin:


At Challenge Masters Online, I have a challenge for you..
Scrap That Tune - you can find it here

And also at ChallengeMasters Online is my Shabby Challenge
You can find this one here

Check out the projects to scraplift at
This was little Paige at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

123 Challenge is up also.... Need the word 'FUN' and some STITCHING IN YOUR TITLE and the colour FIRE ENGINE RED!   I had a little fun with this one

And lastly, I was asked to be Guest Designer at Artastic!
Here's my LO, and I hope to see yours there!!!!


Angela Weimer said...

Mandy,Hope you had a good mothers day. Wow, I do not know how you find the time. So many beautiful pages. there is so much work in each one. Especially love the Little Penquin one. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW!! I loveeeee all of these!! Just GORGEOUS Mandy! Happy Mothers Day! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Cathy said...

Hope your had a wonderful Mother's Day Mandy! OMG so many gorgeous creations here.. love them all!! Have a fab day :)

Jasmine S said...

Oh these are superb. You use colors so so beautifully and there is always something that grabs your eye in each LO. Gorgeous work.

Jolanda said...

Pretty work like always!!
Love the details!
Have a very nice day!

Julie said...

wow missy mandy just love all of these.

Helene said...

I really enjoyed looking into your blog! Very inspiring!!! I especially fell in love with all the crochet doilies!!

Ceci said...

Glad we don't have a cat to leave doors open lol. ;) Love your layout for the shabby challenge and your artastic one too. Mandy where do you get your trims and doilies from please? :D (moved this comment as I accidentally posted it below)