Friday, 31 December 2010


Here it is the completed December Daily 
 It will be treasured amongst my Christmas decorations and is about to be put away until next year!
The cover is misted (looks a bit pink here but it is more red in real life)

Used some alphas as a mask for the 'christmas' word - gathered some vintage sparkly fabric and gathered it and added the leaf ribbon, deers, used some beading and added some prima vines.

I'm really thrilled how it turned out especially in the Prima Canvas Album.
Its probably a little bit too big in comparison to my smaller cardboard and paper one last year which was quicker to get each page done... but.... on the otherhand - working with the canvas pages and plastic sleeve pages has given opportunity for much scope and varied fun creative-wise!!
Having said that - next years will be smaller!! LOL!


And the Dec 1st - was my Art Class - where I've been doing lino cut and prints, and this one has been used for my Christmas cards this year. I'm not sure yet how I'll do the inside cover of my DD, I'll look at that when all the pages are completed. Ugh the colour is off for some reason... probably the crappy stormy weather we are having - hopeless for photographing in! The bird print is maroon - not purple and the '1st is supposed to be dark gray!

Getting the make-up and costumes ready
Theatre preparation- thats my busy little desk!
Performing - Paige as a Pirate and Mrs Darling
Hannah as Capt Hook
Hannah performing with the adults, and Paige with the children
for the 50th Anniversary Gala of our Musical Society
Paige's 14th birthday
Hannah's very loved piano teacher

Poor Cosmo - went to the vet and on antibiotics... and had a saline flush through!
He's looking a bit better now. (he's 18yrs)

Trimming the Tree!

Paige had a violin concert and Nan came to visit
Hannah and Paige with their wonderful singing teacher.
They have been learning from her for about 8 years now.
Their last singing concert for the year.
I added in more pages by gluing extra pages onto the canvas to flap open.

The day I made up a heap of more cards and this is a flapped open page!

Thought my kitchen looked rather festive so took a pic!
this is the top of the extra glued in page.

Couldnt go without adding in a page of my finches

Presents for my friends at Art Class and the last class for the year.

My dd delivering her bound thesis to the uni!

Meaghan's Graduation - waiting to go in
and afterwards we called into friends place where Paige was quite taken with their little puppy!

Paige performs in her last Christmas Concert and later we had two BBQ's to attend
Here the girls are opening their presents in a big swap we do among the parents and kids.

Not forgetting our sweet Blackie - who is a big scaredy-cat!

And our very ancient Cosmo who is feeling very much his age at the moment
It was to be his last (his 18th) with us, heartbreakingly passing away two weeks later.


Done and completed!

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Sunday, 26 December 2010


Let's Get Shabby's Challenge is all about
Check out the challenge here and fabulous prize donated by Rae from Scrap Matrix


Its about picking your fave LO of 2010
and this is one I did way back in January!

The poem had a perfect line in it for this picture of Hannah
You can find the challenge here - its not due until 14th Jan


Did a couple of LO's over at the Cyber Crop at
Sketch Challenge

Scraplift Challenge


Here are some Christmas photos I wanted to scrap..


Lucky me got a parcel from
who has
Tattered Inspirations Etsy

and inside are these delightful
seam binding ribbons
beautifully dyed by Carol!

The packets they come in are divided up into the colour of seasons.
just look at these!!

I know Carol sold out of these fairly quickly, so keep an eye out for more in her shop...
or you could make an order!


SCRAP JACKED (Aussie Scrap Jacked)
has a new owner and it will be kicking off its new Challenge
on the 5th January.
I'm still on the DT so go check out the prizes here!!!

And and and......
Has it's next release of Sketches for the App -hopefully out for the end of January

which Anam has asked me to create again - great fun!!
and they are working away on the Android, Smartphone and Blackberry versions.
Finger crossed that happens soon too!


We are kidless at the moment (big grin)
So dh an I are off out to dinner!

Hope you are all having happy holidays!!!


Saturday, 25 December 2010