Sunday, 28 November 2010


And to win one of these packs you to collect the clues!
Leave a comment at 'Let's Get Shabby' 
and become a follower if you aren't already one

-Post a comment on the  post at LGS with your guesses as to which one of the Shabby Girls created  individual cards in the packs.  Dont post them here!

To help you in this pop on over to the Shabby Girl's blogs where they will post (as soon as they can) these two photos along with a clue as to which card or cards are theirs.

 You need a clue from me as to which card is mine...
lets just say..
'Up and Over'!!
Good luck!


There was no way I could sleep last night....
so I scrapped instead..

Got quite a bit done! (and I WILL sleep tonight!) 

This one was for Bon's CC Colour Challenge
Here's Hannah all dressed up for her Yr 10 Dinner...
She was waiting for her Dad to arrive home from work so he could see her before she left.

I'm hanging out for this next week to WHIZ by!  It's monumentally huge and I cant WAIT to be on holidays as from Sunday 5th!!  There will be a toast of wine thats for sure!  Its been a very long year - but its gone so fast at the same time!  Does that make sense???


Friday, 26 November 2010


The challenge is all about your favourite Christmas Hymn, Carol or Song..
And if you dont celebrate Christmas - then use a song used in a celebration
You can find the challenge here

This is a LO about Paige with her violin.  She was heading off to play in a concert with her stringed orchestra.
She has the most happy and bright positive approach to life... always chirpy!!
So with that in mind 'Joy to the World' is a wonderful Carol that describes her!
 TALLULAH BELLES  is sponsoring and there are quite a few prizes this time...
AND I couldnt help myself....went visiting and bought some wonderful goodies!!
Cant wait to get them!!


I've just joined in with Bon's Scraps Cybercrop where they have the most fabulous challenges and have finished the scraplift already!!
These were pics taken of Hannah trying on her dress ad shoes for her Year Ten end of year Ball

The criteria that went along with this scraplift was really fab... Smearing paint - I painted up with gold on a big foam stamp, stamped it and then dragged it down the page.  Needed to have a border and a banner.... which I made a little button banner.  so fun!


Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Life just happens sometimes...and now is the time. 
Its very busy time for me at the studio with an upcoming production about to move to the theatre  and that means less time here.   I've managed to tinker very late at night to squeeze in a couple of LO's though!

This was a lovely challenge.  Autumn colours, an arts photo of sorts and leaves.
This is Hannah's fingers moving nimbly over her clarinet keys.

This is a sketch for Bon's Scraps.  There sketches are fabulous and full of scope!

And lastly is the order that Tallulah Belles Etsy put together for me!
I asked for greens and blues....and am DELIGHTED
Talllulah Belles is sponsoring 'Let's Get Shabby's December Challenge

Sunday, 21 November 2010


FINALLY!!  Its happened!!!

Do you have an iphone or ipad or ipod touch and love to use sketches a lot for inspiration????

Weeeeeeell an app has just been released! This very bright idea belongs to Anam Stubbington who creates Prima's sketches on their website. I've worked on Anam's sketches as part of her dt at Twisted Sketches in the first 6 months of this year... and then when she asked me to create some LO's done for the new app just released - then I jumped at the opportunity and agreed!
Its called Sketches to Scrapbook and you can find all the fabulous info here

I've got the app downloaded now and I am AMAZED at how wonderful it is and the inspiration in it is just fabulous!!!

And here are sneaky peekies of my LO's

and here are some others from the website

And this link will take you to a couple of videos of  how you go through the sketch and LO's on an iphone!!
It really gives more of an idea!!
I know that Anam is working on getting a second release through other systems like Blackberries etc

overall its.....
Totally exciting !!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Just a quick share!
This is my forth consequtive publication with the Swedish Magazine called Scrapbooking m.m.
Bit exciting! (And to come by these mags here are impossible! I left a couple of mine inadvertently on a plane (I was devastasted!) but Irene (GladieART) my lovely friend from Norway- sent me hers!!!  What a sweetheart!!  (hugs Irene)

 This is little Paige!
 Close up of the banner..
  the paint underneath the beading and the banner- used masking tape and then removed it.
Gotta run!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A PROJECT A DAY (and sometimes more!)

In my last post I showed you this fabulous PLANNER I've been working on!
I've finished the covers which I used Prima Cardboard and shabbied it up a little.
I've got a little bag to slip it into as well!  I'm thrilled with it and will definitely be making more as gifts.
I dont know about you - but I have paper and cardstock that I dont use piled up...and I'm really pleased to be able to (lol) cut it all up!!

 I've put a tag in as well for easy page finding!

 All closed up peeping into the top of the bag!
If you click here - you will see the printed pages inside this planner!
(scroll down)

I just love it!!!


Also I've been playing challenges over at Bon's Scraps.  Really really cool!
This is the Room of the Month - isnt it gorgeous!
Here's my interpretation

This was a Oct CC sketch
Hannah being followed around by a baby alpaca!  It was fascinated with her!
 And the CC Scraplift
Paige in pink!

Oooh and I got this lovely little parcel from Carol's Etsy!
Carol is 'Let's Get Shabby's' Sponsor this month
Make sure you join the 'Raid Your Sewing Box' Challenge over there!
 And I got these lovelies!  Those colourful ones in the back are earmarked for Christmas!

Sketches to Scrapbook show this other little sneaky-peeky here.
Still waiting for a release date for your phone apps!

And here's my AUSSIE SCRAP-JACKED layout..
Some fabulous designers to can find them here
 I found this lovely little pic of Meaghan when she was little!

Some more scrapping fun!
Paige on her exam day - taking the lyrics from the song
'She's Not Just a Pretty Face'

This is a favourite photo of mine. It's of Grandad Ted who my girls absolutely adore.
It was a day on the farm.

Phew!!!  Weeeeeell, if you are still with me by end of all've done well!
I've emptied my coffers!!!  So whats a girl to do???

Go scrap some more!!

But wait....I've just had a big surprise!!!
My dd Meaghan has just arrived home from London!!! And she didnt tell me!!
I couldnt believe my eyes... so when she wakes from her jet-lagged sleep
There wont be any scrapping done!
(So I'll scrape in some now!!)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Got quite a bit to show you!  Behind the scenes there's some serious work going down LOL!

First up is:

Word: Live
Colour: Blue
Technique: Doodling
This is my interpretation.  I doodled the snow(white pearls) falling
And recycled some Prima plastic packaging for the white doilies...totally relevant looking!
And here are my two girls - just enjoying the freezing weather in the snow!

And just today I got this fabulous parcel from 'Maxine's Malange'
 And in it is this little chair kit that I cant wait to make up!
 Along with a miniture little nest kit which is totally gorgeous.
Dont have a pic but you can find it here
And some other very useful and devine bits and pieces!!

And lately I've been pondering my next December Daily!
This is the cover of the one I did last year!!!
I enjoyed making it so much that it will definitely be an annual thing!
This little album became one of the 'Christmas Decorations' so its still packed away with all the other decorations and already I'm sooooo looking forward to getting it out again to look through it.  My aim is to have a Christmas Basket full of them one day that so my visitors and family come, they can look through Christmas's past!


This is something else i've been working on!  My 2011 Planner!
I downloaded the templates from Creativity Prompt for $US12.00 and its worth it!!
I cant begin to tell you the amount of excess paper I've used. YAY!!!!  Whatsmore I'm going to use even more excess papers and make some for gifts!  I've shabbied mine to suit my Shabby Chic taste.  But Avital has planned it to look 'Industrial Chic'  (love that terminology!)
I havent made the covers yet...thats tonights or tomorrows job!

Just had to make some time for Artastic this month. 
 The Chris Wake painting 'The Beach' is just superb and I just love the paint technique used, the colour and subject immensely!
And luckily I had a photo of three young ladies (Hannah, Paige and a friend)
probably having the same conversations as the women seated in the painting!
The extra criteria asked for and added are seagulls (which I did in watercolour and cut out), sandcastles...and yes the beach photo!


I've been doing some fab challeges over at BonsScraps.  Their challenges are pretty impressive..
This defintitely hooked me in being such a challenge junkie!!!
This is October's sketch
Hannah on our local beach.

This was Charm's  'Room of the Month'  love this concept!!
I went with the colour.

And I also joined in a couple of times with their 'Scrap Whispers'
This is similar to 'Chinese Whispers' but in scrapping each interprets the LO of the person before privately and passes it down the line and then at the end - we upload... to see how much it has changed and to see the progression.
Its way too much fun!
Here is little Hannah and cousin cute as can be!
And I got 'Pick of the Week' with this LO 
Am tickled pink!!!
Still working on more DT things to show you!
and lately am very much loving having time to scrap and visit blogs!