Friday, 30 April 2010


Aren't they gorgeous things!!!
I LOVE yo-yo flowers and if you look through my blog here you will see them on soooo many LO's!!
After getting quite a few comments about them and if I made them.....
I set up a quick little tutorial on
especially after just about filling up one whole LO with them on my DT sample there (lol)  for

Mini-Tutorial HOW TO MAKE YO-YOs

It's sooo easy to fall in love with Yo-yo flowers!!

They are very easy to make and I just zip them together without much fuss or measuring.

LOL - I've been adding them to EVERYTHING at the moment! Firstly I bought a few - but then wanted them in specific colours or sizes - and thats hard when I'd want them on the spur of moment in a frenzy of creativity (soooo sure you know what I mean!!!) I had plenty of bits of fabric and soon enough - I had little plastic packets full of them stashed away for my whims!!

Here's a compact little tute for you to follow:

STEP ONE Cut out a cardboard circle twice as big as you would like your yo yo’s to be.
Place on fabric, draw around the outside of the cardboard circle and cut out.

Press over the edge of the fabric with an iron about ¼ inch in, then tack around with needle and thread keeping fairly close to the ironed crease.

Pull the thread tightly and start gathering the outer edges in

Pull thread very tight until the yo yo has formed.

You can tie off thread and leave plain OR you can add a button!

And finally....
See how differently this looks with a green background!!

Hope you have fun with this one!!!

And its great to use up all those bits and pieces of fabric stashed away!


Oh and I have to share this with you!!!
This is for SIL's 6th blog hop Birthday Celebration...
And I had a little fun with this photo.  Its a blue-tongue lizard helping himself to my aging cat's expensive renal food in the back garden!!  He had it all round his face and even when I caught him red handed....he was not moving!!  The expression was definitely one of 'UH-OH'  Did it deter him....not one bit!

And I have been soooooo busy trying to get my work at the studio done.  Deadlines, deadlines!!!
Then suddenly I had two tutu's that needed decorationing with NO time!
So I brought one home wondering how long it was going to take me to stitch and sew and get to competition standard!!  
THEN a thought struck me!!  ANd this is sooooooooooo ironic!!!
I fell in love with scrapbooking because my love for bits and pieces of pretty things wandered across my tutus onto the pages and otp creations!!! 
ANd now SUDDENLY........ my scrapbooking pretty bits and pieces (namely Prima) have wandered back across my scrapdesk onto my tutus!!!

Talk about save a heap of time and the result is astonishing!!!
I'm tackling a 'red on white' atm!!! So will show that when I've finished!!!

I cant wait to see this under the stage lights!!
It still has some lace and beading to sew yet...
but pretty much its on its sweet way!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

LET'S GET SHABBY #11, (and a few more challenges!)

Ooooh you should see such a wonderful array of design, ideas and colour with the new challenge up!!
There's something for everyone!!!
Check it out here
And this is my interpretation!  I started out thinking 'Autumn' and ended up in 'SPRING'!!
I love it when creating, that for whatever reason 'something' (subconscious???) takes over and somehow a new pathway if found!!
This is what happened to me!
Dont you just LOVE yo yo flowers!!  They are sooo easy to make!
The beautiful lace, tickets and plastic bits came from TallulahBelle's Etsy!
I'm ALWAYS stalking that shop for little bits and pieces

CREATIVE TYPE#29 (and it won!!!)
CT have moved to a Ning now.   You can find it here!  I love love love how CT makes me do things I dont usually think about.  Its one of those Challenge Blogs that helps my scrapbooking techniques progress and grow.  The challenge is to scrap about a most used quote.  And this is one I use quite often to Hannah who wouldnt never hurt a soul - however, being such a gentle loving person, often her feelings get hurt.
Sitting by the water is a way she thinks and clears her head until she gets to a point of  'I'm okay'.

Its all about circles for their blog hop challenge!  I missed a couple due to being away, but hopefully I'll get to join in the last couple for this month.  This pic was taken when I was away and met up with Meaghan in Sydney.  We did the market thing and were just sitting down to eat lunch when I caught this shot.  Of course I got the 'Oh Mum!' (with rolling eyes).   I cant believe she is 27 this week!

This is such a delightful place and just loving the challenge using colour in the way they present it.  I'm sooo not a fan of the 'colour bar' and usually avoid those challenges..... but with the wonderful pics they present with it - are definitely inspirational!  This I'm enjoying! You can find it here

Thanks so much Peggy for giving me this award !
The quote that goes with this award reads:
"For bloggers who inspire others with their positivity and creativity".

Isnt that lovely!!
Peggy was my first ever follower when I started my blog so long ago! She was lonely by herself for the longest time in my little 'followers square' !!  LOL!
Now we have the most wonderful supportive online friendship....
So thank-you sooooo much Peggy!

I never usually have enough time to pass these on:
but today I'm going to because I've been away and out of visiting my friends here...
and no matter what - these lovely ladies turned up every time to leave a comment.
and I'm sure they have had this award given to them at some stage but I'd like to give it again...
I know there are more.....soooooooo thank you soooo much

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Havent been a 100% well this week (kinda fallen in a heap) since getting home...but I'm getting there!
Just gotta get some decent sleep and relax more (cos we all know a good scrap is one answer - the mojo is popping in and out).  
Tomorrow is a whole new day!


Sunday, 18 April 2010


It's finally nice to get home after being away since Easter Tuesday.  It was a very productive working trip with  long hours, tiring though with a feeling that much was achieved.  I really need to settle in and get on top of day to day things here at home and get some down time with my family so I can get back in to a creative mode.  I think I have lost a bit of mojo - but with a bit of a look at some of the new challenges up - its stirring up some inspiration!  (Hard to get when the washing is piled to the ceiling- hoping to clear that today LOL!!)

So I've started with a bit of a new look which was LONG overdue...
perhaps this will help me on my way!

Anyway, here's one LO to show, its a DT one which has come up while I was away......

Check out the challenge here

Monday, 12 April 2010


Oh Gosh!!! At least it is a bit cooler here and working is much more comfortable in 22degrees (Celcius) rather than the 30's!  Anyway, still some dt stuff has come up and even managed a wonderful day scrapping with Sandra from Scrap Therapy and meeting her family which was soooo lovely. Shoulda taken a photo!!!

Check out this wonderful sketch here

SCRAP THAT POETRY (and it won!!!)
I just love scrapping Easter and EVERY year - I take the same photo of the girls.  One day probably in a couple of years time....I'm going to bind up these A4sized LO's (all done on a black background) and just see the growing up progression!!  Toooo sweet eh!!    Anyway STP had the perfect excuse to scrap yet another year's photo!   You can check the poem out here

You should see the colour sample - check it here

And the next time I post - hopefully will be back home in Tassie!

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Life is very busy for me and I'm away interstate for work and at the moment am in sunny Queensland.  The humidity in the studio has been like a melting pot...I'm surely not used to it living closer to Antartica -LOL!! This in a downstair studio ...not sooo bad!! I was watching the young ones dancing and this was snapped!!
On Saturday I fly to Sydney, which is a few degrees cooler and hopefully a bit more managable.  BUT luckily this afternoon I found where the pool is in this hotel - and it had a wonderful 'chill' to it - ooooh, never did I ever think I'd be thankful for chilly water!! 

Sooo being away, a heap of dt samples have finally been revealed so I'll pop their links up so you can go join the fun!!!

The song is fab and very scrappable - 'Footloose'.   You can find it here
We were away on holidays in Cairns and had a huge day out...this is Hannah all showered and curled up in bed with a book!!  I caught sight of her through the door and thought it would make a wonderful photo!
I created 'furnishings' in the LO with the lamp and chair stamps.... the window blind 'pulled down' and with trims. 

I love this idea!!!  At the end I'm going to bind all my monthly LO's together and it will be a lovely album for year of 2010.  If you havent joined in wouldnt take much to catch up!!
Mel has got some fab prizes up for grabs!!   Here's the link

Oooooh you want some lovely arty creation fun!! Then this is the site.
I love being on the dt here!! 
Here are my samples  - go see the jacks!
These are Paige's little hands after finding all sorts of treasures in the water.
Another Jack - I sooo loved doing this!!!
I've misted over some chipboard trees...and afer removing them, filled and brought out the colour of the underneath paper with Dimensional Magic.  LOVE LOVE LOVE playing like this.
Here is another look so you can see the DM better.  The alphas have been DM -ed too!

Sooo better go prepare my work for tomorrow.
Dont forget that 'Let's Get Shabby' wants to see your Shabby EASTERS!!!
And with fab prizes from 'What is Old is New'!
Check it out here!

Sunday, 4 April 2010


This is my 2010 Easter table!  
 After everyone goes to bed the night before Easter morning, I set to work and decorate it for a wonderful surprise in the morning.  Every year the table looks different.  WHile only a couple of little eggs are left on the  kids beds...their main ones are on the table too. 
All ready for my sleepyheads to wake!
And its always delightful and full of giggles and laughter!
I cook up a big breakfast amongst the jokes!
Then out into the garden for the egg trail!
And it doesnt matter how much older they are getting - its still holds joy.
(And it beats doing lunch cos the rest of the day is to relax and have fun!)

with big Easter hugs from us in Tassie

2010 Easter Projects