Thursday, 25 February 2010


Do we ever have a WONDERFUL Challenge for you!!
You need to CREATE A GARDEN!!
and click here to see what else you need to do!!!
AND you should see the prize from D'lish!!!
I totally loved this challenge as it was perfect for when Paige played 'Alice'
I managed to create the hole 'Alice' fell down into - giving it a bit of a 'well' look.
It's actually two sheets of 12x12 paper high and curved around in a semi-circle shape.
I've used flowers from D'lish!! Just LOVE them!
I used the quote 'down, down, down.
And added in the cheshire cat (his face is a button!!)
And notice the mad hatter, stop watch and rabbit!
This was sooo fun!!
I hope you join in too!!!
It was all about symmetry and stripes this week! I wasnt sure how I was going to come up with this one!!! BUT I did!!! And I loved the challenge!!! Check it out here!
This was Hannah (first right) and Paige (3rd right) performing in ballet comps -
It won!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Yes I've been absent again!! Starting back at work has really taken a huge toll on my scrapping! I've really struggled to scrounge up what little time I've got at the moment to get some of the challenges I love done along with some dt work.......but I'll get there!!
So again I'm missing blog hopping and want to say a big thankyou for still leaving comments even though I havent be able to return the favour much lately (I feel terrible!)... I will as sooooon as I can find where my time disappeared too!!! Promise xx
Look at us three!! These are lovely memories. I've managed to do 4 out of the five criteria. You can find the challenge here
METHOD PLAYGROUND#61 This was about adding a ruffle to the LO. Find the challenge here.Total fun!! Love love love how this turned out especially with a bit of prima and Ruby Street! Here's little Paige.......I substituted her pink skirt for a musical one! The background is the front cover of a music score. Would you believe under Paige is a photograph of 'Smokey Dawson'!! And that green circle you can see is actually his cowboy hat!!! Perfect hey??!! Just got to get a little creative sometimes!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A BIG SIGH........

I'm going to start off with some sad news....
Weeeell, bitter/sweet I suppose.
Ruby Street Designs closed down today. What an incredible unique store with the most unbelievable vintage lovelies that delighted all our senses!
Kris has such an innate sense of wonder-ment when it came to arranging her hand-picked products.
I was very honoured to be on her design team and in awe of her talent and the beauty of the goodies I got to play with.
As much as I am so sad that Ruby St will be no more, I am so pleased that Kris will get to do what she was missing so much - playing and creating gorgeous collages.
You can read her blog post here
All is not lost though!!
And I was sooooo relieved!
Kris is opening an Etsy and updating with her lovelies from time to time!
You can find her new Esty here , yet to be stocked but worth bookmarking - and the attached blog so we can keep in touch here.
AND if you head on over to 'Let's Get Shabby' and play along you can win two beautiful embellishment kits from Ruby Street!!
I can assure you they will be beautiful!
Its all about using type on embellishments. I've stamped print across the blue flower under the pic and stamped 'Bravo' for the heading across vintage pattern tissue- I've used the tissue with print above the pic as well. There's gesso and glimmermist too!
I created a little 'stage-like' setting for this photo of Hannah and Paige performing.
AND just HAD to use some gorgeous Ruby Street lovelies (sigh...)
Here is the challenge
It's all about your favourite outfits! And I've got to say....its my Bathers!! Not that I'm ever confident to parade around in them (ha....this is why I'm IN the water for the photo in the LO!) and am very much the 'drop the towel and get in/out of the water as soon as possible' type!! BUT, I love being in the water - along with this is the memories, the fun and laughter - relaxing and holidays. So you see.....its not really 'just' the outfit! You can the challenge here .. . . SKETCH INSPIRATION #110 Love playing with glimmermist and old music paper there's something about that combination. Hannah had been practicing her clarinet. Just caught this pic of her finishing up. You can find the challenge here . . . WHAT IS OLD IS NEW A YEAR IN REVIEW Dont forget to go over to WIOIN to join in on your monthly challenge! Its an absolutely fabulous idea! In this LO, my girls were enjoying the clock striking midnight on New Years Eve with their little cousin. (sorry about the quality of the pic, but was photographed in horrid weather we are having!!) You can find out the details of the challenge here . . . A TRUE FRIEND#63 The challenge is to show up your pet's talents or any special mentions etc. I'm not sure about talents....but Blackie has a huge story to tell and an intersting one... So creating a magazine-like LO on him seemed fitting. He's a re-educated feral - an amazing story - long and painful on both parts! But he has arrived at a place physically and mentally where he is content as much as he could be. He is like no other cat I've ever owned or known. So this challenge was purrrrfect! . . . TWISTED SKETCH #36 The minute I set eyes on this sketch I could see a fish!!! There was NO escaping it!! Check out the challenge here

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


You must watch this!! I found it on Michelle's Blog!!
It is completely and utterly delightful!!!
I wish I was clever enough to put the video here properly..but it just wouldnt happen for me!

This was Paige in Grade Five dressed up for Book Week for school. Check the challenge out here

PENCIL LINES #172 Look at Hannah - both the girls learned to ride their bikes down this driveway!
The challenge is here.
and it MADE THE FAVES!!!
This was a fab challenge! I had heaps of fun with the tree part of the sketch!! Hannah really struggles with heights - Going on the Flying Fox was a big moment for her - luckily the photo reflects her happy second attempt with all nerves put aside!
METHODS PLAYGROUND #60 Was all about wool and felt!! Think this might be a little late, but loved the challenge anyway!

.And gorgeous Amy gave me this Award
Thanks so much gorgeous xx
Here are 7 random things about me...
I love my alone time
And loathe routine
I want to retire
My next birthday is a BIG one!
I'm hopelessly slow at texting and have the most basic phone on purpose!
I hate shopping and avoid it like the plague- If I have to, I fly through the door, buy and leave. I make a decision on the spot and if I have to wonder about it....then its a mistake.
I'm happy to just be at home (big smile)


Saturday, 6 February 2010

OH GOSH!! Taking a breath!

Here are my first samples for as part of the new design team!!
You can see the fabulous Jacks here!!
This one was a mixture of Tiff and Viv's Jacks

AND then I couldnt get the sepia 'look' of Tiff's photo out of my mind....

So I had another go with this.
I took a more 'arty' approach in the way that the 1/4 circle of the fan blowing on Hannah needed completing so picking up the black of the background in the photo painted a circle, then a kind of abstract easel, and a rectangle of a back yard - it just kind of 'grew' from there. .
This time its all about the theme song from Shrek!!
The song mentions Disneyland - and quite a bit about Peter Pan. This is a production of mine back in 1997 when Meaghan was 'Mrs Darling'. Had a bit of messy fun with paint!!
You can check it out here
Though I'm a little late getting this up!! But if you hurry, you can still take part!! and below is the prize I was delighted to donate... it contains some fab sheet music...who remembers 'Penny Arcade' oh and a bit of 'Slade' never goes astray!!
-------------------------------------------------- .
. I have to show this about being so generous with a wonderful prize!!
I was totally OVER the moon to receive this from Scrap-It-Lah for December's Challenge!
Thank sooooooo much girls!!! Look at those Webster goodies!!!

What a sketch it is!!! Check it out here along with the prize!!



I was asked what I couldnt live without being a mainly Shabby scrapper... and it would have to be my little distresser!! The silly thing is that it would go missing underneath my 'mess' when scrapping - so I bought two more! And I can honestly say I still have ONLY one, because they disappear and turn up one at a time!!! They grow legs!!!

Scrap Therapy Heidi Swapp Distresser .

. --------------------------------------------------------


And look who paid a visit early in the morning sitting on the rails of my veranda!
A KOOKABURRA! Laughing its head off making such a noise!! It did stop and check me out when I pointed my camera at it!