Sunday, 21 November 2010


FINALLY!!  Its happened!!!

Do you have an iphone or ipad or ipod touch and love to use sketches a lot for inspiration????

Weeeeeeell an app has just been released! This very bright idea belongs to Anam Stubbington who creates Prima's sketches on their website. I've worked on Anam's sketches as part of her dt at Twisted Sketches in the first 6 months of this year... and then when she asked me to create some LO's done for the new app just released - then I jumped at the opportunity and agreed!
Its called Sketches to Scrapbook and you can find all the fabulous info here

I've got the app downloaded now and I am AMAZED at how wonderful it is and the inspiration in it is just fabulous!!!

And here are sneaky peekies of my LO's

and here are some others from the website

And this link will take you to a couple of videos of  how you go through the sketch and LO's on an iphone!!
It really gives more of an idea!!
I know that Anam is working on getting a second release through other systems like Blackberries etc

overall its.....
Totally exciting !!!


Jenneke said...

WOW Mandy, this is so exciting!!!
But.....I don't have an Ipod, Ipad or anything like that!! Is there a possibility to see your layouts in another way??? Because I WANT to see them ;-)!!


mandysea said...

We are only allowed to give tiny sneaks of our LO's and the full LO's are not to be shown at all...soooooo sorry Bloss I cant show you (sigh)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I'm with Jenneke... I won't be able to see them either... I have a droid!! BUMMER! :(

deb famularo said...

I'm so happy for Anam! What an awesome idea she had!

Your sneaks are so pretty, I'm gonna have to look at my app to see the whole layouts!!! xOxO

Jolanda said...

oohh i havn't got such a thing!WOW,it looks so so cool!!!Stunning and you sneaks are amazing!!!
Men,i really need to get such a thing.....maybe tell Santa i was very sweet!!!;)

Deb said...

THis looks exciting, Mandy....not that I have an IPod/Pad or anything techinical like that lol. Your sneakys look fabulous. Congratulations on another publication also in your post below. Your work is stunning.

Melissa said...

Very very very cool Mandy, so wish I had an Ipod or Iphone now...boohoo, as I just love sketches.Will have to work on rectifying that me thinks