Thursday, 17 June 2010


This is my Nana, aged 14, London England. 
 I scrapped this layout of her in February 2009.
On Monday Nana had a little bit of breakfast and at the age of 96, fell asleep and passed away peacefully.
Her life was one big history lesson.  Her father was a soldier in the first expeditionary force to leave the English Shores to France to fight against Germany. 
At the age of 24yrs he lost his life, and my 10mth old grandmother lost her father. 
His wife faced WWI alone. She worked in the munition factory at
Arsenal then became one of the very first Police Women in London to support herself and her young daughter.   
 By WW2 Nana lost her very loved Army step-father, and younger brother and her Mother again faced another war by herself bringing up children. 
Eventually when my Nana married, had four boys, they migrated to Tasmania where a new life began. 
Yesterday Hannah and Paige and I have travelled to be with the family and to go to Nana's funeral tomorrow where my children will hear priceless details of the rich history surrounding Nana's extaordinary if not at times, hard, life.  

So here I sit and have some time so thought I'd update some of the DT LO's that have come up while away.

I'm guesting for this challenge.  You can find it here.  I love this poem.
This is Hannah on a beach in far north Queensland.

You can find the sketch here
Hannah fishing across the road from our house.  Grandpa had it all set up for her and what a fabulous time she had!

Remember Scrappy?
Here's a link to a post  called 'Saving Scrappy' back in Sept 2008 for her story
And sometime after, I scrapped this layout of her in her new 'nest' which she claimed immediately snuggled in and slept for ages!!

Scrappy got lonely so Hannah and I went to the pet shop and got her a friend.  There wasnt any grey zebra finch males only fawn female ones, so we got her 'Booky'.
Back then also -I scrapped this with a dt pack of MME I had to scrap with - so not me!!! But nevertheless, with grimmace I did my 'job'!! lol  (got to giggle...look at the tiny bit of lace I've stuck down the bottom must have been almost in protest!! he he!)
Then lately Booky has been very crabby and picky, they have laid dozens of eggs over the past year or so and poor old Scrappy have been the brunt of Booky's outbursts.  DH said - she needs a mate!!  A MALE mate
So Hannah and I went to the pet shop again....and sure enough there was one male grey and one male fawn in amongst all lot of female finches. 
SO introducing Croppy (grey) and Inky (fawn)

Inky and Booky pretty much hopped in the nest together amost straight away!
Look at the smug look on Inky's face, the innocent look on Booky's face....
ANd the shocked look on Croppy's face!!!

Then Inky thought he's have a go at Scrappy and Croppy wasnt havent any of that!!!
He had quite a bit to say!

Oh and Croppy just loves to be in all the photos!!

They are complete time wasters!!  Its easy to sit there, lose track of time and keep taking photos!
Booky has settled down quite a bit and didnt end up picking the Fawn Finch 'Inky' as her mate as we'd planned - nope... she ended up with the Grey Finch 'Croppy'!  He must have been 'prettier' to her, and sadly, Inky showed now interest in 'Scrappy'  whatsoever  and that was that.
And one last lovely surprise I got this morning!!
My layout was picked as a fave over at Prima



Bec said...

Ooo! I love the layout for Scrap That Poetry! Just gorgeous!!

Love your new additions too! Although I have a silly fear of birds. They are ok from a distance!! ;o)

Thinking of you for tomorrow.
And I can imagine it would be a fantastic history lesson listening to your Grandmothers life back then.

{hugs} to you all.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mandy!!! I am sooooooooooo sorry for the loss of your Nana!! That page of her is just gorgeous!! And the rest of your lo's WOW WOW WOW!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee those shells on your Footprints one!!! And your birds are ADORABLE and loveeeeeeeeeeee their names!!! Travel safe! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Julie said...

Big big hugs for tomorrow Missy. Will be thinking of you my friend.

Loving the photos of your birds and layouts here, esp the poetry one gorgeous.

Jolanda said...

Oh wow,what a story you're telling!It catch me!
Thinking of you and your loss.

Your L/O's are amazing!!(as always!)
Love from the Netherlands,Jolanda

Jocelyn said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your Nana.....her life story is amazing!!!

Well my goodness......your LO's are all amazing....beyond amazing....I love each and every one of them!!!!

The pics of the birds are adorable...I have always wanted finches...They fascinate me!!!

Thought and prayers go our to you and your family sweet friend!!! :-)

Melinda Spinks said...

Thinking of you and your family Mandy, such a sad loss of someone who was obviously so very dear to all. Such a rich history that is extremely precious to have.
Melinda x

Lean said...

Lovely work and a big birdy household you are having TWIETTTTTTT

Rhayne said...

Ha! I was wondering if that was you at Prima :o) Love your Footprints in the Sand layout! So much texture and, as always, great colors :o)

Bekka said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your Nana. It sounds like she lived a long and amazing life. Hugs for you and your family!

Jenneke said...

Oh, how could I miss this post??
Beautiful words about your Nana, Mandy. Thinking about you and your family..
And the birdie story is sooooo great, LOVE the pictures and the story behind them! Beautiful birds, and I can imagine they are complete time wasters. Well, every animal is, I think!
And what can I say about your layouts? Well....they are perfect!! As always!!

Big hug, Jenneke

Sandra D said...

Lovely words about your Nana - hoping that being surrounded by your family is healing the pain a little.

Beautiful layouts - congrats on the Prima mention!! So glad I was able to see some IRL ... pics just don't do them justice :)

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Sorry about your nan.

Fantastic layouts. xx

Louise said...


Sorry to hear about your Nan.

Gladie said...

So sorry for your loss of your Nana, it seems she was a strong and wonderful woman. Wonderful LOs, love the one for Prima too, congrats as fave there :) Cute birds, great photos of them :)

Lauren said...

Sorry to hear about your Nan too Mandy! It sounds like she had an amazing life.

Princess Tamara said...

My biggest and most heartfelt long distance hugs to you, my gorgeous girl.