Saturday, 6 March 2010


Three fab nights away!!  Not sure how much scrapping I'll get done but the sociallising is fabulous! LOL!

But in the mean time ......


 has just uploaded March's Jacks so go have a look!
Paige not happy being sent to her room to tidy it up!
No TV until it has been!!

This is one full of beads and texture paste!!  Sooo fun.  
The Lakes is a really favourite place!

Gotta some scrapping to do!
Have a wonderful weekend!! (Its a long weekend here!!)


Jocelyn said...

Oh what a fun time!!! Enjiy your scrappy camp and maybe get a few things done...ENJOY!!!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh these are amazing mandy!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee what U do with texture! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Tanya Tahir said...

AMAZING!! Have fun at scrappy camp you lucky lady!!! :)

Jenneke said...

Wishing you a wonderful scrap-weekend, Mandy!!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE your texture-project!!!!


Marelize said...

Oh how I wish I could do texture like that! Gorgeous work and a super blog Mandy! Enjoy your scrappy camp! Can't wait to see what you've been creating in between the socialising! :)

Amy Muffoletto said...

You are my creative queen. I love how unique each one of your pages are. So amazing. Have a great time with friends. Hugs,Amy

Rhayne said...

So love the beads and all the texture on your last layout! I recently started experimenting with beads on layouts :o) It's a new step for me and now that I'm trying it, I'm seeing it everywhere! So much inspiration.