Wednesday, 17 March 2010


There is so much going on in my family's life at the moment  soooo again I havent been out and about - soooo sorry!!   I feel bad not being able to catch up with everyone.'s what has taken over our lives

The Musical

I know these arent the greatest pics - but they are all I have at the moment until after the season ends when photos are released.  These two pics were in the Newspaper.  I did my best to photograph them!

Here is the opening scene with the workhouse boys - Paige is one of them...and if you look closely at the centre of the pic there is a reddish arrow that points to the top of Paige's head.  Cant see her at all, but it doesnt does give the atmosphere of the song 'Food Glorious Food' with Mr Bumble in the background.  

Hannah is were the red arrow is pointing.  She is in the adult cast and here they are singing 'Oom Pa Pa' with Fagin in the front.   (yes...look at my 15yr old with a beerstein in her hand in a pub!!!) lol! Nancy is on the table.  Her voice is wonderful!
The whole show is done on a revolving stage.  The sets are extraordinary and are on two levels. 

My next bit of news is that I've been published in a Swedish Magazine which is distributed in Europe.
I felt very honoured to be asked to take part and submitted 4 layouts using different techniques etc.
I cant show you the LO's or the pages at the moment until the magazines next issue comes out...but I can tell you a little.....
I'm in some good company!!!  Irene Tan, Iris Babao Uy, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer,Melissa Phillips and Steph Delvin
Its a totally fabulous Magazine - FULL of ALL the things I LOVE particularly the styles!!!
I WISH I could read Swedish!!!  
Sooooooooo more on that one when I get the nod that I can publish the contents here!!
I cant wait to show you!!  (so not fair!!lol)

Look what I received from Japan!!!
What a wonderful prize for winning ScrapxScrap (a totally fab Japanese Challenge Blog!)
The prize was donated by Among Flowers  I've used some of it already!!!

EMBELLISHMENT KIT  - This was last months kit from WIOIN and I played with a few things to make up some embellies to go on LO's later on.... So here are just a few....
I had a bird card instead of the flower on shown (I love birds) and made a little envelope out if one of the file cards

The flowers were made up of the vintage pages with paint!!
 And the little banner is the playing card that I cut up into sections...
with  a vintage page - misted numbers cut out of another card in the kit to make a template
Yep next birthday - the big 5-0!  Weeell I just cant think where that time went!  I've got a little time to adjust to the idea of it before it happens!!

Over at SCRAP THERAPY - there was a Surprise Challenge to make up a LO just from the scraps off your desk!   Easy peasy - mine is always full of scraps.   I didnt have any full pieces of background paper, but there was this brown paper...its a bit floppy so I'll have to mount it on something.   I even had a postage stamp from a rak from Yvonne!!

Check the challenge here.... particularly liked this sketch.  

And I'll leave you with this fab little email I was sent...

Tooooo all my lovely scrappy friends!!!

A Cleaning Poem
I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess
He asked if I'd been 'computing',
And I had to answer 'yes.'

He told me to get off my butt,
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.

I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick...
I was just admiring my good work.
I didn't mean to 'click.'

But click, I did, and oops - I found
A real absorbing site
That I got SO way into it -
I was into it all night.

So nothing's changed except my mouse.
It's as shiny as the sun.
I guess my house will stay a mess......
While I sit here on my bum.

LOL!  hugs!


ann said...

Ohhhhh so much exciting news and what gorgeous prizes you have won but hey your projects are amazing so you deserve to win xxx

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Love it all. xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! congrats on the pub!!! that is awesome mandy!!!!!! and love love love love love love the gorgeous!!! and hehehehehehehehehehehe....loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the shiny mouse poem!!! that is FUNNY! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Chris said...

congratulations on the publication! your layouts are so beautiful - your color choices are amazing and your embellishments are so unique. It's such a joy to visit your blog!

Frances said...

WOW! Lots going on huh? Congrats on the publication and love your layouts!

Jenneke said...

What a GREAT post, Mandy!!!
First: congrats on the publication!!!! Really wonderful news!!! And congrats with winning these gorgeous prizes!!
LOVE your projects, as always!!! And that poem is so, sooo funny!!
But.......I HAVE to know when it is your birthday!!!

Enjoy your week!


Jocelyn said...

Congrats and love all the great news and the poem...fits me perfectly!!

Have a great one!!

Julie said...

wahoo mandy on the mag issue can't wait to see it all.

love the little poem and what you have done with the wioin kit.

yyam said...

Oh wow! Awesome projects! And congrats on the pub! And on winning those challenges

Toni said...

Congrats on EVERYTHING.... YOU ARE MY HERO... I love your work
Enjoyed seeing pics of the play. that is so AWESOME!!!

Louise said...

I know I dont come out of lurdom enuf, but I had to say Waaaaaaaaaaaay to Go Girl U RK!!!!

Lou xxx

Gladie said...

oh dear - awsome projects! And wonderful news!!! Scrapbooking m.m. (=and more) is my fav mag!!! Sweedish is very similar to norwegian and I can't wait for the issue with you in it!!! :))))))) The swedish scrappers are very talented, this mag has a very high standard, and you are so perfect in there!!! Congrats!!! :)))

Gladie said...

Wooohooo - I got the latest issue of Scrapbooking m.m. today - love your tutorial and the LO!!! And the three other LOs you have in there are awsome!!! It's so fun to "hear" you "speak" sweedish ;)))

Bekka said...

These pages are absolutely beautiful. I love your style! And the play looks really neat! Congrats on the pub, too!

Tanya Tahir said...

Congrats on the Swedish publication - wow!! And love the prize from Japan - beautiful!!!

Peggy said...

Congratulations on your publication and on winning that Japanese challenge site prize. Beautiful LO's again Mandy, but the thing that really made me smile was that poem ... I'll have to get hubby to read it, he'll think it was written especially for me LOL.
xxx Peggy

Kathy said...

i like the swirl lo