Friday, 15 January 2010


. Today is our Anniversary and Hannah's birthday! Yes she was born on our anniversary! Soooooo to celebrate, we went to the Races (the 'Trots' as they are called here)!
It's a LOVELY warm evening tonight starting at 5pm and finished up by 8.30.
We had a table right next to the track just about 5mtrs from the finish line! Hannah came home with $30 in her pocket!! We know NOTHING about horse racing , but we had a VERY good night! (Poor old Paige was at rehearsals for 'Oliver' so couldnt come).
Here Hannah is with one of her 'winners'!! (We're a bit sea-breeze swept!!).
. .

There's five criteria to choose from! (minimum 3) I managed four. Rubons, Paint and stitching and a curved title! Amy sent me these dandylion rubons in a rak a while ago and I love them! I really like doing criteria based challenges too....because they make you use 'stuff' that you might have tucked away!! .

This was a sketch that easily fell into place! You can check it out here
Yes weeeeell, it doesnt happen very often where I do a LO with me in it...cos I avoid it like the plague, however everynow and then I pluck up enough courage and do one (I have no idea why I'm like this!) then I quickly pack it away, not left out standing up for everyone to see. (whats with that!) Anyway, its what happens and weeeeell, its done for another generation!! LOL! .

I struggled with this one...not because of the sketch, because it was great, but because my 'visions' of what I 'could' do with it had to come alive on paper LOL and I can sometimes get myself in quite a pickle!
Eventually this came to pass and I became happy with it! I've used stamps with paint (my fav medium!!) You can find the sketch here
Here's another one I struggled with a bit too! But finally got there in the end. Look at how close my girls are. I'm so extremely blessed. You can find the sketch here
SCRAP THAT POETRY #8For this challenge, I'm lucky enough to be the Guest Designer and offering a RAK to the winner! There's a lovely poem to scrap this week!! You can find the CHallenge here
Such a sweet sweet girl is Yvonne who sent me this lovely gorgeous suprise RAK!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! I was so thrilled to open it and see who it was from!! I was like a little kid in a candy shop!! MWAH!!
Nervous about playing in front of an audience today... but aced it!
My mum and granny out on a day's shpping... caught by the street photographer (they give a 'ticket' to go pick up the photo in a few days time)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Bithday Hannah!!!! And oh wow Mandy!!! These lo's are just amazing!!!! And loveeeeeeeeeeeeee what Yvonne sent U!!! Fun Stuff! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday Hannah!!!!! My goodness Mandy did you treat us to some awesome eye candy today!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

Enjoy your day....sweet friend! :-)

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday....and a very Happy Birthday to Hannah (hope you had the bestest day). Gorgeous LO's again Mandy (sitting here with mouth wide open - your LO's are always jawdropping).

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Glad Hannah had a good birthday too :) LOVE the pages you made, delish! Adore the secret one.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

and by secret I meant whispers one lol too early for my brain to be remembering things lol

Janet Z said...

Thanks for playing along at Twisted Sketches. Super page!

Nicole Nowosad said...

Love your pages! All of them are great! THanks for creating along with the MC :)

MirjamC said...

Happy anniversary and happy birthday to your daughter!
what a wonderful pages, love them all!!!

Rhayne said...

Lovely all around :o) Your layouts even caught my hubby's eye! He loves your color choices :o)

Julie said...

these are all just divine Missy Mandy love them.

happy anniversary and b'day to Hannah too.

Jenneke said...

Happy anniversary Mandy!!!! And happy birthday to Hannah!! Hope you had a GREAt day together!
Your layout are stunning!! As always! My favorite is Whispers, love the circle and the picture of your girls!
How sweet of Yvonne to send you that gorgeous RAK! Enjoy it!

Have a nice weekend, Mandy!!


yyam said...

Sorry I'm late my friend! Hope you had a great anniversary and Hannah had a great birthday!:)

Awesome layouts! They make me want to take out my paint and play!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Happy Anniversary Mandy!!!! and Happy Birthday to Hannah too!!!!! OMG I'm sorry I've not been to your blog in so long - I've missed a TON of inspiration! You do such beautiful work Mandy!!! YOu are making me want to try a few of those challenges!!!

Oh, and that lizard a few posts down is ADORABLE!!! I love the little bits of cat food around his mouth - LOL!

Amy Muffoletto said...

You have some beautiful creations. Where do you find the time to keep up with all those challenges? Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Hannah. Thanks for inspiring me today. I am surprised you still have little tidbits of that RAK I sent you. Glad you are enjoying it! Hugs. Amy

Deborah said...

wow! your pages are gorgeous! Thanks for taking on the MC challenge!

Gladie said...

Now how fun is that - my eldset son has birthday on your anniversary too :))) Congrats! :) Love your LOs, and the hope seagull LO in the previous post is so touching :) Love the cross-words :) I'm so glad to hear you love the CS sketches, and love each and every one of your entries :) Have fun :)

Antonella Ryan said...

What a beautiful memory and what beautiful Layouts!! I just love them all!

Leeann Pearce said...

oooh mandy...finally i'm here lol...well happy ann to you and a happy birthday to your DD... oh and can i say ...that you are a super talented girl... so loved seeing all your creations over at ASJ... will have to pop by and visit more often to keep tabs on your... especially since you and Jules are working together on another site...hmmmm trouble you anyway just wanted to say thanks so much for popping by my blog and leaving some love... oh and i have my very first lo pub in scrap street feb 2010... they asked me for it!!!! oh you lucky duck to you design for ruby streets...another great spot... geez girl you are getting anyway will catch you when i get back from a wee holiday down south...

Peggy said...

Sweet Mandy, how I've missed you. Let me start by wishing you and your family a Happy New Year, followed by my apologies for not having written you sooner!!!! I was so touched by all of your sweet, heartfelt comments... You called me your first ever friend to your blog ... I had to go and check, and I was surprised to find it was true!!! How far you have come now my sweet friend, so many followers, so many people admiring your work (ART!!!) AND your loving nature. I clearly remember you being the first person to leave me sweet comments and touching my heart immediately, so I can honestly say you are very special to me as well!

I'm finally having some more ME-time, so I should be able to visit you more often again. Please forgive me for not having kept in touch!

Congratulations on your anniversary and wish Hannah a (late) happy birthday from me(my hubby's birthday is on the same date!).

As always I love everything you've created. I especially love your Mission Create LO. I had never heard of that challenge blog ... I might give it a try myself IF I can find the extra time!

Well, I've missed so much of your blog, I'll be back later to look at the rest of your work. But first, I have some ironing to do ... :(((

Talk to you later sweetie!
Love xxx Peggy

Leanne said...

SERIOUSLY!!! You are amazing! How do you find the time to do sooo much scrapping! hee hee... Everything is looking gorgeous (as usual!). Love it!

ps - happy anniversary!

Vanessa said...

I came to see your Mission Create layout and WOW-you have so many great pages in this post--love your work!