Friday, 30 October 2009


Choose any song from the musical Les Miserables to inspire a scrapbook page, card, or project. even by the poster. I picked the poster as this pic of Hannah really worked well with it. You can go check the challenge out here.
I was so thrilled that Creative Type is up and running again! I feel this blog really pushes the art side of me. Its all about negative space and the making a statement. After the black of winter here in Tasmania (black background)- and now into spring (trees)....I just want to get into SUMMER!(photo) Just ADORE the hot weather!!!
. 27TH OCT PHOTO Paige leaving violin practice . . 28TH OCT PHOTO Yay!!! Happy mail from Petra!!! Ooooh there was SO much stuff!! I couldnt believe so many things could be in one postal packet!! Thanks so much Petra!! I LOVE my Dutch goodies!!! . . 29th OCT PHOTO MORE happy mail!!! Thanks sooooo much Chris!!! Just stunningly gorgeous!! Again...much more than I ever thought and very generous!! I love love love them!!! hugs 30TH OCT 09 Meaghan rang me today from Hervey Bay to say that she WON a SCHOLARSHIP to travel to LONDON for her work!!! We are soooo proud of you Meaghan!!! xxxxx

Monday, 26 October 2009


SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #109 Fabbo song this week!! The song 'Our House' has so many great lyrics you can scrap to! You can find the challenge here. I found this photo of Hannah and Paige at the end of the path at our front gate ready to leave to go to Playgroup when they were little. So the perspective is looking from my front door out to the gate.
ADTHIS You can check out the ad here. It was a pretty interesting one with many tiny facets to it I thought. This was taking when we were in Cairns last month and Lee-Anne and Danny from Scrap Therapy took Hannah, Paige and I out for some sight-seeing - and my oh my, we saw some beautiful places!
MY FAVOURITE THINGS I sooo love this blog!! I call it my 'break-out' challenge blog cos I seem to try new things!! Its all about fav seasons - and its SUMMER all the way for me!! We are sliding towards in now and I cant wait! I took these pics of Hannah being tossed around in the surf at Port Douglas (Far Nth QLD) and it was perfect to glue her into my waves here!! LOL!

Another buried treasure!!! A HOE! Love it and it still works a treat!!!

26TH OCT PHOTOOld boy Cosmo checking his boundaries! He's VERY territorial!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Challenge Five is ALL about a focal embellishment! You can check out the challenge and fabulous DT examples here. My handmade is the 'stage'. I wanted to do a LO about Paige embarking on her first principle ballet role in Alice in Wonderland as 'Alice'. So I've got her photo 'looking' at the 'stage' of what is to come. The stage itself is simple enough with a little golden lace 'curtain' rising with two little red stars either side. I've used a semi circle of red tissue paper underneath the stage with the main ballerina, so it could be view as Paige standing on the stage looking through the curtain as it rises towards the audience and the line of ballerinas waiting in the wings. The perspective is simply interpretive!
. .
Yes I actually entered this. And I will say that finding the codes that had to accompany submission is difficult! Nevertheless - I love PRIMA products and loved having a go at the sketch!
I'm late with putting this up! Its been a very busy, almost impossible past week!
You can find the ad here
. .
Look at the King of the Castle!
Feeling much better now that antibiotics for his foot are kicking in
(pardon the pun!) .
Look away if reptiles eek you out! My garden is full of bluetongue lizards, and we dont suffer the onslaught of snails or have snakes because these little fellows make sure of it!
They are totally docile slow moving creatures. Look at him peeping out behind the fairy statue!
Happy mail for winning Aussie Scrap Jack!!
Some very fabbo Christmas goodies!
Okay, so by now you must be this ALL this cat does!!
Weeell, yes, its is!!
But it is sooo photographable to me!!
. 24th OCT 09
What is this? Weeeeeell like in previous posts about the creek running through our garden and being like archaeological dig! We've managed to uncover under heaps of dirt, a rough cement pathway almost down to the water!! Still have a lot of work to do!

Monday, 19 October 2009


SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#108 The challenge this week is the song 'Beautiful Dawn' Here is the view from the side garden of my house's veranda. I've used webbed cardboard as the backing, where its partially peeled back (brown paper covering), framed it and the rest is really Prima! It sure was 'different' to create with and a whole lot of fun!
AUSSIE SCRAPJACKED So many jacks to jack over at Aussie ScrapJack !! I always fall head over heels with Lou's art!! SO, my decision to jack her interpretation was made in a micro-second!! I so loved doing this LO of 'Jonathan' (story below) strutting! It seemed perfect for it. 16th OCTOBER photo Patiently waiting for me to come home 17th OCT photos The very first time Paige was invited to play violin in the adults Stringed Chamber Orchestra! I managed to sneak a couple of photos...not the best...but at least its something!!! Standing for applause! How proud was I...there was a little tear in my eye. They were playing Vivaldi's Gloria and with full choir. She was very proud of herself too. 18TH OCT PHOTO Named 'Jonathan' after 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', he or she found its way into my garden(as birds and animals seem to when they need a little help). Jonathan is old, knarled-knees and unable to fly any longer, came down to land for the last time, to see out the end of his days. I couldnt leave him to be killed by cats or whatever else, so I picked him up and made him safe in the cat pen (without the cats) so he could see himself out peacefully. He is eating the fish I give him, and happy to drink, and be still and quiet. He seems thankful even, though doesnt make a sound. I dont think he has long. 19TH OCT 09 Off to the vet! Poor Blacky looked so 'betrayed' that I would stick him in the carry basket to take him to that awful place. He's been limping, and I thought it was his old hips...but when he was laying down, Paige caught sight of the underneath pads of his paw and they looked infected - white even (they are normally black) Its the big pad, and a little one next to it. Anyway, Blacky behaved perfectly! And the diagnosis - he's BURNT his how could that happen? He doesnt go outside, so its either from our open fire somehow (but its the back foot??) Or the vet said that he's probably jumped up on the stove while its still been hot? Hmmn, then he'd be very sneaky because I've never seen him do that. It's a nasty infection now so he has antibiotics and anti-fungal medication. $95 thank-you! Ah could have been worse....Paige wanted us to take Jonathan to the vet! . . *edited* Jonathan passed peacefully today. It was how it should be.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


OOooooh get those purses ready ladies..... Check this out... Something Wicked This Way Comes ..... (blog) Halloween inspired papercrafting goodness. Available instore Sunday 5.00pm Trick Or Treat Limited Edition
and here's only one little example!

The Lovely Goodies (shop)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


The Embellishment Kits are ready to be bought over at 'What Is Old Is New' and my fav one is the Vintage!!!! Gorgeous colours, gorgeous bits and pieces!!! And the ballerina fabric is just stunning and classy!!! I really debated over putting it into a LO or wall hanging. The photo really doesnt do it justice at all! Like most scrapping - it looks better in real life!!
Anyway, I went for the wall hanging..... for part of the kit, I divided the kit in two. All I've added extra here is a bit of ribbon to hang it with.
This is Hannah....the photo makes her look like she is kinda sitting up away from the fabric.
And this is the other part of the embellie kit....the dressmaking part I call it!!
The only things I've added are the background paper and the alpha;
My Mum ALWAYS made her own cothes.
--------------------------------------------------- YAY!!! My Garden LO won over at 'These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things'
How lucky was that!!! So many beautiful LO's there! Cool Cool Cool!! ---------------------------------------------------- 13TH OCT PHOTO Paige running off to violin practice, she performs in a big concert on Sunday 14TH OCT 09 The art garden in glorious bloom!! 15th OCT PHOTO I found a costume Paige wore when she was littler! Its still had her name tag in it. She was a 'wood nymph' , seeing it brought back some lovely memories.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Check out the challenge this week!!
I found this one a really easy one to do! Hope you will play along!
12 Oct Photo

I've been sooo busy writing reports taking me into the wee hours of the mornings sometimes. Paige surprised me with a cup of tea and a chocolate slice she made decorated just for me!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Managing Little Scrapping at the Moment!

Our household is so busy at the moment with various projects to get through with each of us. Dh is working overtime for people who are away from work, I've got 140 reports to write for a school I've examined, new rehearsals for my upcoming production have started and all the preliminary 'stuff' is just overwhelming (as it is every year!!) The girls are committed to their individual roles in a few things. It just seems whirlwind, a Merry-Go-Round I'll happily get off once the 5th of December finishes!! Then I'm on a couple of months holidays AND I CANT WAIT! That makes life much more managable! Christmas seems to rush at us!! (Just as well I love it!)
(and it won!!!)
Its all about a favourite time of day and mine is definitely in the garden, when its not raining! ITs a place of peace. I love gardening in the evening, after tea but before dark. Its probably unusual for most people. I can only do that on the days I'm not working, otherwise its in the morning. Amy-you might recognise some of these lovely things you sent!! I couldnt wait to work with them! . 6th OCT 09 Cosmo amongst the bulbs! He's such a 'hide-er'! . 7th OCT 09 What a bloom this year!!! GORGEOUS! . 8th OCT 09 Casting day for 'Alice in Wonderland' and Paige got 'Alice'. She's worked hard this year, her acting ability, right size and that hair landed her the role. .
9TH OCT 09
Look who got stuck up the tree!! TRULY!! He is 17 years old, one would think he'd know better.... he is very clever at making things look worse than they are - dramatising the situation and screaming his meow at the top of his lungs.
Pathetic really! Yes I had to climb and get him down. Didnt even cling hold of me on the way down....sheer trust! He's a little monkey! .
10TH OCT 09
First day of rehearsal for 'Alice in Wonderland'
A big day.
11th OCTOBER 09
I havent managed to cover every square inch of my garden yet. ITs a MASSIVE space with a creek running through it and lots of bushes and hidden areas, but clearing a space near the creek - look what I found!! There was other bottles with plants growing over them. Someone a long time ago had a lovely time at that spot by the water!!! Check these out!
The things we have found!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


How gorgeous is this lovely kit from WIOIN!!!
Mel from What Is Old Is New has created this special Vintage Embellishment kit just for Let's Get Shabby, and is her favourite vintage embellie kit so far, it has the most stunning fabric and the most amazing 1950's Vintage Polish Comprehension book page as well as all the other goodies!
And here's how you can make it up!
(my colours are darker as they were photographed at night) The extra you will need is the cardboard, string, piece of plain paper, and alpha.
Click on photos to enlarge for better viewing
WIOIN BOOKLET COVER .And here's how its made:
STEP ONE Using a bit of cardboard 32x23cms, and fold in half.
Trim and glue the fabric from the kit onto the cardboard
Make sure by folding it over that there is enough 'give' in the fabric so it can close okay.
Using a sheet of paper (I've used a piece from Basic Grey's Two Scoops) to make an inside cover and ink the edges to give it a nice finished look and stick it to the cover.

Use some string by doubling it over to wind around the booklet and tie the chipboard ket to it.

Before I glued in the main picture page, I photocopied a couple of the pictures a little bit larger onto photo paper and sat them aside to use on the front cover later. Then, fold an almost 1cm crease down the page and glue down that 1cm fold only so the page can flip over.
.STEP SIX Using the same technique, glue in your other bits and pieces, including a the card on the inside left cover and the prescription piece.
.STEP SEVEN Add the little stamps, photo/s and alphas
And of course journal away in the smaller leaflets (which I havent done yet!)

Arrange your photocopied pics, flower, button, tags and ribbons
to suit. My arrangement is my interpretation of Julie's sketch in the previous post!