Saturday, 31 January 2009


I've really been busy with DT samples that I can't reveal yet - soooooo no LO's to show at the moment! But soon there will be heaps! However, here are my last two days of journal entries. I'm really loving dipping into my scraps box! Its great to move some of this stuff! You know we ALL have it!! LOL. Yes, I refuse to cut into new anything for this Journal!

I managed to capture the girls walking home when I sent them on a errand to the post some letters. Gee I totally love this photo of Hannah caught here in front of the fan - she was sitting to the end of the kitchen table covering her school books - school starts the new year on 10th February here. Its one of those photos when she just looked up - and click! I think I might scrap this into a 12x12 yet?? Yesteday my Daisy D's 'Modern Romance' and 'Chloe Marie' arrived from Scrap Therapy - I've got to tell you - I know they have been around for a while - and I know that Daisy D isnt producing anymore....but I sooooo wanted a heap of it - its the epitome of vintage/shabby chic!!! I'm pretty much disappointed in CHA this year - the brands havent really produced for the shabby/vintage scrapper in general across the brands with the exception of Prima and a couple of brands who have dipped in a line here and there - I think the funky and brights scrappers will be very very happy - and there are many who's work I admire!! Speaking to a couple of my scrappy friends yesterday - totally agreed. I was sooo looking forward to K&Co after 'Blue Awning' - but no - I just felt luke warm about their stuff as with Making Memories, My Little Yellow Bicycle and Creative Imaginations - from a shabby perspective.

There are brands copying other brands and so many I've seen before. Fancy Pants totally confused me when it took a Sassafras Lass look! (even though it looks great) At least I wont be agonising over what to buy when its all released into shops - but I think the funky and brights scrappers might! They will be in heaven!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

SCRAP JACKED USA -IT GOT A FAV MENTION!!! (and 28th Jan Journal Page)

I came across the American Scrap Jacked and was sooo inspired by the jack that I thought I'd have a go. Its sooooo not what I would normally create (one of the reasons for having a go) and loved the format of the pic - so tried to recreate that with an 'art' edge. Wrought Iron has always been a fascination for me. My father used to be an arc welder and blacksmith - and I was always in awe of how he could 'fashion' and shape pieces of metal into beautiful huge candelabras to smaller fire pokers - and magnificent period spear shaped fence posts that lined old Victorian homes. The pics here on my piece are from the old seat out back of the holiday cottage in Coles Bay. Both frames/photos have been 3d -ed to form a shadow effect, and the photo on the left has been scalpeled out too deplete it of background. Add in a bit of colour and differing fonts plus I photographed it in a strip of sunlight to highlight the 'W' - and I love it! Its a long way from my shabby chic style! wOOQHOO!! a FAVE MENTION!! fIRST time there and all!!! 28TH JANUARY 2009 JOURNAL PAGE STAINED GLASS: Paige took this photo of a rose in our kitchen window after I'd left my camera on the kitchen bench trying to take photos of the sparrows around the bird bath. I didnt see the stained glass at all - my lense was trying to see though the clear glass to capture the birds. Paige saw the rose with the stairs behind which lead to our upper garden........and this photo was the result. Amazing child....

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SCRAPPING ACROSS THE UNIVERSE #7 (and 27th Jan Journal Page)

Here's my entry for Scrapping Across the Universe. I love this - to grab a family photograph of special significance. This is my father (holding his little dog 'Scruffy') and his brothers in their backyard in a typical - best clothes, hair combed, look neat and tidy photograph - just after World War 2 had ended. This was England. Its one if the few surviving photographs. Not too long after this - my grandparents packed them up and left England forever and landed on the shores of Australia. #7 challenge is true to to the core of this photograph. I'm so pleased to finally scrap this: 27TH JANUARY 365 JOURNAL PAGE

My ribbon hangs right along the back wall of my scrapstudy! Its probably THE biggest obsession I have other than paper! Here you can see my reds/creams - and a tiny bit of my blue/ cant even see my yellow/greens! I found that I needed to SEE it all - my eye scans across the racks and I adore making my choices!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

THE TWILIGHT CHALLENGE (and 26th Jan Journal Page)

This is the first time I've entered The Twilight Challenge and thought I'd give it a go! I loved creating a LO that represents the cover of The Twilight Book. The sutle whites/greys/blacks with RED! Adore these colours!! Here's my first entry:


Monday, 26 January 2009

SCRAP THERAPY Step-by-Step (25th Jan 365 Journal)SCRAPPING THE MUSIC

Over at Scrap Therapy, I've followed this step-by-step with nicnac. I've put a beach slant on it and hand sewed lace into little gathers to my flowers adding a button sewn on top. Manufacturer of the Month is KaiserCraft so this is a great opportunity to use a heap I have in my stash!! Here's Hannah at Wineglass Bay where she climbed all over the huge rocks.
I had a wonderful day! Spent mainly in my scraproom where I was left to my devices!!! LOL It was fabulous! dh took me to the nursery where we purchased the most gorgeous birdbath for my garden. I love my garden! As the day got longer, I scrapped away thinking that a birthday cake was probably overlooked but it didnt matter - until...... suddenly dh and the girls burst into the room carrying my favourite icecream with a musical candle (singing happy birthday) on it!! LOL It was totally AWESOME - and the surprise was way better than a birthday cake!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #70 (Take Me Home) I pulled some lyrics from the song for this LO - I loved this photo of hannah with her face to the sun. She is such an earth child. You can find the challenge here

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Today is a lazy day for me! Another year older....I cant believe where the last year has gone!
I'm not even sure what I'll do tonight - whether to go out, or stay in?? I think I'll kick back and see what happens!
Here's yesterday's 365 page....I'm back to scrapping them now I'm home!
We got 'post-holiday blues' before we even left Coles Bay! (big sigh)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

GOING HOME TODAY (sad) 23rd Jan Photo

All things much come to an end - and we are just about to pack up and leave Coles Bay (east coast of Tasmania) to go home.
Its been a wonderfully relaxing time with some great weather.
We bushwalked yesterday over to Wineglass Bay doing a full circut and swiming in both Wineglass Bay and Hazard Beaches.....we were away for about 6 hours. The walk back was hot and sweaty work and we were all exhausted! Soooo much fun though!
Here's Hannah relaxing on a rock in Wineglass Bay

Thursday, 22 January 2009

MIX IT UP Challenge (and 22 Jan 09 photo)

This was Hannah in a pensive moment...I love it. Mix It Up# 3 had a palette of colours to glean inspiration from. The colours were gorgeous! It wasnt long before I had them in a LO!!!
22ND JANUARY 2009 PHOTO! This was Paige hanging off the top bunk in her bedroom of our holiday home, leaning round the door to see what what was going on!!! LOL!! Look at her gorgeous long blonde hair that she wont let me even contemplate about cutting! (not even much off for a trim!!)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


This is the first time I've entered Aussie Dares...'WET'
I was really drawn to the DT's samples - just fantastic! Here's my entry. These photos were self portraits of my god-daughter a few days ago while we were at the beach! They were tooo cool to pass up to scrap!


Scrapping the Music #69 'Colours'

- I loved creating my design team sample! Hannah was in a sombre mood walking along the beach. She soon found a solitary spot where she sat for ages and created a sandcastle. The lyrics of 'Blue today- blue as the sea' was perfect!

One little Christmas beetle on a flower outside our holiday house's front door! I wish this photo picked up the deep bright iridescent shimmer green of the bug (reminds me of 'glimmer-mist' LOL)- which was stark contrast to the whiteness of the flower. Just gorgeous!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Scrap Therapy is running a KaiserCraft comp and comprises of 5 different challenges! I've created this fun LO of Hannah for the Challenge 5 - Freestyle LO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20TH JANUARY PHOTO Here's Hannah in wading into the the water for an evening swim. The breeze was warm - but that water was a tiny bit chilly - though very refreshing!

Monday, 19 January 2009

19th January 2009 Journal Photo

Today at the beach a big manta ray swam between us. I wish my camera was waterproof! What a photo it would have captured underwater!
It was massive, over a metre across, gliding gracefully along the sand on the sea bed.
I found this information on them:
Mantas are extremely curious, are fond of swimming with scuba divers and pose no threat to humans. Although they may approach humans, if touched, their mucus membrane is removed, causing lesions and infections on their skin. They will often surface to investigate boats (without engines running). They have the largest brain-to-body ratio of the sharks and rays. Mantas are known to breach the water into the air.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


White with One - white background, turquoise and flourishes. Paige took this photo of me - she's quite talented behind the camera......the banner here on this blog was also taken by her.
ONE LITTLE WORD - Embrace. This was Hannah getting a birthday phonecall from her most favourite Uncle and Aunty in the world!! These photos are gorgeous - her face says everything!
I took this the day we left of our holiday! I was so thrilled to purchase my wireless pre-paid broadband! This means I can somewhat keep in touch with my blogging, challenges and online wonderful friends!
I am managing to do some scrapping here in Coles Bay.
I'm not sure if I will be about to scrap my 365 pics for my journal while I'm away, so here's my pick of photos that my just end up with holes punched in them and written onthe back for my 365 album! Who knows!!
17th Jan
This was outside where we all sat around after dinner in the evening. The girls spent the night looking for stars. We even managed to see a shooting star!!!! How cool was that !! Wish I was able to get a photo of it - but we were way too busy making wishes!!!
18th January
Canoeing for Paige! It was her first time and she loved it! She took to it extremely well and cant wait to get out in it again!
Venture over because they have been showing and discussing the new releases from CHA intensely!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

We're off on holiday! MIX IT UP CHALLENGE (and 15th Jan Journal Page)

Today the girls and I are off on our annual trip to the East Coast of Tassie for 8days (poor dh has to work and cant came - but thats good for our finches and cats at least) I HAVE brought pre-paid stick thing for my computer for wireless internet while we're away though I dont have any means to print out photos to do my daily journal - I'll have to scrap a heap of them when I get back! I'll be taking scrapping and photos with me, so at least I 'll get some challenges done and hopefully keep this blog updated somewhat! (big smile) MIX IT UP CHALLENGE #2 This is the first time I've entered this and was very taken by the painting to glean inspiration from. I didnt have a lot of time to put this together - but really wanted to scrap Hannah's photo from yesterday. 15 JANUARY JOURNAL PAGE

Weeeeeeell it wasnt hard to guess what this page was going to be about! Hannah had a wonderful time buying books for her birthday in her fave bookshop! She has PLENTY of reading material for our holiday!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

TODAY IS HANNAH'S 14TH BIRTHDAY ............................. THE CREATIVE TYPE.................. 14TH January Journal Page

Here she is! Finally Hannah rises out of bed! (these teenagers do cling to the bed sheets - it's 11.30am!) She's unwrapping books here - her fave things!! 14 years ago this beautiful girl was born by emergency C-section and the doctors could not get her breathing. Her first week of life was touch and go and then for her first 16mths of life she was on a heart and respiratory monitor. We had some awful scares and a long journey to get her to the gorgeous gentle hearted girl she is today. We are blessed and we are thankful...
Here's a new challenge blog I've decided to try out 'The Creative Type'
Its really different, and I thought it would force me to think even more outside the square and use tools/skills/techiques I've not contemplated before - weeeeell thats what I'm hoping!!
Here's my very first entry
I truly truly am finding it hard to not layer and add lumpy bumpy things to these pages...because these 8x8's have to be squished into a 3 ringed album (or two!) I look at them and feel they are 'unfinished' because I've not added lace or flowers etc....but I need to change my perspective of what its purpose is! LOL
For alot of people, they would say - 'ONLY 31c' but truly for our coast that sits right on Bass Strait - it truly is HOT! We are not used to it! Its lucky to ever reach 27-28c in Summer any year and that may only happen once or twice. The girls and I picked dh up from work and we went to the beach about 5.30pm and it was wonderful!
Oh and a little footnote:
Its our wedding anniverary too! We dont tend to celebrate it as Hannah's birthday takes priority....but one day we might - when she leaves home! lol

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

AUSSIE SCRAP JACK, A BLIND SCRAP (and 13th January Journal)

Here's my jack of Sarah Gladmans sample over at Aussie Scrapjack I'm sooo happy how its turned out. That was a memorable lovely day too! I have a feeling that I'm going to be asked if its digital - nope - not one bit of it! I'm not into digital at all (I appreciate the art of digital) but I'm too hands on, too tactile - my hands have to feel the elements of a collage process. Here's to show that it isnt digi! LOL.... Fancypants background, glimmermist, buzz&bloom chip flowers, K&Co chip word "happy' K&Co Blue Awning transparency frame, Paper Pizazz vintage ephermera tags, animals etc, Melissa Frances key hole. BEACH This is the result of Debs Blind Scrap over on Scrap Therapy I love this photo of Paige...she was drawing in the sand with her toes! Do you like my little hand drawn pink boats! lol. I did manage to go off on my own tangent a bit...but it mostly followed the instructions - thats the beauty about a Blind Scrap - interpretation!! 13th JANUARY JOURNAL PAGE I watched these pair of devoted Sparrows from my veranda as they swooped in food to their nest under our eaves. Mostly the female took the food, but would either sit on the line or in a near branch while the male vocalised whether it was safe for her to go to the nest. He was very aggitated by me being there taking photos. He was very vocal hopping around! It was such a gorgeous scene being able to watch the pair work together.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

12th January Journal

I did this in a temper! Weeeeell a little bit of one- note the top rubon and I avoid rubons!! I really dislike my camera! I liked my last camera but got frustated at not having zoom - then when I get a new camera with zoom - its the hardest camera to understand! I'm not an instructions-reading person .......but I've had to RESORT to reading instructions which are not clear and full of JARGON!! I've had it for 18mths and I still hate it! I wanted an SLR - but knew I WOULDNT be able to keep it in my handbag and it would be too heavy...they have to bump along with me!! So I got the closest thing to an SLR without the weight and could still go in my bag - but hooley dooley - I'm over it!! I paid too much for it to just sling aside to get a new I will see out another year with it. (BIG sigh) If it had a neck ....i'd throttle it! Luckily I lOVE photoshop elements which fixes a lot of the problems - but not without being time consuming!!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Mini-Album (and 11th Jan Journal) + Scrapping the Music Sample

Hannah, Paige and I were invited to a baby shower! It was Hannah and Paige's very first time being included into something like this - with the 'woman-folk'! The games and the laughter was fabulous! My very close friend and I marvelled at the pregnancy of the mother-to-be and remininsce about how we (my very close friend and I) had met 25 or so years ago in hospital - having the first of our children, one of which is hers - the father-to-be! So her next stage in life begins - as a grandmother.....
So here we were now watching the next generation begin theirs (big happy sigh)
As for me...I seem a long way off for grandparenting as my eldest daughter isnt even thinking anything remotely close to this!!! (big happy sigh!!) LOL
Anyway, back to the point.....
I made this little mini-album up with a skeleton kit I bought from so long ago that I cant remember, and transformed it into 'FIRST 7 DAYS'. I thought that this was more a gift of 'from my house to yours'. I put so much time and effort into this - it was hard to give away, though I know it will be treasured by the mother-to-be who is just an adorable person!
It has lots of places to pop little happy snaps and tags to jot memories or stats....or attach memorabilia just for the first 7 days.

11th January Journal Page

This song this week is "Pictures of You" by 'The Last Goodnight' you can find it here
I changed the title a little - but its one I love of Hannah thinking of all the things she could be

Sunday, 11 January 2009

10th January Journal

My two little finches (both female - yes, must rectify that!) are laying their 2nd lot of eggs!! Ever since getting Scrappy and Booky - I've LEARNT alot about birds!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

9th Jan Journal

Weeeeeeeell, it was 'that' time - where scraps were all over the place, coming from all corners of my scrap room!
And having a bit of a vivid imagination - my vision turned to this image of Micky Mouse with the brooms and buckets in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice! It was as if all my scraps had grown legs and marched in continual lines across my desk and onto the floor........they were everywhere! It's time to SORT (shock) !!
What do you do with scraps? I'm thinking of putting them into sizes because its not working willynilly in multiple various boxes stacked on one another! (rolling eyes)
Most certainly, creating this 365 8x8 journal has forced some issues - both good and bad regarding scraps - good in that I'm USING them!!!! Though, bad because I'm continually shuffling through them making more mess (but good in a way) that I MUST deal with handling and filing them better!

Friday, 9 January 2009

123 Challenge sample page (and 8th Jan Journal)

The new criteria for 123 Challenge is:
The words "New Years Resolution"
Orange & Yellow
At first I thought - 'WHAT!" New Years Resolution with an animal in it????? But it fell into place easily! I looked though my photos contemplating each one with an animal in it!
Soooo with tongue in cheek and if anyone knows my 16yr old cat - he spends way too much time in the garden now! Sometimes it would be nice if he came in for a cuddle and to get the buzzies out of his fur!
Walking past a dried up bouquet of flowers received early in December...I remembered the delight of seeing these beautiful little ballerinas tucked within gorgeous pink lilliums and native Australian flowers.....all that remain are the latter which preserve very well!
Time to clear it out and give these little dancers a new place of residence - arent they are gorgeous!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

DESIGN EXPERIMENT #39 (and Jan 7th Journal)

(Here you are after Blogger had mass problems uploading photos - they fixed their problems! Boy was the Blogger Message Board full of complaints this morning!!!) Back to business lol: What would you do if you had that extra hour in a day - (25 hours a day)? Thats the question Design Experiment is asking us to scrap. Being a nocturnal person - I'd definitely use it to get more sleep! An extra hour would be wonderful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7TH JANUARY I love this photo of my daughter and her friend singing AbbA songs on 'Singstar'. They are both trained by the same singing teacher - they are both the same age and they both consistantly got the same scores in above the 9000 range! I kept stopping and listening to them, fascinated - then of course I had to get my camera!!!

(I was offered to have a turn - but declined......I'm sooooo not in their league! LOL!