Monday, 21 December 2009


What fun and its definitely a tradition I cant wait to keep going!

MY first DECEMBER DAILYHere's the cover!!  I've used gesso on the cover, painted in gold and sanded it back a little. I've also use Dimensional Magic a lot on the lettering and embellishments.
 Heehee - this creative process took me on 'journey' and back again!
I know I love this!

1st Dec - Advertising for 'Alice in Wonderland'
Paige as Alice'

 2nd Dec - The program for 'Alice in Wonderland'

3th Dec - was the day I spotted a little baby bird in our front garden, it allowed me to photograph it
  4th Dec- was bumping all the sets in the theate.....a tedious long drawn out affair! .

5th Dec - Pantomime production 'Alice in Wonderland'  Paige was Alice
and Hannah was the Caterpillar

Dec 6th- Paige's Birthday - She got an ipod touch! 
7th Dec - My Page with chosen to be ScrapJacked by Lou Nelson - I was so stoked!

Dec 8th -We have a native tree call the Bottle Brush (for our internationals) and it blooms are out in full where I live in December. When I see our tree out in full colour it always reminds me of the traditional Christmas colours of green and red. This is a beautiful tree.

Dec 9th -This lovely sentence written on the blackboard was at the studio last week when I had a couple of senior students in for some extra class, (one is off to the Australian Ballet School in January for summer school) and this is what they left behind. Isnt it just so warming that 17-18yrs olds can feel they can do things like that - to leave a such an appreciated little note.
Dec 12- Paige's last violin concert.
Dec 13 - A remember a Christmas where we saved Blacky from certain death. And we still have him with us 7 yrs later.

Dec 14- Can you imagine - and look what my lens caught! - a little baby Sparrow with white on its wings and tail!! According to an experts - this what happens when fed bread! (oops)In comparison to my finches (Dec 15th) they're REALLY spoilt!
 All wrapped up in cotton wool. Scrappy and Booky!!
. Dec 16th - TRIMMING THE TREE!!
Dec 17th- I painted the girls little lounge a bright green (its not as bright as the photo!!) and they love it - lol its called 'the green room'!! (it was called the toy room!) Its part of the old servants quarters of the house and both their bedrooms are off this room. Dec 18 We held ourselves a little Secret Santa over at Scrap Therapy and I got the most delightful parcel of lovelies!!!
Dec 19th - The place where the stockings will hang - its all ready!
Dec 20 - among friends and family, four family get together each year for festivities. Hannah and Paige opening presents!
(sorry about the flash points in the photos...twas getting dark!)
21st -Our little garden bandicoot comes out every night for scraps!
Cosmo (17) and Blacky (12) taking in the festive preparations!
Blacky is actually fast asleep propped against the kitchen chair.
22nd- Paige and Hannah cook with their Dad in the kitchen every year together!
23rd- ornaments that Grandma creates fully decorates our tree!
24th - All is quiet- Paige!
 25th- It was such a chilly morning I had to remove the stockings and light the jolly fire (pardon the pun!!) Diggin into those santa sacks!! Ahhhh - the squeals of delight!
Boxing day! Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids on our back garden stairs

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Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Mandy I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful creations and photos with us all year long. You are an amazing scrapper.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

Gladie said...

Your December Daily looks awsome!!! Merry xmas to you all :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are GORGEOUS Mandy!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the little birdies! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lean said...

Love the birdies so sweet have lots of fun with christmas and a great 2010.
bye bye,Lean.

jacque4u2c said...

Each one is cuter then the next!!! Just gorgeous my friend!

Deb said...

Mandy, your December Daily is fabulous. Like Shimano said, thank you for sharing your awesome work with us throughout the year. You are such an inspiration. Have a lovely Christmas with your family and the very best wishes to you all for the new year ahead.

Mazlina said...

wow mandy.. really love the mini album of your december!!! it's really nice to capture each day of december!! gorgeous album!

have a merry christmas!