Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Surprises first of all...
Thought I'd visit Aussie Scrapjacked this morning to see if the new jack was up -
ooooh a treat today....not one jack, not two jacks -but MANY jacks. The DT was asked to pick their own jack and then jack it themselves for an example.....sooooo
scrolling down - what did I seeeeeeeee???
Missy DT Julie....had picked one of my LO's!!! And NEVER said a word even though we email like a zillion times a day!!!!
What a lovely surprise!!!! Take a look here..
Thanks so much Bloss...I feel honoured!
THEN this afternoon, just a minute ago really.....I got a knock on the door and it was the PARCEL man!!! I received the most wonderful package from AMY from My Favourite Things and who is also a wonderful scrapper!!!Weeeeeell, looky here at this stash of fabulous goodies....and I LOVE it cos its mostly GREEN!! When I opened it, my eyes kept getting bigger and bigger cos more and more kept coming out!! Thank you thankyou thankyou Amy - I love every bit of these precious lovelies!!!!

Oooh I can sing it from the roof tops how much I LOVE Ruby Street!!

I worked with 'Good Housekeeping Vintage Ephemera Bundle'

Sooo the only thing I added was the background paper, alpha and little black bit of lace.

THEN I remembered (after I finished) that there a sheet of vintage wallpaper to go with it which I managed to put the piza box on top of!!!! So now I'm going to just have create something with that!!! Its just fab fab fab!!

Anyway, the pics are of my grandmother, who was a very young widow visiting her husband's grave (along with other passed family) She always impeccably dressed for these occasions even if it meant pulling weeds, tidying up and laying flowers. The photos were taken by the same wooden hut at the cemetery. I'm amazed at how these visits and views on care were such occasions with cameras and photos (and often a packed snack) compared to these days.

Yes this is me aged 10!

These are some favourite lovelies! You'll find an assortment of doilies and tickets here, Oooh and the crowns are such a fav of mine!! .


SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#106 The first week in the month is TV theme songs!! I love this!! The song for this week was a HUGE favourite tv show of mine when growing up.......

GILLIGAN'S ISLAND!!! The song affords all sorts of fabulous ideas for creating a LO!!So here we three are clambering aboard a boat (still wet from diving) to go further out on the reef. Oh to be back there!!!!

ADTHIS I struggled with this one a bit. But I decided to stay with bright colours...not sure how I feel about it......but still......its experience and some sort of development!!! LOL! I just checked out the Adthis site......and boy both Julie and Jenneke nailed this one! See what you can do?? . . . KIDDIELIT I won the previous challenge with 'Horton Hears A Who' of Paige riding. And it turns out the now I'm on the DT! Check it out here And I hope you will play along! Its all about Alice In Wonderland! Some of the quotes are fabulous inspiration for a LO!! Our ballet school did this story when Meaghan was the caterpillar back in 1995! . . . 3RD OCT PHOTO Hannah just turning on her heel to head into a singing audition for 'Oliver' She had to have three contrasting songs prepared. She was soooooo nervous and I just managed to grab this shot as her name was called. . . 4TH OCT PHOTO Both Hannah and Paige's excitement just the second after getting off the phone learning they had both gotten into the cast of 'Oliver' - Paige in the children's cast and Hannah into the adult cast. We'll know more on Friday night when there is a 'Meet and Greet' of all the other cast members. . . 5TH OCT 09
Paige's new party dress.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow wow wow MANDY!!!!! Those LO's are STUNNING!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos in the first one....the "little" Mandy....and I am LOVING what U did with the AD THIS one....and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Mandy is ON OUR DT!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am soooooooooo jazzed to work with U two times now!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

yyam said...

Great LOs Mandy! I'm totally loving the doilies! I'm out to get myself some! :)

Ruth said...

i am exhauseted just looking at all of your work!!
congrats on the DT.......am speechless about the vintage goodies on your layout and can't figure out how the doiley is secured because it looks so delicate but it must be mounted onto something?
Lovin the funky layouts and congrats to your daughters too they must be thrilled!!

Jocelyn said...

I feel like Ruth...exhausted by all the wonderful goodies...can you send me some of that awesome MOJO!!!! I just adore you!!!! :-)

Jenneke said...

WOW Mandy, your layouts are PERFECT!! Keep looking at them over and over again, speechless by the beauty of them!
Congrats with your DT-spot! And congrats to Paige and Hannah, both in Oliver, wow!!
Have a wonderful week, Mandy!
Hugs, Jenneke

Julie said...

Hey there Missy. Do you know how hard is was for me not to say a word about me jacking you. Very. I nearlly let it slip several times in our email marathons lol

These pages are all just devine. Loving them all. Esp the Ruby street ones.

Congrats on the dt spot too.

byclops said...

Wow it's excitement plus in Mandy land!!!!! Gorgeous layouts!

Lean said...

Wauw lots of great stuuf you get or getting.Your lay-outs[many] are lovely.
bye bye,Lean.

Jeanet said...

Oh wow..Mandy...just love all of your layouts!!And how sweet Julie jacked your LO!!Loving those doilies and all of the colors you use!
Gorgeous photo's ...and congrats for your girls being casted for Oliver!!Awesome!
And wowie..happy mail..beautiful!Congrats on the DT spot!

Toni said...

Mandy, such BEAUTIFUL Works!!! I luv to visit ur blog!!!!