Monday, 19 October 2009


SCRAPPING THE MUSIC#108 The challenge this week is the song 'Beautiful Dawn' Here is the view from the side garden of my house's veranda. I've used webbed cardboard as the backing, where its partially peeled back (brown paper covering), framed it and the rest is really Prima! It sure was 'different' to create with and a whole lot of fun!
AUSSIE SCRAPJACKED So many jacks to jack over at Aussie ScrapJack !! I always fall head over heels with Lou's art!! SO, my decision to jack her interpretation was made in a micro-second!! I so loved doing this LO of 'Jonathan' (story below) strutting! It seemed perfect for it. 16th OCTOBER photo Patiently waiting for me to come home 17th OCT photos The very first time Paige was invited to play violin in the adults Stringed Chamber Orchestra! I managed to sneak a couple of photos...not the best...but at least its something!!! Standing for applause! How proud was I...there was a little tear in my eye. They were playing Vivaldi's Gloria and with full choir. She was very proud of herself too. 18TH OCT PHOTO Named 'Jonathan' after 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', he or she found its way into my garden(as birds and animals seem to when they need a little help). Jonathan is old, knarled-knees and unable to fly any longer, came down to land for the last time, to see out the end of his days. I couldnt leave him to be killed by cats or whatever else, so I picked him up and made him safe in the cat pen (without the cats) so he could see himself out peacefully. He is eating the fish I give him, and happy to drink, and be still and quiet. He seems thankful even, though doesnt make a sound. I dont think he has long. 19TH OCT 09 Off to the vet! Poor Blacky looked so 'betrayed' that I would stick him in the carry basket to take him to that awful place. He's been limping, and I thought it was his old hips...but when he was laying down, Paige caught sight of the underneath pads of his paw and they looked infected - white even (they are normally black) Its the big pad, and a little one next to it. Anyway, Blacky behaved perfectly! And the diagnosis - he's BURNT his how could that happen? He doesnt go outside, so its either from our open fire somehow (but its the back foot??) Or the vet said that he's probably jumped up on the stove while its still been hot? Hmmn, then he'd be very sneaky because I've never seen him do that. It's a nasty infection now so he has antibiotics and anti-fungal medication. $95 thank-you! Ah could have been worse....Paige wanted us to take Jonathan to the vet! . . *edited* Jonathan passed peacefully today. It was how it should be.


Jenneke said...

Where do I start??
By telling you that your STM layout is one of my favorites ever!!!! Just ADORE that background! And your layout about Jonathan, sooooooo beautiful!!!
Or shall I start with your wonderful pictures? I can imagine you're such a proud mom! And I love the ones of Blacky, he's so beautiful!
And Jonathan... What a touching story! How sweet of you to take care of him in his last days.

I LOVE this post!! And I wish you a wonderful week!


yyam said...

Mandy, your STM is just awesome! Love that background! Adds so much visual interest! :)

Jonathan was lucky to have met you...I'm sure he enjoyed his last days with your care and love.

Peggy said...

Sorry to hear about Jonathan, but it says a lot about who you are in doing what you did to make his last days comfortable. I love you even more for it. I think you are a wonderful person.

I love the photos of Paige, never mind that the quality isn't all that, the memory is priceless and perfect.

I think you're LO's are gorgeous, but what's new right? You haven't made one I didn't like LOL. I love Lou's pages as well, and wanted to jack her as soon as I saw the challenge, but I'm not sure I'll do her justice, I don't know how or where to begin really. Still, I think I'll give it a try.

Have a wonderful week my friend, I hope Blacky will recover soon.
Love xxx Peggy

Liszha said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
I love the picture of Blacky waiting for you.

Jocelyn said...

I just adore the LO for STM...that cardboard is outstanding....THe the details and color!!!! Your pictures are just perfect and the story about Jonathon is so touching....thank you for giving him peace in his last days!!!! I always end up with all the strays...that people just throw away like trash....and they find their way to me!!!!! So sorry about your how in the world did he burn his paw!!!! Hoping all the medicines will have him feeling much better....the cost is awful....we spent a fortune last year trying to get Miss Cosmo back on her feet!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend and thank you for taking time to leave me a know I just adore you!!!! :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's mandy!!!!! those flowers on the stm one is wow wow wow!!!!!!! and i truly loveeeeeeeeeeee the jonathan story....i remember that story when i was growing up....what a sweet thing u are doing taking care of him....and sooooooooooooo loving the photos of your dd playing the violin....sooooooooooo wonderful....and i sure hope kitty feels better soon!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Beth Perry said...

awww OMG!! I am at work and trying not to cry right now. That is the sweetest story!!! Jonathan got to have his last days well taken care of. you are sooo sweet!
I love your layouts as well, so beautiful. and Jonathan was sooo cute!
What a wonderful story!

Lean said...

Great lay-outs you made ....again love the one with the sea-bird.
Sory about Jonathan you did your best.
bye bye,Lean

Jeanet said...

Love your STM layout Mandy...what a beauty!Love all the prima goodies and that cardboard rocks!
Love the Jonathan story..that is so sweet to give him a peaceful end.
Love that LO of him delicate!
Beautiful pictures and I caan imagine you are so proud!Hope your catty gets beter soon!

Chris said...

Your layout for stm just takes my breath away - so beautiful and so totally unique. What lovely photos and such a moving story. thanks for brightening my day.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...thanks for the info mandy...i have never heard of that...and will look into the dizziness i have been having had been going on for awhile now....i'm sooooo sorry u suffer with this....and sea sickness is just the way it feels too....thanks again love!! :):):):):):)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Oh Mandy - you touch my heart once again! Your story about Johnathan is amazing. How beautiful that he got to spend his last days so peacefully with you. You are a true angel.

I love love love your STM layout! All that wonderful texture is fabulous!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Fantastic layout - great photos. Touching story about Jonathon.
Now for Blackie - my raggie loves to sleep and play in her cat carrier but god help me if I put her in it to go to the vets (she cries all the way there and back).

Lisa T. Howard said...

Pure eye candy, as always! You create the most amazing layouts...simply beautiful! Tears filled my eyes as I read about Jonathan. Glad to know you were able to give him a peaceful place to pass.

Toni said...

Mandy, Awesome los!! Darn you.. now I can't stop crying... you did such a beautiful job writing about Jonathan, you are so CREATIVE in everything you do, From your los, Pics To your writing!!!
Ok I'm better now....

Abby said...

Hi there, just popped by to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a lovely comment. Made my day:)


Jane Smith said...

AWW...I just read about Jonathon...I love that layout and it must have been said for you.
I JUST LOVE coming over...your blog is just so homey Mandy

Gladie said...

Your Jonathan story is so touching - you have a big heart and for the first time in my life I'm happy for a seagull - the respect you¨'ve shown him and this honorable farewell. Beautiful LO about him - and I'm proud with you for your talented girl with full orchestra and choir - it must have been wonderful experience for both of you! Great to have this photodocumentation! :)