Sunday, 25 October 2009


Challenge Five is ALL about a focal embellishment! You can check out the challenge and fabulous DT examples here. My handmade is the 'stage'. I wanted to do a LO about Paige embarking on her first principle ballet role in Alice in Wonderland as 'Alice'. So I've got her photo 'looking' at the 'stage' of what is to come. The stage itself is simple enough with a little golden lace 'curtain' rising with two little red stars either side. I've used a semi circle of red tissue paper underneath the stage with the main ballerina, so it could be view as Paige standing on the stage looking through the curtain as it rises towards the audience and the line of ballerinas waiting in the wings. The perspective is simply interpretive!
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Yes I actually entered this. And I will say that finding the codes that had to accompany submission is difficult! Nevertheless - I love PRIMA products and loved having a go at the sketch!
I'm late with putting this up! Its been a very busy, almost impossible past week!
You can find the ad here
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Look at the King of the Castle!
Feeling much better now that antibiotics for his foot are kicking in
(pardon the pun!) .
Look away if reptiles eek you out! My garden is full of bluetongue lizards, and we dont suffer the onslaught of snails or have snakes because these little fellows make sure of it!
They are totally docile slow moving creatures. Look at him peeping out behind the fairy statue!
Happy mail for winning Aussie Scrap Jack!!
Some very fabbo Christmas goodies!
Okay, so by now you must be this ALL this cat does!!
Weeell, yes, its is!!
But it is sooo photographable to me!!
. 24th OCT 09
What is this? Weeeeeell like in previous posts about the creek running through our garden and being like archaeological dig! We've managed to uncover under heaps of dirt, a rough cement pathway almost down to the water!! Still have a lot of work to do!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love love love love love love those lo's mandy!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee how u put pompoms on her skirt!!!!! and loving the photos....but ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah....that lizard boy would freak me out!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Peggy said...

aww such beautiful LO's again! I adore the first one, that stage is just too clever for words! And I agree with Julie, thoshe pompoms on her skirt ... brilliant!
How I love visiting your blog my sweet friend!
Hugs xxx Peggy

Peggy said...

Ooooh I forgot to say, thank you so much for your awfully sweet comment on my FP prompt 11 post (In my daughter's eyes LO) ... you touched my heart ... again! Thank you so much for being you.
xxx Peggy

Jocelyn said...

Oh Mandy...this LO's are Stunning...I ADORE THEM!!!!!! I love your pics also and so glad the King of the Castle is feeling better.....Love the pic of the lizard...I would much rather have him in my garden than a snake!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!! :-)

Amy Muffoletto said...

Love your layout of your daughter preparing to dance. Such a sweet design. so many details go into each of your layouts. I love them all. I have to say the lizard is pretty awesome. It may scar some but I think he is cool. Have a great day!

Jenneke said...

You know I ADORE your Shabby layout! I think it's one of your most beautiful layouts ever!!!!!!! The way you placed Paige in front of the stage, it's just like she's really standing there. Amazing!!!
And the other ones are great too, of course!!
Yek, that reptile....brrrrr..
And isn't it great to be a cat???? Just enjoying the sun and sleep and eat and sleep and

Have a wonderful week, sweet Mandy!!
Big hug from Holland!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG Your Stage Preparation layout is fantastic! You always have the most creative ideas and all the little details you put into your work inspire me. I love the little pom pom trim on her dress and the branch she is standing on! Oh, and how cool that you have blue-tongued lizards where you live! He is adorable!

Gladie said...

woooow, your stage takes my breath away - awsome!!!

And a lizard in your garden, hm... Well, if the alternative is snails & snakes, I'd take a SMALL lizard anytime - but suddenly I'm so happy to live where I live ;)

yyam said...

Mandy, that shabby layout is beyond fantastic! I've seen "stage" scenes before but your perspective is just so creative! :)

I love the details you put in ll your LOs...a bit of fun, a bit of whimsy and a whole lot of pretty! :)

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Trudi said...

Mandy I absolutely ADORE your 'Stage Preparation' layout. Awesome perspective!!

Brigitte said...

Heyyy beaudiful Mandy !!
just love love love coming here... so much to look at and be inspired this cat, looks absolutely gorgeous !!
and your Los...oh myy what can i say... and i totally understand you with prima...they have soooo cool stuffs... it's hard to resist huh ?? and you've done sooo well with that page, loooooveit !!
... the one with the Ballerina... sooo clever :)
Thanks for sharing your work with us, love it :)

Brigitte G.