Friday, 2 October 2009


It's happened......I've got some time back to catch up on my scrappy stuff and catch up with blogging and hopping!!! YAY!! So much has been happening, and so much is still to happen, however with a long weekend here and some much needed days off to spend at home is .....sigh... wonderful. Firstly - I won Aussie Scrap Jacked with my tree LO of Hannah!!! double YAY!! Secondly - a couple of dt layouts And thirdly - a big catch up on my photos.........phew ....there are a few, I hope you dont get bored!!! . .
Check out the new sketch over at WIOIN!! This is my interpretation with Paige snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef. She wasnt too pleased to have to wear a life jacket!
October criteria is.... 1. Use 5 different patterned papers 2. Use 1 colour and 1 black and white photo 3. Lots of tearing and crumpling
The ct samples are up and you can check them out here
This is a fav part of my garden.... it has my birdbath - and plenty of birds most times, and a stream that runs through it.
A tired Paige after 'Parents' Day' at the studio.
SCRAPY CAMP!! Nice and tidy !!
25TH SEPT 09
There's a man in our midst!! Weeeeell, he is the caretaker, and we called him 'Blue Hair' because he had a blue mohawk!! He often wandered over to see what we were up to....he was fanscinated by the tools we used!!
I packed so well this time - so packing up wasnt an issue either!! What a difference it made carting to and fro from the car!! After a couple of shockers of organisation for the last two camps....I swore I'd never be so disorganised again!
A mini-cyclone hit our area. We were lucky....other places lost roofs, uprooted trees, downed powerlines, trees falling on cars etc, outbuildings like barns and sheds - gone! One local golf course lost a row of 14 pine trees much to the glee of some of the golfers who previously never failed to miss them!!!
28TH SEPT 09
Mr 'Lay-About' while I have to prepare a million things for the exams at the studio!
I wished I could change places!
1st day of exams at the studio!

Paige's exam day

. 1ST OCT PHOTOYay, last day of exams at the studio!

Hannah and Paige singing at our local show (fair) .
Yay!!!! All caught up!!!


Jenneke said...

First of all: welcome back, Mandy!!! I missed you in Bloggerland!
But here you are again and how!!
COngrats with winning Aussies Scrapjacked!! No surprise to me, this layout is one of your most beautiful ones ever made!!
LOVe your new layouts, as always!
Love your pictures, as always! Specially the ballet-girls, all with the same knot in their hair. So lovely!
And Paige and Hannah are sooo talented, not only dancing but also singing, wow!!

Happy to have you back, Mandy! Enjoy your long weekend!


Jocelyn said...

Congrats on the win...your Lo's are always STUNNING!!! Such love goes into each and every one of them!!! I adore all the pics and look at your tidy..I hate to pack up...I can never get everything back in to where it came out of!!!! The ballet pics are soooooo beautiful and I am so glad that you did not have major damage from the mini cyclone!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend...sweet friend!!!! :)

Lean said...

Congrats with winning the Ausies scrapjacked.Your new lo´s are stunning.Great pictures to...have fun this weekend,Lean.

Beth Perry said...

Congrats on the Aussie ScrapJacked. I JUST learned that there was an Aussie one recently. very cool!
And I love your work. Beautiful, beautiful pages!!
I also really really like your blog banner.
Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

CONGRATS on the Aussie scrapjacked!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the lo's and the photos... bummer about your tree, but glad it wasn't worse....and those ballet photos are JUST WOW! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Petra Coolen said...

Hello Mandy,
Thanks for your sweet comment at my blog.
WOW, you make stunning layouts!! No wonder you won at Scrapjacked ;)

Peggy said...

Welcome back Mandy!!!
I love love love that Aussie Scrapjack LO ... so winning was totally deserved in my eyes!!! Then again, most of the times I feel you should win every challenge you enter LOL.
Your latest LO's are gorgeous as usual, I especially like the Ottoman LO, I love the colours on that one.
I'm so glad to hear the mini-cyclone spared your place, too bad it couldn't just pass without damaging anyone's property...
Have a wonderful scrappy weekend my friend, love xxx Peggy

Amy Muffoletto said...

Hello Mandy, I have a scrappy retreat near me and I love that place... Funny that a man is the caretaker of yours...They know where the $$$$ is I guess....I love your beautiful layouts...You always have such inspiration to share. I think I love the girls with there pretty hair at ballet class...That photo is my fave.... I know you have forgotten again but I sent your "green" package you won on my blog...It should arrive to you any day. My days have been crazy and a trip to the post office just never seemed to happen...I apologize. I hope you will love all your goodies!!! Hugs to you, Amy

Jeanet said...

Hi Mandy, Congrats on the Aussie Scrap Jacked..stunning layout!
LOVE all of your gorgeous photo's and of course your layouts are beautiful!Love your work!
Good there has been not much damage from that mini cyclone..have a wonderful weekend!

Toni said...

Wow, Congrats on the win!!! Awesome los, Luv the colors & designs & great pics!!!
Hav a great WEEKEND!!!!

Julie said...

Wahoo Missy Mandy is back in blog land. Have been missing your posts and out email chats.

Congrats on the ASJ win. So well deserved my friend.

Great pics as always.

jacque4u2c said...

Your layouts are always so stunning ans elegant! you are one of my favorite artists in blogworld!

Lisa T. Howard said...

So glad you found the time to catch up...wish I could but I fear "caught up" will never reside in my vocabulary. LOL! Fantastic layouts as always and equally wonderful photos! xoxo L

kathj said...

I love the otomun lo!