Tuesday, 1 September 2009


And as usual - lots of things happening!!! Firstly - how exciting... I won over at 'What's Ad About' it was their very first challenge. I love working off ads! (very big smile!).
The criteria is: use of book paper, the word 'SMILE, and use a non-scrappy item!!
Totally fun stuff! Go check it out!

For my non-scrappy item I've used pencil shavings to go around my flowers!!


Yes, and there's a new song up 'Mr Blue Skies'.
Its a fab song to scrap to!!
Here's Meaghan enjoying beachlife!
Check out the new ad - so fun. I went with the colours rather than the clean cut of the ad. This is my little Paige in Art Class, she was helping paint sets for 'The Secret Garden' .
. 30TH AUG 09 Another Sat morning at the studio. . . 31st AUG PHOTO Hmmn, the Sunday night scramble to get homework done! As much as I try to get the girls to avoid this..........it still happens!! . . 1ST SEPT PHOTO Yep!! I'm taking a photography course with 'Get It Scrapped' to
learn more about my camera! I'm soo not a 'read the instructions' kinda girl..... This is the only way!! So watch this space! Hopefully amazing things will turn up! . . .


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Those LO's are JUST AMAZING!!!! I am ALWAYS in AWE of your work!!! Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos too...and lol lol lol...Adam was rushing to do his homework last night too!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):)

Bec said...

Congrats on winning!! It was a gorgeous layout!
I was thinking of doing the same course. But other things became priority.
Have fun with it!!

Deb said...

Gorgeous lo's as usual Mandy.....llluuurrvvee your pencil shavings.

Tanya said...

OMG, how beautiful are these pages - I love the first one, it's truly gorgeous!!

RebeccaB said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, very creative work.....well done....
very inspirational.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG Pencil shavings! That's fantastic! and they look just like flowers - incredible! Your layouts are so inspiring! Congrats on your win!

byclops said...

Pencil shavings??!!! How ridiculously cool!!!

Lean said...

Congrats with your first prise.And your lo´s are beautiful again...wauwww.
bye bye,Lean

Ceci said...

Love the idea of the pencil shavings! Gorgeous bright colours too. :)

Jenneke said...

Congrats on winning, Mandy!!
And what can I say about your layouts, they are absolutely gorgeous!! Making a flower out of pencil shavings....who thinks of that????? PERFECT!!!!
And that picture of the ballerinas...soooo beautiful!!
Mandy: you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

redoaklines said...

loving all of your layouts!! that is some serious inspiration!

thanks for sharing.


Louise said...

Pencil Shavings - freaking Inspired girl!!!!


Peggy said...

Amazingly beautiful LO's ... I'm in love with the STM one, but then again the Ad This LO is pretty awesome as well!! Love love love them! And how about using pencil shavings ... how clever is that!
xxx Peggy

Gladie said...
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Gladie said...

Mandy, you've done it again! I'm just aaawwwed when seeing your flower of pencil shaving - that's so creative, so awsome - and I think you're the only one who could think of it -and it looks just PERFIC! :) You rock, girl!!! :D