Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I'd love a week off from housework, gardening, running kids around everywhere and going to work....just to scrap in my study, eat and sleep!! I've struggled to find time to get my scrapping projects done this week. (sigh) ART JOURNAL Yes, I'm doing one!! And having a wonderful time - I actually take this journal to art class with me so I can guarantee myself the time to enjoy this process!! This is my first page!!
The first challenge of each month now starts with theme song from a movie! I LOVE this!! The first challenge is CHEERS! I had the perfect photos! Jenneke sent me a rak a while back of one of her famous dutch aprons......and luckily last week she put a pic up on her blog wearing one - so I sneakily 'stole' a copy off her blog and put it with my pic - and look - it seems we are in the same room! (giggle). It was a bit of a struggle to get the two cut out figures in the right place as I'm facing the light and Jenneke had the light behind her - so finally after moving us around and around the page - we came to rest with the lighting just right!!! (the things we scrappers think about!!!) So here is the end result - Three CHEERS for Happy Mail!!!
Ooooh (and shhh) and I think its someone's birthday today too!! Happy Birthday Blossom!!! (teehee)
(no its not mine-giggle)
I really had fun with this one - I did have in my mind what I wanted to do - but whether it was going to work out was another matter!! It became highly experimental to me! Lol!
Gosh - how fab is Texture Paste - I love it!!! I made the explosion part of the challenge with the flower in mind and filled the centre with beading! (another fav thing to do!)
Here's closer detail with added kindyglitz -------------------------------------------------
1ST JULY PHOTO Paige practicing clarinet 2ND JULY PHOTO
Look who managed to snuggle under some of my fabric I had lying on a chair! Cosmo is sooo spoilt! Sound asleep- snoring even!!! 3RD JULY PHOTO
Basalt Columns a few minutes away from our house. 4TH JULY PHOTO
A storm starting to roll in across the sea 5TH JULY PHOTO
Painting painting.....a room - Paige's new room. Its taking forever - so much to do! 6TH JULY PHOTO
My messy table after finishing playing with beads!! 7TH JULY PHOTO
Starting the winter pruning. The big old pear tree was first, then the tea trees which are getting too tall. Many other trees followed! It should make a difference come spring growth!


Gladie said...

wow, Mandy, I really love your Cheers LO, so fun with you two on the same page! Great job! :D

Lean said...

OOO wauww girl ,great art work and your special flower....need no words..uhhh love it.
Bye bye,Leanp.ps.your snooring cat yust one sweety.

Jocelyn said...

Love the Lo with you and J and I hae one of those awesome aprons coming my way!!!!! I am so with you about the life thing!!! I cannot get in my room to create!!!! I the boys this week, getting ready to go away on Sunday for a week, housework screaming my name and all I want to do is create something!!! But who thought you have to sleep!!!! Have a wonderful day sweet friend!!!! :)

Scrappycat said...

I love what you have done with the Dutch apron pictures, it's sooo funny!!!
Also the first page of your art journal looks very shabby.
I often have the same sighs about my "own" time, with 2 small kids it's very hard to found some time for playing and creating.

Ruth said...

How cool is that....making it look like you two were in the same photo even though you are on different continents!!
Love the colours in the art journal too and you look like you had such fun with texture paste and glitter...works great on canvasses but have never tried it on a layout...thanks for the inspiration!

Chimene said...

What a beautiful art journal page!!! Love these colors:)

And the page with the aprons is super!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful lo's and photos Mandy! Thanks for your support during my robbery yesterday....I appreciate it...HUGS! :):):):)

Bec said...

I love your Cheers page too, but I love what you have done with the texture paste.
I haven't come across any yet but have wanted to play with it for a while.
You've made me get my butt into gear!!

Jenneke said...

WOW Mandy, thanks sooo much for this big surprise!!!!! I LOVE the layout you made with the two of us in our apron!! It's just like we were together in the same room instead of being miles away from each other!!!! And I adore the colors you used, sooooo shabby!!
And that layout of Ad This is a masterpiece of art!!!!! That flower is absolutely perfect!!!!!!!!!

Peggy said...

You Cheers LO is fun and pretty, and of course I love it. I don't think you've made one single LO I didn't love!! And what can I say about that flower, except ... how on earth did you get it that perfect????
xxx Peggy