Sunday, 14 June 2009


Oooh ooh oooh......I didnt win ScrapJacked USA - but I was one of the favs for my balloon LO of Meaghan!!! Check it out here Yay - thats soooo cool!!
You can find them here Especially that gorgeous Vintage Kit!!
So much for having a rest!
In all my busy-ness I managed to forget the girls were singing with 'Suade' ( a five-part male acappella vocal group ) I thought it was Sunday not Saturday and I got a phonecall at 10.30am saying "Where are Hannah and Paige' - they were still asleep in bed!! So we flew around the house, and I got them there a little bleary eyed but they had to workshop with them until 4pm with the concert that night. Soooo trapsing back to the theatre again!! Another night in the theatre!!! At least I got to sit in the audience this time and enjoy my girls singing with these amazing artists! This is the second time they've had this wonderful opportunity.
Its a pity we arent allowed to take photos!!!
Ooooh its torture being a scrapbooker with camera in bag and NOT allowed to use it!!!
Anyway that leaves today to get some scrapping down, and hopefully a tidy house by this afternoon!!
KIDDIELIT -Wild Things...

Hmn, the background has come out a little is black -I always have trouble photographing black! Anyway what fun!! This is sooooo not my style BUT getting inspiration from the book 'Where the Wild Things Are" this is what came out the other side!! LOL

The Challenge is to use the word 'wild'. I was sooo inspired by the PJ's the little boy in the story I made some tiger outfits (freehand drawing and cutting) for my girls who had their faces painted at the local tulip festival!


Even though Cosmo is an old old man of 17yrs, he still has moments of throwing himself around the floor playing (this time with an old lipstick container) thinking he's still a kitten! He always raises giggles!


Its been freezing, the fire is alight early today. Snow is down to 300 metres and the sun is peeking out every now and then!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Well, I'm glad U made the concert!!!! Bummer about not taking photos though!!!! :( I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the LO!!!! Thanks sooooooooooooooo much for playing along with us at Kiddie Lit Mandy!!! YAY!!! And the photos are WONDERFUL! :):):):):):):):):):)

Jenneke said...

I LOVE your Scrapjacked layout Mandy!! For me you are the winner!! And that one for Kiddie Lit is great too! So happy and funny!
Brrrr, freezing? Don't like the cold!!
Hope you'll have some relaxing days!

Jocelyn said...

That is one Fantastic LO and it is by far one of my favorite books and the boys love it!!!!! Sounds like a busy one but maybe today some scrapping and rest!!! Have a great one! :)

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

That is such the worst thing about being a scrapper (is not allowed to take those kind of pics - I think there should be special laws made just for US - lol).
Gorgeous layout and pics Mandy.

Julie said...

Total bummer about not being able to take photos Mandy.

Awesome page too Mandy.

Lean said...

HIHI it´s strange to read that you are having snow our summertime is soon comming.I think that Cosmo want to have some color on his lips[haha]and the wild girls yehh so funny to see.
bye bye,Lean

Gladie said...

I love your fun kiddieLo - the tigersuits are so cool! Congrats on the SJ, you rock, girl! :))) We're full speed ahead for summer, my vacations only a week ahead. yay! You go from heatwave to freezing in such a short time, but at least the fireplace gives a delicious warmth :)

Leanne said...

Amazing stuff as usual! Just wanted to say hi!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great LO's!!!! So the Kiddie Lit page is not your style? My goodness, you totally rocked it anyway! And I had to giggle over the mix up on the concert day...made me feel slightly better about a few of my mommy-moments. My worst one...TOTALLY missed my daughter's piano recital. Other than the teacher's own daughters, my little one was the only other student. The teacher had made a big deal out of inviting other folks to attend for support. I felt like a total schmo! At least it worked out for you! Now, if we can convince them to let you snag a few photographs, all would be right in the world, huh? LOL! Hope you are having a Happy Monday!

Kimmy said...

love your page! Thanks for playing! The winner will be posted soon!
~Kimmy (kiddie lit)