Saturday, 30 May 2009


Loved loved loved creating this LO! The Jack this time was an album cover which made room for such an arty feel!! Me and my paints had a lovely time! The black shadow of the crevice in the mountain side gave an opportunity to follow that down the page with black paint.
You can check the challenge here.
Meaghan and her ballooning were perfect for this!! The jack has a suspended figure with strings attached.....yep......perfect! (big smile!)


SCRAPSCENE Who subscribes to this? Its a fabbo daily newsletter on the who's who of scrapbooking and who's doing what in scrapbooking. I've learnt so much from it! Being in Australia, its in my inbox first thing in the morning and I always look forward to opening it up to see what eyecandy is in it for the day! I thought I'd share it with you. -------------------------------------------------------

30TH MAY O9 PHOTOOh dear - a crack in the pipe where the water meter is!!!! Because the water meter isnt turning that's a council problem and not ours!! Phew! They'll be here tomorrow and I'll have no water between 11-12 midday. I'll cope with that. Just need my kettle full of water for my cup of tea and I'm happy!


Such a sweety that she is.......Jenneke is offering some wonderful goodies or even a stay in her holiday house..........if you live in Holland or closeby....but let me tell you as an owner of one of her famous dutch aprons.......I'd be happy with the happy mail! Hmmn, since I have an apron, I'd pass this onto one of our scrappy friends but I sure am eyeing off that gorgeous-smorgeous dutch trim!! (and other goodies!) Here's a looky at the generous situation..... Yep......definitely a sweety!
PEGGY who is another gorgeous girl gave me these friendship awards.
Thanks so much. I've never seen anyone go from beginner to advanced techniques in scrapping as I have Peggy within DAYS - extraordinary! That is a true artist!
I'm truly hopeless at passing them on...because I fight against my clock here.... but thanks soooo much my dear friend from Belgium! xx


Ceci said...

I really love your scrapjacked layout is very arty, I am really keen on layouts like this one which go beyond surface decoration and tell a story. I had to smile about you giving PT her 2 words!! ;)

Lucy Edson said...

LOVE this layout!! Amazing how you made the photo blend into the background!! Really creative and beautiful!! :)

Julie said...

amazing layout Missy Mandy just love it.

Jocelyn said...

Love how you placed the photo, so unique!!!!! You know I adore all your work!!! Love the pics also!!!! have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

iza said...

different n amazing page.creatively done...

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE that LO...and bummer about the water line....I hate when that happens!!! I hope U have a FANTASTIC WEEKEND! :):):):):):):):):):):)

laury55 said...

your LO is fantastic and very creative, love it

Deb said...

Wowsers Mandy.....I llllluuuurrrvvveee your SJ USA LO. Absolutely stunning.

BrigitteG said...

Totally agree withyou for SCRAPSCENE !!!
it's aweeesome :)
Brigitte G.

Peggy said...

Thank you soooooo much for your sweet words, you made my day!!! It's such a huge compliment coming from someone I admire so much.
Thanks also for the link to Scrapscene, I had a quick look and it looks fab, already put it on my list (boy, it's getting so long!!).
I love your LO, I saw that challenge and wondered what anyone could possibly make of that, it looked so difficult but ... you rocked it!
xxx Peggy

Michelle Sanders said...

Your jack is amazing. Seriously yo!