Monday, 9 March 2009


Lots and lots to show and tell here....I managed to complete some of my wonderful blog challeges too! SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #76 Dt Sample The song this week is 'Hello' Go check it out!!! This is my escape - inside my scrap study where I have everything I need!! (big smile!) AdThis DT SAMPLE Check out this challenge!! Its all about MASKING!! Fabulous fun! I've masked my frame and the little bird! Paige dressed for a 60's-70's dance. She looked adorable!
Make your own flowers
Autumn Colours - Oranges, Yellows and Browns
Texture of some kind - felt, fabric, scrunched paper {for example}
I've used a lot of trims and tulle for texture, flowers are made from cotton laces and pearls. New Basic Grey Marrakech was perfect for the flower bases and background.
Meaghan helping Hannah with her make-up for Snugglepot and Cuddlepie! I love this photo!
Inspired by the song 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand', I had the perfect photo of Paige with dh at the zoo enjoying a lovely moment together. Even though she is 12yrs old, she will still take hold of our hands anywhere anytime.
Recycling was the main feature of this challenge....I've used a red onion bag as a butterfly net! Paige is in a little fairy costume and IMP describes her beautifully!!
The criteria is to create a layout in either yellow or red connecting with emotions. I went with yellow - it has a much more positive effect on me....
SCRAP THERAPY has been busy with our CYBERCROP this past weekend. Even though the Cybercrop deadline has passed for prizes, there is still an opportunity to win another prize as the
CHALLENGE CHAMPION The catch is - you have to complete the most challenges on offer at Scrap Therapy - including having go with the cyberscrop ones!! ITs fun!
My DT Cybercrop Sample was for the Inspiration Challenge (the theme is 'Class is In')I focussed on school art. Here's an ADORABLE little Kinder Mary Poppins (Paige) dressed for bookweek with her own entry for the poster competition! She came first!
Paige's attempt at spelling and writing were (top) Paige Book (down the bottom) Jane, Micheal, Mary Poppins and Bert!! Wasnt she clever!!! (4.5 yrs old!)
BELLA is the MANUFACTURER OF THE MONTH! Therefore all the MONTHLY CHALLENGES has a focus on Bella!
Here's my MONTHLY INSPIRATIONAL DT sample (this time the inspiration came from the playground!) I also did a bit of a showcase on BELLA's GRACE line:
The diecut cardstock is very good quality! (I found it very hard to photograph the black and white and get true colours!!!) Hannah amongst the very white tulips!
Its hard to see, but I inked the white bits in 'vanilla' to give it more a black and cream, rather than black and white look. This is me at age 11-12 with my trusty little dog 'Bobby' I had him until I was 23 yrs. He thought he was human.
I'm afraid I had no time to scrap my Journal they will be hole=-punched and written on the back etc - but I did still manage to take my photo a day!
Here they are!!
MARCH 4THNot really a great pic as I held the camera up in the air looking down and clicked!, but this is my Blackie who climbs up onto my lap when I sit at my computer first thing every morning. Being an ex feral - this was the very first place he 'voluntarily' got up on my lap. Its the ONLY place he will get up onto my lap. He always 'kisses' me under the chin before he snuggles down. He is an extraordinary cat with extraordinary senses I've not seen in the domestic cats I've owned.
MARCH 5TH Mostly Cosmo loves to be outside, but we had a cold snap and he decided snuggling on the couch under a blanket was best to remedy that! He's 16.5 years old and feels the cold now despite his very fluffy coat.

MARCH 6THYep, we could have jumped on the trampolines....but I parked my car, carted all my stuff inside and began what was the most fabulous, relaxing, inspiring SCRAPPY CAMP!! We do this twice a year with a bunch of wonderful ladies.

MARCH 7TH Here's my workspace at Scrappy Camp - over the other side I shared with my good friend Chris who is great fun!! We had a ball! Look at the ink and paint all over my mat!! Shows I use a LOT!


Sunday roast!! It was beautiful - they sure do look after us!! Turkey or lamb - I had the lamb! I've darkened this photo right down (sorry) to make the girls a little anonymous. But you can see our tranquil surroundings! One of the girls were admiring the desert trolly - little meringues with cream and fruit.....YUM!
MARCH 9THOur last morning favourite - DEVONSHIRE TEA! This kind of spoiling did not stop!!
Other than breakfast, lunch and dinner......we had morning tea, afternoon tea AND supper!!!


Jenneke said...

Welcome back, Mandy!!!
I am amazed about all the wonderful layouts you made at your Scrappy-Camp! I always find it very difficult to scrap somewhere else because I always think I need the things I didn't bring, lol.

jacque4u2c said...

Glad you are back - and look at your new look! LOVE IT!!!! That is the best picture to put as a profile photo!!! I am still gasping at all your creations - sheesh GIRL!!! You rock!!!! Just breathtaking!

Theresa said...

wow, you were busy at camp..=) great layouts. I saw the one at your scrappy space. those pink pompoms are so cute. I need to find me some of those.. I'm going to a retreat this weekend coming up. can't wait.. lots of scrapping, time with friends, and eating.. can't beat that.. Have a great week.

Tanya said...

Welcome back! Wow so much eye candy!!! Gorgeous layouts as usual! I love your scrap space :)

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Welcome back from camp - such a productive weekend with some great work achieved. Can't wait to see what you do with the photos for your 365 journal.

Julie said...

Awesome Missy Mandy just adore it all.

Wendy said...

Welcome back, Mandy!!

You made some really great lay-outs at the Scrappy-Camp! I love them all!

Trish said...

Mandy, these LOs are just oh! so beautiful! ... and I can't believe the magical quality of "Imp" with all of those lovely butterflies and the fab butterfly net.

Glenda T. said...

Your layouts and journal pages are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us over at TDX!!! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog!

Bec said...

I love all of them as per usual!! ;o)
I especially love the Delightful one and the flowers are just gorgeous on it. They look real! Are they?? ;o)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

HOLY MOLY Mandy!!!!! YOU SIMPLY AMAZE and INSPIRE ME!!!! Alllllllllll of these LO's ARE PURE GENIUS!!!!!! I sooooooooooooo loveeeeeeeeeeeee that butterfly net U made and loveeeeeeeee the STM and SATU one's ..... Heck, who am I kidding???? I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK GIRL!!!!!!!!! I just wanna SIT NEXT TO U and just have some of your talent just ooze over to me!!! LOL LOL LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):) Thanks sooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH for playing with us at SATU!!!!! U ROCK GIRL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

deana said...

♥ the SATU LO... great layering, ♥ the title work... sooo CUTE! :-)

Jane Smith said...

how the heck do you pump out so much amazing work? It is all devine inspiring..think i might have to get into it over the weekend!! got a bit of block happ'n at the minute.