Thursday, 30 October 2008


This week at Color Combo the shade of lime was added into the mix! Here's Hannah looking over the pond - a beautiful day with the sun shining down.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I've used the words 'The Sky is Yours' from the song 'Im Yours' by Jason Mraz. It was perfect for this photo of Meaghan - just love the colour - that made it great to scrap too!!
AND check out my cat! Thats his 'I'M NOT' expression! I'm not moving, I'm not happy, I'm not going outside........

Monday, 27 October 2008


Scrappy certainly has a much better life now than how it could have turned out. Poor little thing hit the glass window, pretty much fell into the jaws of the cat and I dont think my feet touched the ground until I had little 'Scrappy' in my hands. My friend grabbed her camera and took this very touching photo. This little bird soon after just settled down into my hands and shut her eyes. I'm not sure what she was shutting out, but 5 mins later she had no trouble tucking into some food! So no shock evident! Scrappy's story was perfect for the words 'Listen to My Story'

OLW 'Imagine'

Both the girls tried to IMAGINE the enormity of living the life as a child of a lighthouse keeper as their ancestors had. Here in this photo, they talked about how lonely and long each dark night would be for the light pilot. No wonder such a detailed diary was kept to pass the time away high above the rest of the land. Click to enlarge to see Hannah and Paige trying to grasp the whole idea

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Trying to photograph colours true to a swatch is sooo hard! I've painstakingly matched products used on the page to justify the colours chosen by Waleska for Colour Combo Galore, yet its turned out lighter than it should especially the deep orchid. I'm not sure how it happened but those wool threads are the same colour as the 'deep orchid' coloured tulips in the photo in real life though they have photographed lighter.....hmmn. I need to learn how to photoshop better I think!

Friday, 24 October 2008


This is my entry for Aussie Scrapjack, and have to say that I started a couple of different layouts only to toss it aside each time - I really struggled with the circles!! Anyway - give me fabric to use and it will save the day! (and the LO!!) The elements that stuck in my mind - were the circles and the border, the one word title and its subject being flora - so this is my take.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


The song chosen this week is 'All Summer Long' by Kid Rock. I found the words 'Splashing through' in the lyrics and thought they were perfect for this photo of Meaghan splashing through the surface to snorkell. The underwater world is so vast, colourful and layered that a collage-gy feel bubbled to the surface when creating this LO! lol. So the process was one that just 'happened'.... with fabric, netting, gold foil, alphas and embellies. That little red 'eachway' arrow was actually ON the fabric!! It indicates which way the grain runs.......however it became such a fab sign for jumping up and splashing down!!!!! LOL!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Colour Combo Challenge #92

Here's my entry into Colour Combos Galore Blog Challenge. The colours to be scrapped where 'Sunflower, Alabaster,Charcoal Grey,Silver" I love using paint, so this was a really neat opportunity, painted cardboard bits and a chance to freehand cut and mount some 3-D tulips from grey, with a black shadow underneath. Its my first entry for Colour Combo.

Friday, 17 October 2008

SERVIETTE RINGS (getting ready for BBQ season)

If you are anything like me - I LOVE A BBQ and now that weather and season is here (almost for us Tasmanians), I thought I'd brighten up our BBQ table with these fab little Serviette Rings. AND the best thing of all is that this little project uses up your scraps!! If you'd like to do follow my step-by-step........ you will find it here at Scrap Therapy

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Sunday afternoon was spent in tulips! (and iris') Nearby, is a beautiful cape with stunning tulip and iris fields looking out to sea. The backdrop to the fields is a beautiful commanding view of our lighthouse where my family of generations ago lived and worked in the 1890's. The LO in the previous post called 'Teen Spirit' for 'Scrapping the Music' is of Hannah leaning up against the base of the lighthouse.
Here are my family of 'great, greats' ....... and for Hannah and Paige - add on another 'great'!
Here are Hannah and Paige standing in the same place where the Lighthouse Keepers' cottages once stood and where their ancestors played.
We are very lucky to be in possession of a copy of the diary kept in the lighthouse, the daily grind and every detail possible about the children. Its written in a mix of German, French, Latin and English.
Both the girls felt a sense of history and was really something!
(and just so you know - yes I've scrapped an album on our history)

Monday, 13 October 2008


Even though the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by 'Nirvana' only went up on the site today - I had the perfect photo and inspiration grabbed me!

Sunday, 12 October 2008


I've managed to use all four criteria (could choose 3 of 4) being Handstitching Purple Animal somewhere on LO Garden theme I've used part of a very old silk scarf, it was perfect for the setting! I love working with fabric! Booky has her own LO now - she usually shares with Scrappy! LOL. She is a very alert bird, constantly looking out for danger. She is very very flighty and hasnt learnt to trust us yet. Its unusual really knowing that she was an aviary breed bird, yet Scrappy is very laid-back and came in from the wild. Interesting!

Thursday, 9 October 2008


This week's song is 'The Tide Is High" by 'BLONDIE'. These photos could have been more fab than this - if only I kept the shutter going!! I could KICK myself, but my reaction was to freeze and get ready for a 'flight or fight' situation - which didnt need to happen! In a nutshell dh and Hannah walked along the pier at Rye, reaching the end they peered over the edge and as you can see - the pier was completely dry - I was photographing them - then suddenly from NO-WHERE a freak wave rose up - I froze, they threw their arms up and quickly turned and rushed away from it AND I MISSED THE MOMENT that COULD have been one of THOSE shots!!!!!!! And as you can see - I did get photograph them the following moment - brushing of the water from their clothes! Click to enlarge photo. Yes the tide was high! (and rough)

Working with MME LOVE Kit and some Sass Lass LO's

Here is the My Mind's Eye LOVE Kit LO's. With two extra pieces of cardstock, this kit did quite well. I tried to make it as versatile as possible.
As I said before - this is MME LOVE kit - there are many other kits of various themes and colours - you can find them here :
THis is a LO for Julies CC Challenge at Scrap Therapy. I love doing this style!! This is a sketch sample I created for OCT Cyberscrap at Scrap Therapy: Hannah practicing. The Design Team at Scrap Therapy created a Kaiser Chipboard Album each (complete with Kaiser paper and Rhinstones etc. This was my creation - which was an 'Arrow' shape, so i layered it a bit so there are sneak peeks of each page. Its a ballet album for Paige.
This was a Step-by-Step LO I taught at Scrap Therapy - you can find it here:


The October 123 Cybercrop - Monday 13th October 7:30 AEDST This month we will have 3 Cybercrop Challenges - not 4 making it easier for you to complete them ALL.... and to complete the main October 123 Challenge too! There'll be BINGO & maybe a few DIFFERENT games too! Chatting in Chatzy of course ;) MORE DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ON THE CYBERCROP BLOG COME AND JOIN THE FUN!! NOW MOST IMPORTANT!!.... ON FRIDAY 10TH OCTOBER CHARM WILL BE HAVING A BLOG PARTY FOR HER 30TH.... SHE'D LOVE EVERYONE TO COME AND WISH HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY - THERE'LL BE HAVING A COUPLE OF GIVEAWAYS AND CHALLENGES AND PRIZES TO WARM YOU ALL UP FOR THE 123 CYBERCROP ON MONDAY.... NOT TOO HARD THOUGH ;) And of course as stated in a previous post - the monthly criteria is: Use THREE of the following criteria on your layout: 1 Hand-stitching 2 Use the colour purple somewhere on the layout 3 garden theme! 4 an animal somewhere... there's loads of cute animal embellies at the moment like birds, owls, bugs, butterfly or create your own If you want to use all of the criteria - EVEN BETTER!!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Man of the Month is MY MINDS EYE as Scrap Therapy

AND I've been busy busy busy creating a few samples using My Mind's Eye 'DAZZLING SUMMER' and 'YOU AND ME' lines. They are fab to work with - bright and colourful.

BEACH HOUSES was a fun way of showcasing the different papers 'Summer' and 'You and Me' lines just in one LO - all but one side of the papers were used (which was too flowery but I've used that in a LO further below) This if for Julie's Inspirational Challenge and shows Hannah's silouette in between two beach houses.

This was October's Calander Page using MME's 'You and Me' embellishments. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: INTRODUCING BOOKY! Scrappy was soooooo lonely, that we decided to get her a off to the Pet Shop we went. The girls were delighted AND Hannah came up with the name 'Booky' - its stuck and it kinda suits her. She's a little lighter in colour and size than Scrappy. If you want to know more on how Scrappy came into our family -'ve created this for PT's 'Write Stuff' were we had to write on the photos - its one thing I love to do!! Here's that flowery paper I didnt use in 'BEACH HOUSES', its called 'Flower Power' in the SUMMER line. Got to love those AC Puffy Thickers too!

Friday, 3 October 2008

123 Challenge for October

Here's 123 Challenge's criteria for October! Great fun! Most scrappable this month again!! I cant wait to have a go with this: Use at least 3 of the following: handstitching, the colour purple, garden theme and/or an animal embellishment DUE MIDNIGHT LAST DAY OF THE MONTH!!! All four is good too!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

SCRAPPING THE MUSIC #55 (and whoohoo - it won!!!)

This is to the song - Celebrate: Here's Paige exiting a tunnel slide when we were away in Victoria, both Hannah and Paige lost themselves in the maze of tunnels and slides!!
Also: my 'Surfs Up' LO won over at Aussie Scrapjack!! Thats 2 months in a row! I think I've won four there all up now!! Here's the LO which is very different to how I usually scrap.