Saturday, 30 August 2008


Here's the weekend's 'Surprise Challenge' over at Scrap Therapy - to scrap a LO using AC thickers. Here's Hannah and Cosmo cuddling up on the couch in front of the fire. I love this photo - its typically them. And this was last nights 'Blind Scrap' with Julie at ST too. I am so pleased with how this turned out! Here's Meaghan outside her apartment in Sydney. We were waiting for a taxi - which was late - to take us to the airport. I was returning home to Tassie after visiting with her, and she was heading to Brisbane for a conference. I love these pics too!

Friday, 29 August 2008

Whoo Hooooo!!

This LO of Hannah won at Aussie Scrapjack!! I'm soooo excited!


Hannah left her gloves at home, and we had to purchase her new ones at the Cradle Mountain Lodge Store because her hands were sooo cold when we were out walking. She loves them! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

GIVING ALL WE GOT (Scrapping the Music #51)

The title was a fab line from the lyrics that suited Paige powering a song out from 'Annie'. The team of girls were fantastic. I used that fabulous DB background paper -Rockstar Ballad, MM diecut, Lil Davis Outline and colorbok Stax alphas and a heap of ribbon!!! LOVE my ribbon - I was in heaven doing this!!! LOL AC THICKERS HAVE ARRIVED AT (click here) SCRAP THERAPY and I adore the tinsel ones! I've also purchased the fiskers scallop punch!!! That will soon turn up in my work here without doubt!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

THE WHOLE WORLD - Daisy Bucket Blog

Over on the Daisy Bucket Blog they have offered a sketch challenge using DB product (of course). I've enjoyed this challenge immensely and felt it encouraged looking into the elements in the patterned paper much more deeply. THere is soooooo much scope! Here's Hannah and Paige amongst the great old Tasmanian heritage rainforest.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

YOU CAN LIGHT UP THE DARK - Scrapping the Music #50

My baby girl - Paige and her beautiful long blonde hair surrounded by flowers - she sure is a light in the dark with the help of Little Yellow Bicycle and load of ribbon!

Friday, 22 August 2008


Here's my latest Daisy Bucket LO for Scrap Therapy. I've used quite a bit of scalpelling in the tree and another swirlie in green at the top of the page. Little leaf stamps (also DB) on the tree and a bit of DB grass stamp on the bottom corner of the photo, plus a bird stamp. I've coloured in the tree and the top swirlee with a white gel pen to give it that 'snow' look Here's Hannah on a little bridge with snow laying about. Its been freezing here lately and there's 'snow' in the air!


Here is a post from ScrapScene: >Book Review: Death Swatch - A Scrapbooking Mystery Posted: 21 Aug 2008 07:45 AM CDT Laura Childs’ new book, “Death Swatch: A Scrapbooking Mystery,” is the latest in her Scrapbooking Mystery series. Written in a traditional “cozy” style, you will find that reading the previous books are not a pre-requisite for enjoying this book! The story follows scrapbook store owner, Carmela Bertrand as she finds herself following clues to solve a mysterious murder. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, many true-to life eccentricities of the locale are described. From expressions to food, you will feel like you are actually there! There are even recipes in the back of the book which are mentioned within the story. I also read, with interest, all the scrapbooking-related references throughout the book. The main character teaches classes in her scrapbook store, describes projects that she and her friends are working on, discusses new inventory, etc. The back of the book also contains some handy scrapbooking tips and ideas from the author. “Death Swatch: A Scrapbooking Mystery” will be released September 2nd by Penguin Group. It is up for pre-order right now. You can order your copy here: Death Swatch: A Scrapbooking Mystery "> I do believe there are previous volumes in Libraries in various states here in Australia. Could be worth the hunt. I'll let you know more when I've read one or two or more!! I'm certainly curious!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Daisy Bucket - 'In the Meadow' range. It was the perfect choice for this photo of Hannah.


This Cosmo - he's a bi-coloured rag doll almost 16yrs old. He's quite the clown! And can still cutely push the 'boundaries' of rules in our house.

Here's Blackie (named by the kids for obvious reasons!)- he's about 10yrs old, and an ex-feral I re-educated. Its been a long road. He's very serious, quite shy and very nervous. He is large and loves my scraproom - his most fav place (under his blanket!)

You'll probably see a bit of their antics here from time to time!

Monday, 18 August 2008


ST's Monthy Challenge is to use at least two photos of time gone by for the monthly theme of 'Everything Old is New Again'. I found two old photos dating back to the turn of the century of the family church. Here's Hannah outside it in rainy blustery weather. I managed to recreate that blustery feel with the help of Daisy Bucket paper. Needless to say that the umbrella blew itself inside out not long after!! Teehee!

123 Challenge's Cybercrop tonight! (Mon 18th) AND you will have to Sept 17th to upload! YES one month!! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 17 August 2008


The girls jumping on the bed in their pj's! It was a lucky shot with Hannah in focus and the sheeer exhileration of that feeling!
We've had a busy weekend of visitors. My sister and niece came to stay, and the girls having friends over with pop in's for cuppa's with their parents as well.
Hannah went to a Career's Day organised by the Soroptimists in a conference type setting. She had a taste of what kinds of careers she might be drawn too. She has her mind firmly made up and even with this day - she still hasnt changed it. Hannah wants to be a librarian. Full stop.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

NO IF'S AND'S AND MAYBE'S 'Scrapping the Music' #49

What a struggle getting this page together - scrappers block - easy picking the backgound papers and cutting and placing the photos, but the rest didnt come easy! The first go got scrapped (tossed aside lol). Finally I've arrived at this.... (hmn)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


For Hannah

Monday, 11 August 2008

SURF'S UP (Aussie Scrap Jack - August)

This is a jack of Clair Bremner. It really made me scrap a completely different style to how I usually do. This is Hannah walking the boardwalk near the beach. Yep the surf was up, and Paige nearly lost a thong in the waves,and was horrified- luckily Hannah retrieved it!


Create a LO with:
Lots of Bling
Lot of colour - more than 5
(Keep Monday 18th of August free for 123 Cybercrop)
Pop on over and have a look around, theres heaps going on!


Paige was very happy to hear that her audition had been successful. Her rehearsals start on Friday night. There are three parts to the performances and so far she knows she has the role of 'Detective Dan' in the play. The solo singing/dance spots are yet to be determined and she will find out at rehearsal. She still has her fingers crossed.


Julie set a great inspirational challenge over at ST and here's my take on it.
I even managed to use a bit of my ribbons I'd just received from America : the brown and pink vines and the caterpillar fuzzy dot in brown and pink also. One of the bonus prizes for this challenge is if you use a Daisy Bucket product on your layout. Even though I cant win any prizes I still like to challenge myself and have used DB's 'Playful Border' rubon underneath the ribbons at the bottom.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Paige's audition

Paige auditioned today for a Children's Show. She sang one of she two songs prepared (and danced a little). She said they tested her voice range, had to read lines, and sing a chosen song by them reading the words. I heard some of it through the door, but the chatting in the waiting room made it hard (I wanted to shush everyone up lol!) What I heard was really good, and Paige was pleased with how she went. We should hear tomorrow....fingers crossed!
Here she is in the doorway waiting to go in (the panel were having a break)


Here's my latest entry. I found the title within the lyrics of the song chosen this week. Last weekend I'd taken these photos in Darling Harbour trying to get some fantastic shots of seagulls in flight. Wonderful!


Here are my samples for ST's surprise challenge.
the Ferris Wheel come from inspiration from the Olympic Symbol - I used the colours and the rings. The photo I took last weekend on Sydney Harbour as we cruised past Luna Park. Its kinda strange to see such colour being engulfed by tall grey city buildings.
The card is for Father's Day which always seems to be upon us before we know it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Scrap Therapy's new DAISY BUCKET products

And I've ordered my parcel and cant wait to receive it!
I've got mostly stamps and papers coming!!

I've already noticed that some of the products are out of stock already!
If you want some of what I'm having, then head on over to ST's shop and place an order.
There is plenty of incentive with prizes too if you use your new Daisy Bucket's stash - so visit the forum and find out how!


Just click on 123 Challenge in the blog list to the right and have a look - Create a LO with: Lots of Bling Self-Portrait Lot of colour - more than 5 DUE MIDNIGHT LAST DAY OF THE MONTH!!! (Keep Monday 18th of August free for 123 Cybercrop)

Monday, 4 August 2008


Its been a long day. Hannah had her stitches out. The report of the biopsy showed some nasty cells and we were told she was very very lucky we had the mole taken off and not left it any longer. Luckily all points and edges of the incision were clear. This is good news and another stress gone. As mothers, we sometimes do tend to consider the worst. After getting home from work (overwhelming to say the least -seriously need to think about retiring), the night went from bad to worse ending with a prowler on our veranda! I literally came face to face with him - and his was covered! Fear rocked me to the core, and froze for a second. Sitting at my computer I saw a slight figure out the corner of my eye pass the glass door and heard footsteps along the veranda arriving right outside my window with closed wooden blinds , the glass door beside it has no covering. He leaned over to peer in just as I leant over to see what was going on. He pulled back quickly as did I and when I tried to look again, I could make out his dark figure leaning well over the railing to stop me from seeing him. He could hardly jump, its a long long way to the ground. He'd at least break legs. I ran to get dh out of bed and he raced outside with the baseball bat and torch. We called the police. They said they know who it is and have visited him, warned him (he denied it). But whether it was him or not, I dont feel safe, I dont feel my girls are safe and we feel watched - life feels a little hurt all round.


It was great to spend time with Megs and see her new life. Here she is at work. She's a 'Food Technologist' its nothing to do with being a cook or chef or restaurant'. She develops new products for a company. Its all science really! And of course has to do with fish! I had the best seafood chowder ever!

We had a great time including visiting the ICE BAR which was minus 16 degrees! Everything was made of ice even the cups we drank from which had to be vodha based cos it doesnt freeze (or something like that - yeah more science!)
Lots of photos to scrap!

Unfortunately I got sick on the last couple of days so ended up sleeping most of it away - got better just in time to travel home.