Wednesday, 30 July 2008

BYE - I'm off to SYDNEY (waving)

I'm about to leave and fly to Sydney to see Meaghan (eldest daughter) who has suprised me with tickets! I'll have lots of photos!! So until Sunday...........


Here's my entry for 'Scrapping the Music'. The song chosen this week is called 'Stay Beautiful' This time I looked at the lyrics and chose a couple of lines that suited the photo of Paige engaging with a little pademelon. They had such a dialogue going and the pademelon understood everything she was saying to him. Everytime I moved a foot photographing, it hopped away, but she could get up sooo close to a point where it was putting its little front paws on her knees.


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hannah's mole removal

This was a tiny mole that got darker until it became black and the
edges started to change. It had to be removed. The mole is the right size here to how it looked on Hannah's back. The stitches in the other photo are twice as long in real life. She has just over a 2 cm scar on her left shoulder. Hannah was sooooo brave even though I knew she was dying with fear inside. With a promise of a new book (the Complete Chronicles of Narnia) she conducted the whole thing with composure and ever since has not lifted her nose out of the book. I think - she thinks- - the whole ordeal was worth it!! It was really important that I photograph this for her as she had no idea what any of it looked like. All she could say was 'wow'!!
Her stitches come out on Monday and hopefully we get the path report then too.
Fingers crossed. xx

Monday, 28 July 2008


Today I was invited into the world of Design Teamers at Scrap Therapy and boy was it a magical inductee time! I'm going to love it there! The girls are just sooooo wonderfully warm.

THEN after getting my head around that -

Julie messages me with a hint to head on over to 'Scrapping with the Music' (an American site ) and surely enough my little LO with Paige kissing the Tassie Devil had won!! Weeeeell, you can knock me down with a feather because I never would have thought I'd ever had a chance! I just love their challenges!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008


This is a wrap around card which I've created for Hero-Arts Comp on Flickr.
This is where I keep some of my ribbons, it hangs over my desk were I can pull one down as I need them. I have a more over on another wall. LOVE ribbon!
Here's my biggest girl Meaghan - Relsi set us a challenge at ST to use a theme from the latest CHA and I chose the female icons.

Other than that: we've been to the Bawdy Banquet (soooo fun), a reunion for 'ANNIE' performers (Paige) and to see Mamma Mia. MY GOSH this movie was amazing and us girls loved every minute of it! A LOT OF FUN!! What a big weekend!
I'm about to light my open fire in the loungeroom and settle in for the evening (big smile!)


(happy dance here!!) I won the Masters over at Scrap Therapy!! Its a take from the real thing! All I can say is THANK-YOU to everyone who voted for me!! (still dancing!!)

Friday, 25 July 2008


Basic Grey Two Scoops - I bought them, and then they just sat in my stash, I kept passing over them, I'm not sure why. Julie at Scrap Therapy designed a very pretty step by step for us to follow and this is the result. I'm happy with both how it turned out and finally being motivated to use these papers/stickers etc. (Just couldnt help attaching some extra ribbon!)

After Hannah's dread of returning to school - she had a great day - YAY. She was all chatty and happy in the back seat. Thank God its Friday! We have a HUGE weekend coming up!


Every month on Scrap Therapy a step-by-step calendar page is created. This time it's by Nat and here's my take. 11 photos! Isnt that fab! So I took bits and pieces of fun the girls had in the snow at Cradle Mountain to represent July's events.

Dont forget that there is only ONE week to go before you have to have your 123 challenge entries in - so if you are reading this ...... follow my link on the right hand side and take a look!
ITs a great opportunity to win some fab prizes!

Hannah went reluctantly back to school today after getting over a virus. Today I'm playing catch-up. So much to do!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

'Scrapping the Music' is an American site, Julie (DT member at ScrapTherapy is on the Creative team there - so with encouragment from her - here it is: It's gotta be Magic'
Paige at Cradle Mountain - and for our overseas members - THAT's a Tasmanian Devil!!

Other news....poor ole Hannah is sick and home from school. Parent teacher interviews with Paige's teachers tonight - could be enlightening????!!!
Oh and it snowed here a couple of days ago - cold cold cold - and today its as sunny as outside!

Best get back to writing reports - I'm only halfway through and need to make a mammoth effort! (grimmace)

Monday, 21 July 2008


Here's the blurb I wrote for Scrap Therapy for 123 So for all of you who are here at my blog visiting - head over to Scrap Therapy too!! Scrap Therapy Scrap Therapy is undergoing very exciting changes!We have a new Head Therapist as of 1st July!!Lee-Anne is the proud new owner of SCRAP THERAPYand manages to keep all us in THERAPY with fabulous projects, layouts and challenges happy and progressive! Our Design Team Therapists specialise in tantalising our senses with wonderful inspiration (motivated by great prizes as part of our special treatment!!) Nat (previous owner/Head Therapist) has just uploaded the latest Calendar page for July - an ongoing month by month step-by-step project! And Julie (DT Therapist) has uploaded the most beautiful step-by-step page displaying Basic Grey. If you are in NEED OF THERAPY – come visit us at the forum - say ‘Hi” You’ll feel at home instantly!! Mandy Dodd - Scrap Therapy Representative
Here is my Manafacturer of the Month entry at Scrap Therapy. (We actually had a few to choose from which was great!) I dug down deep into my stash to find this oldie but goodie of Karen Foster that I've had for YEARS! I'm finding the SB papers are very much like the fashions that come and go, then made new again. Not long ago- I used to recoil looking into my 'old' stash of papers etc, just like I recoil when I see old photos of me in the 70's!!! But like everything past, it comes round again and maybe its used in new ways - but I'm finding a lot of my old papers are re-surfacing here and there and in titbits.........I wish I never threw out some of my loved fashion of days gone by - cant imagine doing that to my SB stash!!
Aside all this - the photo is of Paige clicking away in the drizzle at Cradle Mountain.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Ooooh my goodness!!

I've been tagged by the beautiful Julie - Design Team Member at Scrap Therapy
Thanks soo much for my award. I'm absolutely thrilled to bits by it - and that you
thought me and my little blog here worthy.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


This is my lastest (and last) entry for the 5th Make-Believe-Masters Challenge.

The challenge was to explain how scrapping had changed our lives. It's a bit of fun really!!


FROM 123 : CLICK BELOW AND HAVE A GO! Celebrate the 123 Creative Team Comp.... We have a Competition for you guys! *Name the Correct Website that each of the 123 Creative Team Members are representing for a chance to WIN..... It's a bit tricky - so make sure you pop into the Creative Teams BLOGS to find out who they represent {double click on their photos in the sidebar to go to their blogs} & we will be uploading their "Who's In the Spotlight" Questionairres on the 123 Cybercrop Blog starting from Monday - so keep a look out for that! ENTRIES CLOSE JULY 31ST 2008We will be putting all correct entries in a draw to win! email to with the subject line "Celebrating the 123 Creative Team" Love Charmane & Karlene Its a bit of fun! And you might win a $25 voucher!! But you all know I'm SCRAP THERAPY true blue!! Dont forget to leave a comment here and say hi!!! And happenings here at home - weeeell the girls have gone to Launceston (two hours away) touring to sing as 'Special Guest Artists' with their Youth Choir in a big big big Coral Spectacular tonight!! They wont get home until 11.30pm. Meanwhile I'm off to see 'Shop of Little Horrors' and I'm sure they'll be annoyed to miss that! Cant be in two places at once! Though at times - I'd like to be!!

Friday, 18 July 2008


The girls had an absolute ball playing in the snow - it was freezing and but our chalet was toasty warm! As we sat in the restaurant eating tea, the snow flakes floated down outside our window. It left a light dusting everywhere. The huge dump of snow in the photo was from a week ago which closed all the roads. I've got HEAPS of scrapping to do with the photos taken!!


Weeeeeeell here it is and its ME!!!!! 1} The 123 Creative Team has been announced! Check it out on the 123 Challenge Blog and here's what we'll be up too: 2} The next 123 Cybercrop will be held on Monday 17th of August starting at 7:30pm - we would LOVE to see you there! MORE DETAILS SOON! Winners of the 123 June Cybercrop announced SooN! 3} The 123 monthly challenge ends on 31st July with the criteria being : Use string as a border, Use Orange, Green, Pink & Maroon {will allow Red} Stamping

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


All yesterday and today, Paige worked very hard on these little paper bags. We are off to Cradle Mountain tomorrow for a couple of days with some friends, and Paige decided she will make these named bags and fill with lollies and some home baked banana muffins which we will cook in the morning before we leave.
Its a 'girls' few days away as our dh 's have to stay home to work. Should be fab cos we're taking scrapbooking kits to have some fun with!!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


This is my July entry for 123 Challenge. The criteria was to use pink,red,orange and green, a stringed border and a stamp.
Hannah being splashed by waves.
123's Charm sent me a questionnaire to be in 123's 'Contributor in the Spotlight'.
I'll be contributing the happenings between 123 and Scrap Therapy.
Today the kids are home doing crafty things. All Catholic schools have this week off - just in case we wanted to fly to Sydney to see the Pope!! (hmmn) Anyway, I'm happy to have them home and have some time out from work as well!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Our Virtuoso

Paige just before her eisteddfod performance


A lucky photo shot at ballet while having a costume fitting.
I couldn't wait to scrap it.
My Minds Eye have the BEST little journaling cards!


an inpirational challenge set by Julie at Scrap Therapy


Sassafras Lass LO


This was a class taken with Belinda at Scrap Therapy.


How lucky!


Blind Scrapping at Scrap Therapy with Kerry
So happy with the way it turned out


Blind Scrapping at Scrap Therapy.
I even got to use paper that had been in my stash for a couple of years!!


Scrapjack challenge LO
Here the girls had a ball throwing autumn leaves in the air. Even though getting the debris out of their hair was a pain - it was worth it!


Love those colours together.
I have such a HUGE collection of ribbon - a definite weakness of mine!


Hannah and Paige in ballet class for Parents Day. Just adored creating these LO's!


THis was a challenge for PT's 'Write Stuff' at Scrap Therapy. The criteria was to watch the video clip of the song 'Pictures of Me' and draw some inspiration from it. I loved the visuals of the singer superimposed in front of a field of flowers..... and it took no time to create this LO with that thought!


Love love making dresses out of tissue!
These little dresses are trimed in paper lace and kaiser pearls on acetate.
A card challenge for last months 'bling' theme at Scrap Therapy


 I scrapped this ages ago, but a definite favourite.
Pink and Black are striking colours together.


YAY - won this at Aussie Scrapjack.
Paige was orphan Tessie in the production of 'ANNIE' She was exhausted by the time the season was over, but enjoyed every minute of it.


Paige style!
Unlike Hannah who was rugged up - Paige had to wear her 'pink'. This LO definitely sums her up - it was part of a BLING theme at Scrap THerapy


Dont you just love merry-go-rounds!


Check out the size of this Hermit Crab we found while swimming. He wasnt shy at all.
After we had a good look at him, we placed him back into the water in a safe place.


Hannah performing - 'Fame'
This was a Basic Grey challenge at Scrap Therapy. Lots of scalpelling here!!


This was an inspirational challege set by Julie over at Scrap Therapy.
I love this photo of the girls. Brown and white paint behind and scalpelled out yellow flowers - took ages - but the effect is good.


Hannah is in the background singing.
The girls had such memorable time.
Getting good photos was hard....
but at least we got some!


In March, Hannah and Paige sang with Jimmy Barnes and Diesel.
It was an wonderful experience!


Its great when creating a story on a page. One minute I was standing on the beach and next thing an octopus fell from above - from a seagull!! I almost wore it! It must have been plucked from the sea, too heavy for a tentacle to hold its weight - and snap, splat, onto the sand. It tried to move so I scooped it up in my thongs and placed it back into the water. Its colour came back, gave me a wink - and swam away. Extraordinary!


This was a blind scrap at Scrap Therapy which Julie took. I love this because we did both watercolouring and 3d-ing - my fav couple of techniques!

Here's Hannah with our 15yr old cat. They have grown up together.


Blind Scrap at Scrap Therapy.
I absoloutely love Blind Scraps!


This was a challenge for Australia Day.
Its one of my most favourite LO's from our annual holiday at Coles Bay.


An Aussie Scrap jack Challenge
Hannah loves to play Chess.


Card challenge at Scrap Therapy.
It won! It has little petals for its skirt and wings