Tuesday, 4 November 2008

All words no pictures today....

I've had a rotten time with flu, first Paige had it, then I got it, now Hannah has it. I'm only hoping that dh doesnt get it too. Its the worst of the worst we've had for a long time. My scrapping mojo ran off the minute the flu hit. I'm stuggling to find it. (frown) BUT: lots has been bubbling under the surface while I've been down and out - and surely you would think this will bring my mojo home - SCRAP THERAPY HAS its November CYBERCROP starting FRIDAY NIGHT! The monthly theme has been set as 'SPRING CARNIVAL RACING' soooo thats heaps of fun - head on over here to find out more. 123 CHALLENGE November criteria has been set: 1 Lace 2 pics of scary faces 3 Monochromatic color scheme ( SCARY FACES is your OWN interpretation) Head on over here to find out more http://ourbrightstarsandus.typepad.com/123challenge/
Last but not least Julie has blessed me with this wonderful Artey Pico Award for creativity, design, interesting material, and for contributing to the blogging community.
Thanks Julie. And the moment I can really do this justice by passing this onto some wonderful bloggers and giving it the appropriate write-up also, I will do so. I must get off this computer and have some rest. This flu-bug is a stubborn thing to get rid of!

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