Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Sunday afternoon was spent in tulips! (and iris') Nearby, is a beautiful cape with stunning tulip and iris fields looking out to sea. The backdrop to the fields is a beautiful commanding view of our lighthouse where my family of generations ago lived and worked in the 1890's. The LO in the previous post called 'Teen Spirit' for 'Scrapping the Music' is of Hannah leaning up against the base of the lighthouse.
Here are my family of 'great, greats' ....... and for Hannah and Paige - add on another 'great'!
Here are Hannah and Paige standing in the same place where the Lighthouse Keepers' cottages once stood and where their ancestors played.
We are very lucky to be in possession of a copy of the diary kept in the lighthouse, the daily grind and every detail possible about the children. Its written in a mix of German, French, Latin and English.
Both the girls felt a sense of history and nostalgia.....it was really something!
(and just so you know - yes I've scrapped an album on our history)


Leanne said...

What a beautiful place to visit!

Sharmaine said...

HI there!!!
Just came over from OLW to spy your page, which is delightful, and now I see your from Tassie too I just wanted to say an even bigger HELLO!!!!!!!!!!
Going to add you to bloglines so I can come visit again, seeing as it isn't too far to visit lol

Lis said...

Gorgeous page for OLW, i love that photo :)

Barbara said...

visiting twice this week :) wanted to share where I buy my tea. I love the flavored green teas. the Roobios Lemon Chiffon is to die for also!


Lynn said...

Gorgeous layout! Love the picture!


Bree said...

WOw. fabulous photos. Such a lot of inspiration to be found on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by "Scrapping Across the Universe"
I hope you'll come and play!

Penny B. said...

What a fabulous photo and page!