Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Labyrinthitis - thats the diagnosis after being taken to hospital on Monday. One minute I was sitting at my desk and the next minute the whole room swam. It was so debilitating. I was left totally uncoordinated, nauseous, the world was swimming around me, the ground was 'breathing' and when my eyes were shut, felt like I was sinking. Servere vertigo is one of its symptoms, along with partial deafness and loud buzzing in the ears. 'Marshmellow' feet was another symptom. I knew walking to the car with dh's help, my gait was not good, and I did experience this bouncing 'marshmellow walking'. Anyway, once I had a couple of doses of medication to stop the spinning attacks and vomiting, life looked much better. It was frightening. At least if there is a next time - I'll know whats going on. It certainly put a spoke in the wheel for my scrapbooking this week! I've got to get me some scrapping time - a good remedy for anything!

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Princess Tamara said...

Hugs babe ... glad you are starting to feel better! Yay for a scrappy weekend!