Monday, 29 September 2008

The BIG catch-up!!!

SULKER I've been absoloutely flatout since going to Melbourne, and this past weekend I spent time at Scrappy Camp with a wonderful inspiring group of women. These LO's were created at Camp and the photos are when we visted Victoria for our holidays. Sulker was a fun LO of a big gorilla at the zoo - what an 'imposing presence' he has!! CHECKMATE This is my Aussie ScrapJack entry for September which is of Hannah at the Maze in Daylesford on a giant Chess board. I just LOVED the colours in the photo so scrap! And while on the subject - WHOOHOO - I won last month's ScrapJack and only found out today!! Its here: I scrapped Hannah's legs and feet walking along a boardwalk in Summertime. It was completely different to how I usually scrap - but then - thats what its all about!!. HEY HOBERMAN I know I've scrapped Paige performing in 'Annie' before, but there are quite a few photos to get through. I love these ones. I so enjoy using AC Thickers - especially Jewellry Box! GOLFER I struggled alot with scrapping that Sass Lass Bingo paper!! Its called 'Take a Chance' and can be found in Scrap Therapy's Sassafras Lass products. But when matched to Mini-Golf or even Golf - its just the perfect paper! This also was at the Maze at Daylesford. This was for PT's monthly Challenge where there was quite a few criteria to be met!!

SEPTEMBER CALENDAR And here is my interpretation of the Sept Calendar at Scrap Therapy. It was Paige and Hannah at the zoo and again, the fab Sass Lass gave a great nature feel to the LO.

Now at the end of the LO's..........the OTHER NEWS: Firstly, as I mentioned I went away this past weekend to Scrapbooking Camp, and while I was away Hannah auditioned for 'Pirates of Penzance' in which we knew she was one year younger than the cut of and large she still managed to get that audition on the Saturday, was told she had a call back on the Sunday but was accepted by Saturday night. So Sunday became her first dance workshop!! She was so thrilled and gave her a HUGE boost to her confidence. Hannah is the youngest as one of the 'Bobbies' (policemen) who are absolutely hilarious! I cant wait to see her grow with this. We are just so proud of her. My work is so busy = and this week is just one of those extraordinarily important times on the went well. Wouldnt it be nice to just stay home and scrap!! (sigh)


Princess Tamara said...

Way to go Hannah!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Glad you enjoyed scrappy camp, you did some fab LO's.
That is such great news for Hannah, you are a lucky family to have such talented kids.